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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   another new
kay evybody, heres a new one again(music video) its another linkin park (in the end) because techno cat pm'ed me and requested another LP. thanks for the response techno cat, love hearing from ya. as always, you guys can request what my next song is gonna be, sorry i havent posted, been busy. (darn schnorenburg, so much homework, grrrr)
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

and the confusion mounts. okay, you know the guy i was so confused about? well as soon as he walked into french today (after realizing i didnt notice him and was talking to a different dude thats kinda my friend) he just said, i was in the hospital this weekend cause i hurt my back working. !!!!!!!? after that he carefuly avoided mentioning anything of importance and even pretended to be paying attention to the lesson. i do think he was avoiding any questions i might ask. whatever. i had no school yesterday so i watched a few episodes of noir^_^ yay!!
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Sunday, January 16, 2005

New One
kay evybody. my new music video is 'Somwhere I Belong' by Linkin Park. hope you all like it. oh, and if anyone one has a request as to what they would like my next song to be, just send me a pm and i will see what i can do for you.
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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   hah hah
okay, we went out for my dad to look at some houses (realestate agent) and my brother (bigbro two years older, 6'7"!) thinks its funny to start throwing a bunch of snow at me. so he is bending over and flinging snow at me with his hands. (hah, moron) he didnt see me running towards him, as i ran i picked up a handfull of snow and when i reached him (he is still flinging snow so he doesnt see me) i take the handfull of snow and smush it into his face. after that he appeared angry so i ran to the truck very fast and and hopped in so he couldnt like, bury my head or or something like that (c'mon, i have a right to be scared, he is over half a foot taller than me) this is how i one upped my big bro today ^_^. the dude still hasnt called -_-
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What NERV Child Are You?
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i am so confused. boys are so confusing. how the heck are we supposed to understand them/you guys??????? *sigh* whatever. can somebody please give me the definition of "making a move on" cause i mean maybe different people have different ideas of what that entails. holy schlamozzle, he said he did and i said he didnt.......confusion........i wanna go to sleep!!!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

hey evybody(spelled it wrong on purpose)
Every morning and 8;00 my brother and myself walk out the door to catch the bus foe school.But this morning was interesting because i was still sound asleep and having a nice dream(dont remember what it was but i remember it was in the drama classroom at my school, i know strange) when my brother ran in and woke me from my pleasant unconciousness with the cry, "its 7:52" thus leaving me with only eight minuets to throw on clothes, run a brush through my hair, and quickly brush my teeth(no breakfast for Elynn). and amazingly enough, i did it and wasnt late for the bus^_^.
on another note, as you notice i have changed my song, but by request it is another bowling for soup song, there latest, its still playing on the radio) instead of a differnt song i had had in mind, but no worries, i will post my other song in a few days. have a nice evening evybody.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

   Sock Puppets
Oh gues what!!!!....(insert guess here)....Good guess, but no. in my Drama class, thats one of my electives at school, we are making sock puppets. how awesomely cool is it to be making sock puppets at school. cause puppetry is a part of theatre you know and so we get to put on a puppet show. mine is a black sock and i made it eyes, glasses, and a top-hat. its so uber-cute ^_^, anywayz....
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   Super Recipe of the Day.
Hello kids, today we will be learning how to make Korean Noodles. First you take white flower and add it to water to make dough, then you pound and roll it flat with a rolling pin. After that you slice slice slice into the noodles and when the water boils put the noodles in it. Yum. lol, sorry guys, inside joke with StarDrifter. ^_^
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Sunday, January 9, 2005

Everyone listen
Do you hear and see my music video??? i like it, its Bowling for Soup's song Punk Rock 101 if any one is unfamiliar with the song. if you dont like it than dont worry, i will put up a new song in a couple of days ^_^
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