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Thursday, January 28, 2010

� ugh �

Sorry I haven't posted or commented in a while. You see, I've been busy but also sick. And so far I'm sickest today =_= I'm sure you all don't want details. Just gonna say I had a fever and other things. Sore throat, still hurts a lot. *sigh* I do not feel good.

Um, I don't really feel like posting, but it had been a while so I did. But this post is probably gonna be short, sorry people >.< I'll try to make my next post longer. And more interesting. x_x Ima go for now. Tryin to get better before saturday (doubt it'll happen at this rate -_-)

Have a good day

Bye *-*

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

� SNOW!! *o* (And Tragedy T.T)�

Kinoo, suiyobi:

Last night, I started work on my header for the next month's layout. I worked kinda hard on it and I was extremely happy with the results. It was so pretty and then... tragedy... I accidentally saved another pic under the same file name T.T I was so mad at myself. I lost it. I don't even know where to find the original picture that I edited =_= I need to be shot in the foot. Rawr!

Kyo, mokuyobi:

Ok so also, last night I heard that we were gonna get snow... lots of snow, so when I woke up this morning (yes at 7:00am like usual e.e) I checked out the window to see if it had really given us as much snow as everyone had been talking about (in my state we don't get much snow so don't make fun of me for overreacting >.>) But there was snooow. It looked like a good 6 inches ._. so I was like "O.O SNOW" So I woke up my sis and showed her, then she went back to bed <.<'' So then I thought I'd show my bro, and I woke him up to show him... Then he saw it and went back to bed =_= lol. So then I got on the PC to check up on my stuff like I always do when I don't gotta get up and go to work in the morning. xD

So a few hours later when everyone was up the power started comming on and off. So we were tryong to make breakfast and do stuff before we lost power =_= And I found a recipe for gluten-free pancakes online. After modifying it some, I was able to have pancakes for the first time in maybe 6 months or more. Oh, if you're wondering what I'm talking about or are curious or whatever, let me know and I'll tell you in my next post why I gotta eat a special diet now @.@

Also, I've had a couple of people have issues with my comments. On some browsers, the comments on my layout don't really show up where they're supposed to and some people can't find them @.@ So I'm gonna put an extra link for comments here incase you need them. Well it seems like the storm is gonna knock out our power again so I better go @.@ Bye bye


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Kinoo, koyobi:

So yesterday, work was hard and I came home feeling pretty cruddy. @.@ I finally really got to work on that layout I was talking about for the past couple of days. The one for my friend. If anyone's interested in seeing it clicky here! xD I'm kinda proud of it. I wonder why the background looks pink to Wolfie o.O I certainly didn't make it pink. And of all people, shred would have let me know it was pink since he is like a pinkophobe xD Well, w/e I'll figure it out lolz. For now, there's his layout ^^ And shred, I'm glad you like it^^ Oh, while you're visiting you guys can sign his guestbook or whatever if you already haven't. xD He's a cool person.

Ok so anyway, I was really tired after work but i was restless. I was like, so tired I couldn't sleep @.@ Might sound retarded to you but it's true. So I stayed online till about 12:30 (I normally don't do that @.@) watching videos and random stuff. I wasn't really sure why I was feeling so off till I woke up this morning.

Kyo, suiyobi:

So this morning, I woke up at 7am (I do every single morning if I haven't set an alarm I wake up at exactly 7:00am @.@) and my throat was like really scratchy. I was still really tired and I thought "Well, I have today off so I"ll sleep for another hour." So I did. And when I woke up at 8:00 my throat felt a little better but it hurts again =_=' I think I'm getting sick. My dad came home from his job this afteroon and he's like, pretty sick e.e So yeah...

Ok, so anyway, when I got out of bed this morning, I got on the PC to check up on my stuff, talk to people a bit and stuff. Before I knew it... it was almost 1 and I was like "o_o' Since when do I sit for 5 hours straight?" and I got up to walk around. I felt strange @.@ I ate for the first time today at 1:00 and felt a little better but still... Whenever I get up to walk around I feel all funny @.@ I even made some slight plans today, but I don't think I'm going anywhere @.@ I don't feel like it.

I'm gonna get started today on my header image for my February layout lol >.< That way I'll have a plan for the next layout and I"ll hopefully have it up by the 1st of February. Yay xD Cause like I said before, I'm making layouts for every month of the year this year (which I'm sure is quite obvious) So yeah... lol

Sore dewa... tonikaku... ano... what else...?

