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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Allo everyone! Thank you for stopping by my site *hands you a cup of pudding* I Know you like it ^_~ tee hee! Welcome to my little site ya kno just for me. If you are interested u can read about me. Oh gosh that was funny. Poor fools :)

Lets keep it simple here everyone heres a lil bit boot me:

1) I Love chocolate. And I don't like sharing.

2) I'm a really busy person so don't be sad when I don't comment on site or answers pm that often but yes I really do try :)

3) I like people who comment and are actually 'friends' :3

4) I am a very straight up person so if you don't like my attitdue..Welll I don't really give a shit

5) I'm fairly nice ehehe

6) Occupation: SPACE COWGIRL :)



*waves a little flag* Today's my birthday! YAY!!! Oh gosh I'm sixteen >_< A year older and celebrating the wrinkles under my eyes and the lines on my forehead! YARH! OMG 16 years of living I swear its been like 50 but nooo i'm only 16 >_< God so many things happened good and bad and i just hope that I can grow as a person :)

Hurry up guys! Snacks are at the table, take as much as you want! *hands out ice cream cake to everyone* its dangg good!!! ^_^ Eat all you want but see that yummy guy in the corner?? Justin Timberlake? Yesh yesh he's mine! Hands off ladies :)

And another reason to celebrate is because of the 910+ hits :) I really don't get why I even got up to 900 in the first place I don't even really go on MYO all that much but thank you everyone that gave the time of day to someone like me!!!

So happy birthday to mee LOL its so coincidental b/c me and my best friend have the same bday :) I adore her to death! so we are going to go celebrate this Saturday! Looking forward to it :)

*throws candies and confetti in the air* ^____^

Thank you guys!
With much love<3333
-EP poo poo head

Today's thought: Everyday is a gift, a treasure, a diamond. Priceless because once its gone it can never come back.

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