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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ok... so here it is
for all u ppl who knew that i was teatering on weather or not i was prego... i'm not... i know... that's a wierd thing for those ppl who just found out that i was worried about it but i'm not... so ya... chris was a bit idk... it was just a very wierd situation for the both of us to be in and it's a good thing that i'm not because it's way to soon for that and also we've both got way to much going on to worry about that right now... and he has a kid already... my biggest worry is that his son aiden isn't going to accept me... i don't know if i'm even ready to be a mother figure... but i guess i'm gonna do the best that i can... and it won't be that bad because chris is already very good with him... and i won't be doing this by my self... i'll just be starting to learn how to be a mother for lack of a better way of putting it... 20ish days till him and i r reunited! ^_^ ne way, i love you all, but i must be getting going... take care!


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