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Thursday, January 21, 2010

* waiting for henrique *

we'll be watching The Spy Next Door...

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Questions for the day:

1. If a person special to you had wronged you several times, up to how many times will you accept him/her back in your life?
2. How will you encourage a person to be serious in his/her studies (if that person doesn't take his studies seriously)?
3. How can you make a pessimistic person view the world positively?

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Monday, December 28, 2009

hi henrique, this post is made just for you! yeah YOU!!!

The MAsk, please please (i know that you'll allow me) I wanted to let him read your posts- the ones that im included...and that means that i'll be giving him the links to your site..please? k? since im sure that you'll allow me, i'll now be posting the links below...thanks JEssie=)

read this:

1. http://www.myotaku.com/users/the_mask/life/21

date: May 18, 2004

2. http://www.myotaku.com/users/the_mask/life/19

date: July 30, 2004

3. http://www.myotaku.com/users/the_mask/life/17

dates: Dec 5 2004; nov 28, 2004;

4. http://www.myotaku.com/users/the_mask/life/13

date: July 30, 2005

5. http://www.myotaku.com/users/the_mask/life/12

Nov 4, 2005

6. http://www.myotaku.com/users/the_mask/life/5

Date: Oct. 20, 2006

Henrique, go to these links and read The MAsk's posts on the specified dates...Sorry, i didn't do the link thing for i don't have much time and i also forgot the code..hehe..

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!
I know my greetingís two days late, but arenít you still feeling the spirit of Christmas?
Anyway, let me cite the activities that I had, but first let me tell you what Iím gonna do here. Since Iíve been away from this site for quite a while, I want to make some updates though I wouldnít be changing much of my page, Iíll be changing just a few. Another thing is that Iíll be deleting some friends who havenít posted for a year already for that only shows that theyíre not here anymore aside from Blue Hawk, The Mask, Number 5, and Blitz. After deleting, Iíll be commenting on those who have posted this day *checking on the names that are highlighted with blue* and then Iíll be adding new friends. Iíll also be deleting some of my old posts. Recently, I have been mindful of my posts may it be the recent or the old ones since Henrique has been reading them. If youíre wondering who he is, well, heís my bf. And at the same time, heís my 4th degree cousin. HahaÖXD.. He doesnít want me telling everyone that heís my cousin, but I love informing the world *evil look*. HahaÖ
Well, let me now start citing the activities that I had for this season:
- December 22, Henrique visited at our house and he gave me a blue rose
- Blue rose is my favorite flower=) and I was so happy that I received it from HIM
- On that same day, I had like a gift wrapping marathon, I packed several gifts, but I didnít feel tired
- Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do during Christmas
- This Christmas break, I do a lot of cleaning in the house and Iím so energized to clean areas that are too messy
- I was never late in the dawn masses that I attended
- I attended masses and I felt so happy for Christmas masses make me feel the true spirit of Christmas
- For my spare time, I do my homeworks for going back to school will really be that soon since time runs so fast
- I hate teachers who give homeworks during vacations for they only ruin the break that the students haveÖbooo!!!!

As I was about to start typing, I had a lot of things to share but as I was typing, those things had just flew away from my mind..huhu..so I think, my sharing will only end up to there..

Let me end this post by posing two questions:
1. What can you comment on 4th degree cousins who are having a bf-gf relationship?
2. What was the most interesting thing that happened to you this Christmas?

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since i last posted here..
I'm sad now and that brought me back to this site. Oh my!!! i miss this site. this used to be my diary and i left it for some time..huhu..sorry..

i'm super sad today..a very dear person lied to me. have you ever tried that someone special lied to you? i'm so mad and aaaaaaaaargh!!! i want to burst but i just cant. i want to shooooooooo him away but i dont know if i can live my life without him. he has been part of my system and i cant seem to survive without him. but i just cant get him right there and then coz he might be abusing me. but i do understand him why he lied coz he was just scared that i might get mad at him, but still, he lied=(..huhu

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

hello everyone..can you please give me the title/s of your favorite song/s..thanks...
i want to listen to them..thanks=)

btw, i already have a nephew=) my sister gave birth to a baby boy yesterday=) I'm so excited to see him..

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

hi everyone.. i was listening to Mariah's song, "Did I Do That?" and I want the lyrics..

