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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Linden Rathan (01/13/08)

hi there!!! i saw that you updated recently and thought that i would drop by so here i am!! ^^ *looks around site* hmmm....ME LOVES YOUR SITE!!! i love the layout and i love the background on your gb as well!!! well i see that you like Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, FMA and Naruto!! me likes those as well!! although my fave out of those is a tie between Fruits Basket and Naruto!! who are your faves from those that i listed?? well i think i have overstayed my time here!! so in my parting words on your site i wanna say i hope that it is okay for me to add you! you seem cool!! pm me anytime and see ya around!! laterz!!! ^^

san mar (01/12/08)

Anger and
Isn't it all the same?

Pity and Revenge
When is it going to end?

Heart ache
Must I be disturbed?
Will I always be alone?

PinkChii009 (12/26/07)

Very nice site.

Oh shit, it's one of those short annoying guest book signing that someone leaves in everyone else's guest book in order to raise their spot on the top 500 user thing.


Yep you got one.

I do like your site though, honestly.


akatsukilovers10 (12/25/07)

I ♥ your Site Its Awesome So I Hope You Dont Mind Me Adding U See Ya Round ♥ Ur Avatar Too

darkeangel (12/21/07)

hey you, sign my GB already. sheesh.

heh heh, just kidding. Raina has told me a little about you. im really not as scary as it seems... ^^;

anyways, there, your GB is officially signed. hope to see ya round!

toodles! ^^

Neko.Lover (12/01/07)

Omg your site is so cool! I am in love with it! I shall have to click on the credits link ;)

Haha and I think I will join you in your occupation of a sugar consumer! I have quite a sweet tooth myself XD

Omg and Sailor Moon was the anime that got me started as well! Unfortunately I still haven't finished the series T~T You sure do like a lot of the same animes that I do though!

Well I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend! You seem like a pretty awesome person! *clicks add friend button* Well I'm off to PM you now! L8R!


Tifa.2.The.Max (11/17/07)

OMG! I love ur site!! haha the main reason I stumbled upon ur site is cuz of ur icon! is that Night? correct me if im wrong >.< Anyways you seem like loads of fun! Feel free to pm meh somtime!
laters! *waves*
Much love

kathy100 (10/21/07)

Thanks so much for the kind words on my art and guestbook ^^! And for the warm jello welcome! You have very pretty art too. *adds you to friends also*

And HELL yes! Growing pimples is not as easy as it looks. My talent is truly a special one *_*. Though I think your flying skillz are superior. It's so awesome that you were able to fly for those 2 seconds TT. I feel intense envy.

Shireishou (10/10/07)

I'm seeking for new friends at MyO. Soon is my third Anny at MyO. But my old friends is mostly retired. Hope we can be a good friends

O yeah, I'm Bayu from Indonesia. I'm sorry if my English make U confused ^^

If U want to add me as Ur friends, pls let me know. I'll add U after that ^^

I also like furuba. My fave char is Ayame. weheheh

See U latter

randomized05 (09/22/07)

hi hi! its very nice to meet you! *bows* thank you for visiting me and signing my guestbook! much appreciated ^_^
O_O i LUV ur layout!! i think its REALLY good!! im not that great with HTML, i jus take random codes and put them together XD
well ill be addin you and PM me whenever you wanna chat!
have a great day!


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