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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

hey evybody(spelled it wrong on purpose)
Every morning and 8;00 my brother and myself walk out the door to catch the bus foe school.But this morning was interesting because i was still sound asleep and having a nice dream(dont remember what it was but i remember it was in the drama classroom at my school, i know strange) when my brother ran in and woke me from my pleasant unconciousness with the cry, "its 7:52" thus leaving me with only eight minuets to throw on clothes, run a brush through my hair, and quickly brush my teeth(no breakfast for Elynn). and amazingly enough, i did it and wasnt late for the bus^_^.
on another note, as you notice i have changed my song, but by request it is another bowling for soup song, there latest, its still playing on the radio) instead of a differnt song i had had in mind, but no worries, i will post my other song in a few days. have a nice evening evybody.

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