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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   hah hah
okay, we went out for my dad to look at some houses (realestate agent) and my brother (bigbro two years older, 6'7"!) thinks its funny to start throwing a bunch of snow at me. so he is bending over and flinging snow at me with his hands. (hah, moron) he didnt see me running towards him, as i ran i picked up a handfull of snow and when i reached him (he is still flinging snow so he doesnt see me) i take the handfull of snow and smush it into his face. after that he appeared angry so i ran to the truck very fast and and hopped in so he couldnt like, bury my head or or something like that (c'mon, i have a right to be scared, he is over half a foot taller than me) this is how i one upped my big bro today ^_^. the dude still hasnt called -_-
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