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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Augh... I deleted the wrong post! NOOOOOOOOO! DX That one had 13 comment and I DELETED IT!!! DDDDXXX I meant to delete this one... it originally said hi with hearts next 2 it... Aw shucks... oh well... so, how have u all been doing? Hope ur all doing well... I just found out a pretty cool series called Nabari no Ou.... the manga illustrations are absolutely wonderful! The one in my bg, avatar, and banner's named Miharu... the manga's about ninjas... though both the anime and manga series are incomplete... if u watch it, u'll see it's the same animation as Loveless... ^^ Okay the, I'll see u all soon... :3
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Monday, January 21, 2008

   Ello... ^^
Nice 2 see u all again... and I'd like 2 wish everyone a happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! ^^ Ah, one of meh fave heroes of all time... well, I know I haven't been here in a long time, and so I'm catching up with all ur comments... and I updated my site 2 Trinity Blood's Ion Fortuna... ah he's such a cutie! So handsum, I absolutely luff him! And yes, he may look like a girl, but if u watch the anime or read the manga, he's a boy, a very good looking one at that! Ah, I luv it when he goes shirtless... XD but is still havin pants n all... well, I hope u all have a nice day ^^
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

   Hi ^^
Kay, I won't expect as many people to reply as b4, since I've bcum all inactive n everything.... but those of u who r: thank u very much... ^^ NEwayz... I changed my theme... and sorry if u can't read all 2 well cuz the text color blends 2 much with the bg... ^^'... well, I just found out about a series called Vampire Knight... I think I'll either fall in love with it, or really dislike it... I want the girl Yuki 2 end up with Kaname... I haven't decided the fate I hope Zero will be in but oh well... kk, that's it 4 now.. see u, and hope u have a nice day... (I think both Kaname and Zero r HAWT btw) :)
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

STOP ERASING MY GB SIGNATURES (yes, u know who u r -.-)!!! It really makes me sad and also ticks me off... unless u r that exact person who signed it, then yes U have the right 2 erase 'em... but... why would u? I signed urs right? So why erase urs 2 mine? That's not very considerate of u... oh well... and if its bcuz I haven't added u as a friend or anything... plz PM me!!! I can't really add ppl anymore cuz I have 2 much 2 do now... and I'm sure u wouldn't like it if I erased my signings on ur GBs... at first I was at 672 and now that I look back I only have 665... well... bye bye Otaku friendzies out there... have a nice day ^^
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Friday, September 14, 2007

   Hi =]
Hey there... ^^... school's killing me right now... ugh... next week I have about three tests, a project due, and a whole buncha other assignments... frickin' I'm wasting my time right now... yargh, I'm already regretting it... I've been wasting it ever since 1:23 p.m this afternoon! DX Well, I changed my theme 2 Full Moon wo Sagashite... have't seen the anime or manga yet except on youtube, but I'm planning 2... I luv EichixMitsuki! Even if Eichi's already in a deep slumber.. oooooh I wish I was Mitsuki! Then Eichi would confess all his love to me and then right there and then kiss me! Dang she's lucky... and also if I were her, I'd try meh best 2 get Mikeru and Takuto 2 be 2gether... hmmm...though... that would make me a loner... okay, all I want is Eichi and that's all... well, gotta go now... see ya'! ^^ (AAAAAAUGH... stinking homework!!!! DDDDXXXX)
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Friday, September 7, 2007

   Hi... ^^
Okay, I won't expect as many comments here, but oh well... but b4 that I'd like 2 say that I'm very happy 2 have gotten 30 comments on my last post! I was squeeling so much the first time I saw... so happy... thank u! =3 I think that's the most I'll ever get, but u can never be 2 sure! ^^ Hmmm... well, it's the end of my first week of school... ugh... and I'm already stressed out... I have a projects due in 2 weeks, a business letter due Monday, and I'm sure it'll just get harder... dang it... I shoulda spent my time reading books n' newspapers during my vacation, I am like totally brain dead now... kk, that's all 4 now... bye... :3
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Yellow all my Otaku friendz out there! ~La la la la la~ ... first off, I changed meh theme, do u like it? Now it's more comprehendable 2 read, right? ^^ Now then, I was able 2 finish watching an anime series, Pretear, a few weeks ago... and only 2 more DVD volumes of another anime, Last Exile, till I'm done... hmmm... oh, and I was able 2 go 2 camp with a few of my friends and all meh family a week ago... haha, near the camp was a book and coffee store... and so with the few bucks I had, I bought my big bro a mocha, my younger brother, a comic, and my little sister a coloring book... and all in under 20 moolah! Em... that means money if u didn't know... okay then... that's it... bye bye! ^^
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Friday, August 10, 2007

   Ello... :)
Okay... I'm going 2 try sumthing new.... u know how I alwayz use chatspeak? And that my sentences alwayz end in "..."? Well, Imma try 2 do it tah right way! lol, as in no bad grammar... kk, here it goes! I bet Imma sound boring...

Today my mother spoiled her surprise to me by accident. She told me that her friend would be able to buy me all of the Saiyuki manga; I was so happy. She got frustrated for spoiling it to me, so she told me to just "act" surprised when her friend gives me the manga. I really can't wait. Oh, I just made my button. Do you like it?

AAAAHHHHH!!!! I just firgin' reminded myself of school!!! DX Yargh! I don't feel comfortable around formal talk! Wheeeeeee! I em free from teh formality! Woot! Hmmm... Imma torture myself by doing this again 2morrow! XD Kk, see u! ^^

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

   Em... yeah...
Heh... okay, now I'm really into the series Saiyuki... see, I even put it as meh new theme! U like? I think Goku looks da best in the background... he's meh fave character! lol, u'd know that if u read meh last post... well, my mother got volume 4 of Saiyuki Reload (that's the second season, I'm finished with the first)... Ugh, I hate their new voices! They sound so dorky! Why in the world did they have 2 move 2 Geneon?! Their voices were perfect when it belonged ADV... rawr, Goku's voice used 2 be Chrono's voice, by Greg Ayres, now it's sum other guy... *sigh*... oh! And u know that advertisement on theO? Sumthin that goes like "The cure... is within the curse"... or whatever... the anime's called Mushi-Shi... my mom got that 4 me 2... kk, that's all 4 now... see u! ^^
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yay! I'm posting about my new fave anime! X3 Saiyuki! I wuv it soooo much! And I wuv Son Goku! My favoritest in the whole wide world of Saiyuki! And Sanzo, and Gojyo, and Hakka... =3 And as 4 that... I shall put on dah pics! Sorry if u get annoyed... ^^'... promise I'll only post up pics once in a while...

First off... GOKU!!! So smexy... XD *drools*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Next is... Priest Sanzo! :D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Then... Cho Hakkai! X3
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And last, but not least... Sha Gojyo! =)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kk, that's all! See u... ^^

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