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Hey, I haven't been on here in mounths, probably even a year or so... I went into the army, got out, and when i came back here, they chainged everything! that's why i'm never on here any more, but i figured id start again, i loved this site once, and i could do it again ^_^

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   my new life...

so ya... things have been quite different sence i last left you all...

Pa is where i'd rathere b, however i'm now in GA... u may or may not know this... and there are many things that have come about becaue of all of this. i've talked to more people... meet a lot of awesome people... hence the chainges in my friends list... now, don't get me wrong, i could never forget the people from back home... but the trouth is that i'm not there any more... and odds are that i never will live there again... you see... i may be in the army... but if i can help it i woun't be for very much longer... and another thing... for all u ppl who knew me back home, this will shock the hell out of you... but i'm engaged! that guy Chris that i was talking about in my last blog... afew blue moons ago... has asked for my hand in marrage.. and i accepted gladly! i wish that he had a myspace... but he don't... he lives in kentucky... and odds are that that's where i'm gonna be moveing too because he has a 4 year old son... he's a cutie pie, but there is no way that i would ever even hint for Chris to take him from his mother... his name is Aiden! and for anyone who has known me for like ever knows that that's one of the names that i had picked out for my children some day! and the other one is Rayne and Chris loves that name! so ya... everything is looking preaty good for the future... i may not have it all worked out... but as far as the happiness goes, i've got Chris and Aiden... that's all the happiness i'll need! the only way that it could or ever would get better is if some day we had another child! ... i know... even for a go with the wind kinda gal that i am this is still very impulsive! but nothing i have ever done felt more right then this dishion feels! he's freed me from so many thoughts that i used to have... and for the first time in my life... i feel comfertable in my own skin! despite the mcdonals smile that most people used to get... i truely know what it is to be happy! and i'm not gonna say that it's all Chris... but he did show me that that door isn't as heavy as i thought it was...

on another note... i'll be back up in pa for a few days in march... not for a visit... but because the federal trial is suposed to happen then! i won't be in berwick... i'll be in williamsport... but that's because that's where the trial is at...

wow... this is a realy realy realy long post... -_- i don't usuaily write that much... but o well... hope i didn't bore you all! ^_~ i'll write back again some day!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

   I love Cocaine
Ilove Cocaine
so ya, i know that the name of this isfunny, but i realy do! i love cocaine! you see, cocaine is a stray cat that my friend matt found by the iet center... he's all white and very awesome!he is the new C co 447 1st shammers mascot! ^_^ we got him milk and food and stuff... and idk... i had a better idea of what to put on this like an hour ago... but o well...

^_^ I <3 Cocaine!!!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ok... so here it is
for all u ppl who knew that i was teatering on weather or not i was prego... i'm not... i know... that's a wierd thing for those ppl who just found out that i was worried about it but i'm not... so ya... chris was a bit idk... it was just a very wierd situation for the both of us to be in and it's a good thing that i'm not because it's way to soon for that and also we've both got way to much going on to worry about that right now... and he has a kid already... my biggest worry is that his son aiden isn't going to accept me... i don't know if i'm even ready to be a mother figure... but i guess i'm gonna do the best that i can... and it won't be that bad because chris is already very good with him... and i won't be doing this by my self... i'll just be starting to learn how to be a mother for lack of a better way of putting it... 20ish days till him and i r reunited! ^_^ ne way, i love you all, but i must be getting going... take care!


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

   Ok... So im on extra duty 2day... And it sucks... But the good news is that i found out that i can post on myo through my phone. So its all good. Needles 2 say ull b hearing from me more often... That is when i have time... My guys in jail right now... Bu
Dam... I still dont have all this worked out... The suaject was suposed 2 b the body... O well u still got it
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

   hitome fuck~!
hitomebore... no more!
love at first sight?
never for tony...
i can't beleave him... if he truely loved me
he would've cheated on me
and if it we'ren't true, then he would've faught a lot harder to keep me
but idk
he's out of the pic now ne way...
and chris is mine! all day and all night!

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