I really hope
When you hear this song
That youre happy
With someone new
I found a love I can call my own
And I owe it in part to you

Dont you know that you seem
Just a little crazy
You had my trust and intimacy
But you threw it away just threw it away
And now its all in the past
When I think of you
I just laugh
My friends must have thought
I was high to have given so much
To someone not worth my time

Funny how sometimes
You can really lose your mind
And things you would never do

You rhapsodize
And get caught up in the hype
till your senses return to you
Love plays you for a fool

You were so insecure
And your crew was so immature
Conversations, painfully weak
You were much better off
When you didnt speak
But boy to teil you the truth
it was my illusion of you
Being somehow destined for me
That had me in a daze
But were not the same in truth

Repeat chorus

I really hope when you hear this song
That you know it was meant for you
Though your attention spans not that long
Try to do the best you can do!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm addicted to the Beatles songs now because of the movie that I watched last night. The title of the movie is Across the Universe and Oh my, all of them have nice voices. MY two favorite songs from that movie are "I want to Hold Your Hand" and "When I Fell"..

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I only have one subject for this day because the teacher for my next subject wouldn't be around as he announced last meeting that he has to attend a seminar today.

I'll be sharing about this classmate in my class today. The teacher was dicussing and I didn't get anything from what she discussed for this classmate of mine keeps on talking to me. I just can't stop him because i had fun talking with him. First, he saw me yesterday in the library with a guy and he asked me if that guy is my boyfriend and i said no. Actually, the guy is The Mask's brother. And I opened up to him that I'm having a boyfriend now. And his reaction was like "oh, how fast". And I told him I think the whole story on how we got together with my boyfriend. And after talking to me, he talked to the "guy" behind his seat. And this guy behind him showed him a picture of him. In the picture was the guy dressed up in a girl's attire. And my seatmate was really surprised and he was like "OMG, what are you?" And he said "I
m gay" I was really laughing upon seeing the reaction of my classmate when he learned that the guy that he talk to most of the time is gay. And he talked to me again saying that the guy behind him is gay and i said yes i know and he was like why am i the only one who doesn't know that he's gay. hehe. I was really controlling my laughter because he really looks funny, i mean his reaction upon knowing that his "guy" friend is a gay. And he's telling me that he doesn't understand anything that the teacher is talking because what he has in his mind now is our gay classmate. He really can't concentrate on the lesson and i think he can't get over about that. hehe.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday was a national holiday and today is a provincial holiday=)...Did you guys get why I'm saying this? Because a holiday means no classes..Goodness, i have no class for four straight days that was from Saturday until today, Tuesday. I'm super happy=)

Anyway, I have this classmate in literature class and he's super weird! He's my groupmate in two group activities one which is to make a movie and the other is to make a movie poster. Goodness of all my classmates, why am I in the same group with that guy. I'm a little bit pissed. Why did I label him weird? Because he's saying that I'm cute. We were in the middle of our discussion with the group then suddenly he told the whole group that I'm cute and he pinched my cheeks..huhu..my poor cheeks. And I told him to stop doing it because I was sick and he said "oh.." then he stood up and hugged me..that was worse! My girl close classmate texted me saying that she thinks that weird guy likes me.

Last Saturday, we had this small gathering in our home. ANd poor little me. Everyone of them has a partner except me=( My sister has her husband, my mom has dad, my other sister has his guy friend came over to our home and me i have myself. God. I need a partner. I'm looking for a boyfriend now. And hopefully, I could find mister right as soon as possible. Sometimes, I can't help but think that maybe God wants me to be a nun that's why i can never still find mister right because I'm destined to be wed with God/to be a nun. I dunno...But still, I want to marry..

My best friend is not yet over with her x-boyfriend. She keeps texting me telling me to text her x and tell him to go back to her. And i was telling her to wake up and I don't want her to get hurt and i wanted her to accept the fact that he has left her. And I think he doesn't love her anymore coz in the first place, he wouldn't have left her if he loves her so much. And still, she can't still accept it. But I can't blame my bestfriend. Losing someone is so hard to face. It's so painful..

Yesterday, we went to the house of that weird guy to do our poster project. Instead of finishing the poster, we ended up watching "The Grudge2" and "Cinderella Story" then we went home.

That would be all..thanks for reading...=)

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