I can't really think of anything else to post about @.@ So I shall end this post for today xD

Ima owarimasu dakara...

Ja ne~!♥

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


� blah �

Hiii it ish me again. Sorry about not commenting/posting the past couple of days. You can blame my job for my absence >.< rawr! I just got home from work today so I'm all "I need to post". But don't expect a great post this time cause I'm pretty tired =_= My shift was was 7am to 4pm so yeah. And at first, business was really slow so they got me my break out at 8am I ate and stuff and they were probably gonna send me home but then it got super busy all of a sudden and remained that way for the rest of the day so yeah. I stayed till 4 -_- 8 hours on my feet. Freakin sucks.

Well, I really need to get started on my friends layout and stuff, so I'm gonna get to comments when I can. I'll try to do that before I get started on the layout here in a minute. So yeah lol. Um... That's it I think...

Soooo bye

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well, it's nearly 8:00pm and I got home from work about 40 minutes ago. I'm tired and stuff. Tomorrow I gotta get up at 3:00am for work rawr =_= so annoying. I wanna be scheduled like a normal human being blaaaaah e.x Suppose that means I'm going to bed soon. I don't want to lol. I hate early bed times *-* It suuuuucks. Oh well, I'm just ranting. I don't like sounding like a baby but I do not feel good @.@ They work me so many odd hours and days. I get annoyed sometimes -_-

Eh, well in other news, I seemed to have hurt my little finger at work. IT FREAKIN HURTS -_- I jammed it against a metal shelf pretty hard and now it hurts a lot T.T It hurts to touch it to anything, and it hurts to twist or bend it too much. It even hurt when I stuck it in the hot dish water at work @.@ (yes I do dishes too oh the joy -_-). It hurts to type too actually lol e.e But I must post lol.

Becauuuuseee (in happier news) I have a new fan art up! Weeeee @.@ I'm pretty satisfied with it truthfully. It is the first time I tried coloring a pic with layers on a CG program. Though I'm using gimp. Cause it's free mwahaha. I'm thinking of investing in Photoshop or something one day. Lol but anyway, back to the fan art...
Here's the link --->Fan Art<---. If you'll go check it out and mabye comment/vote I'd really appreciate it ^^

So um... yeah. I guess that's it. I'm gonna try to relax a bit before bed. So I'll see you all later!

Bye bye!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Yep, I'm posting again (Warning: longer than usual post)

Sooo, Yeah, it's me posting again lol. I'm sure no one's gonna comment @.@ But oh well, Ima post anyway. I'm thinking, I just gotta be active on myO all the time. Maybe it'll help things liven up on here a bit. I don't know... It's gonna be tough to be active when there's nothin to freakin do on here, since I only have 0 to 3 people to comment. I want to try signing guestbooks and adding people who still come here, but they don't really add me back anymore @.@ It seems like a waste of time now. I'm not really sure what to do. I'm finally an Otaku Legend and just in time for myO to die... I don't even get to enjoy it on here now. Though atleast here on myO I get comments soemtimes (no matter how few they are). On theO... I feel like I have no friends @.@ I dun like theO cause it didn't like me first lol. Plus, how fun is it when you can't even put a freakin music player on your profile page? Let alone code it to suit you... kinda just make it personally yours, let it reflect who you are. I don't know... That's how I like it. I just like this profile system here on myO a lot better. *sigh* I'm feeling helpless with myO. Rawr I need some real serious help or this is never going to work... We have to round up the users that are still active and try to revive this dang place T.T Eh... well...


In other news, I'm gonna be making a layout for my friend next. See what happened, was I logged into his account to see how my codes on the layout I made him were looking, cause it's been a while since I made a layout for myO and so yeah... @.@ Anyway, so I looked, and went back to wordpad and went back and fixed my code (yes I was making the code on wordpad). Then after a bit, I forgot I was still logged into his myO and tried something on the codes on the profile and saved it, only to realize I was still logged in as him and I totally ruined his layout x_x So now I'm making a new one for him lol. No he ain't mad xD But I gotta get him more active on myO. (yes you know who you are >.> And by the way, if you're reading this, I'm not giving you your profile till you promise to post for me xD mwahahaha) I'm so evil lol. Blackmail is the best xD jk jk.

Other than all that, lets seeee... I'm really tired lately cause of work and such. I'm working a good 5 days a week and my hours are so irregular it's exhausting. I usually work hours like 4 to 11 in the morning on some days, some days it's like 11 to 7 in the evening, some days it's 7 to 3, or 6 to 2, tomorrow it's 3 to 7 in the evening. One time I worked 4am to 4pm which was killer. @.@ *sigh* I never know what I'm gonna be working from one week to the next. Plus my job is pretty physical. And on top of it all, I think I've come down with a little something, but it's nothing to freak about @.@ I'll be ok *thumbs up* lol @.@ Not surprising since I feel run down most of the time. And I don't sleep like I should either =_= lol I'm a mess these days.

Well, I gotta get some shopping done today, and some chores. I got work tomorrow and every day up to Wednesday. My shoulder constantly hurts now where I used to have no issues with it ever. @.@ I know work is to blame but I can't stop working. I suppose the only thing I can do is push through the pain and like, try to take painkillers and things. My job makes my whole body hurt =_=

Yes, I realize my post is incredibly long, but I thought that maybe I could get more readers if I just went ahead and started posting anything and everything I could think of to post about. I don't know. It seemed like the readers wanted longer posts, so that's what I'm gonna do lol.

I do believe I'm finished now though. So I hope everyone has a great day and I need to get ready for my shopping trip now, so byeeeee!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YES! I commented on all 3 updated friends in my friends list (was that sarcasim? Hmmm The world may never know mwahaha) *cough cough* And this is probably the longest post title I've ever written

Well, I got home from work at around 4:00 this evening. I got there at 7:00am this morning though -_- I'm totally exhausted guys @.@ I've been working lots lately. My legs ache from standing and walking for hours on end. Luckly I have tomorrow off, though I gotta make a quick shopping trip. Then I'll enjoy my day off just sittin around bein a bum xD But yeah, gotta enjoy it cause the day after tomorrow it's back to work for another 8 hour shift. Weeee -_- But then i'm off again after that @.@ I hate when they stagger my days off like that -_- It's retarded. Rawr! But oh well. It's money... I wouldn't mind being paid more though *cough* anyway, soooooo....

Oh yeah, I just remembered. I realized a little earlier today that I've been on theOtaku for over 3 years now o_o Lol I also recently found out I was promoted to the title of "Otaku Legend" recently @.@ If you don't believe me go check my portfolio. I feel like an old lady xD But I'm only half way to 22 so I guess I ain't that old xD I still like to joke about being old though lol. Hmmmm

Well I guess that's all for todaaay lol. So yeah @.@ Have a great evening everybody.

Ja ne!~♥

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Monday, January 11, 2010


So um yeah... Hi ._. *awkward silence*

Sooooo... yeah I have a new layout finally. Ima do calendar themes for this entire year if I can. So yeah, January is the theme this month >.> (duuuuh)

So yeah um... not really sure what else to talk about @.@ gosh I... I don't know hmmm

*you get bored and leave while I'm thinking of what to say next*

x_x oh and I'm tired cause I'm working hard @.@

k bye

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blah :S
I just got home from work. And I'm tired @.@ really really tired. I am also bored cause none of meh friends is on to talk to T.T waaaaah

Not really sure what to post about. I'm just freaaakin bored @.@ blah. My head ish killin me. NAZEEEE? ATAMA GA ITAIII x_x Doushite? T.T

Hmmm... might go see that Avatar movie tomorrow I am not sure lol @.@ I've heard it's very good.

Well.... I'm gonna go find something to do now. Maybe someone to talk to @.@ idk I'm very bored lol. So yeah. bye for now x_x

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello peoples ^.^

Oook so all these codes for the buttons on my site are too much @.@ I decided I'd make a new website to put them all on so you can go there to get the codes and stuff. So um... ==>Go Here<== I know it ain't done. But eh... it'll work for now. I'll fix it up later lol xD
Uhh... >.> I'm tired cause I've been up since 3:00am for work soooo i might sleep in a bit here @.@ lol. Soooo, yeah. I'm in danger of sounding really repetitive here lol so I guess I'll be done posting for now.

I'm still trying to be part of myO but it's so hard when nothing happens on here anymore. @.@ I usually get 3 or 4 comments per post it suuuucks. So yeah, I hope this petition site thingy I"m doing here does some good. @.@

Well, that really is it for now, I promise. So I'll talk to you all laterrrrr!

Ja ne~!♥ ^-^

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