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Hello. Welcome to ElvenNinja's site for her poetry. Please go visit my other site. Anyway please enjoy the site. Hope you like my writings. Also if you have comments about my style of writing or what I name my poems please PM me, I write what's on my mind, and even if you want me to change my writing style I won't.

I mostly write freeverse poetry, none of my poems really rhyme. I also write essays that wax philosophical on a number of subjects. So if you want to know my thought about a subject, PM me and I will write about it. Anyway, that's it. Bye bye and like I probably said before, I hope you enjoy mu writing.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Untitled Vampire Story

Chapter 1

“Hurry you’ll be late!” yelled my mother. I toppled down onto the floor of my room, my brown eyes blinking sleepily in the dark.

“But mom it’s dark.” I replied back with a yell as I looked up at the sky through my window, it was a full moon and it shone brightly. My mind slowly unlogged. Due to my status as a troubled child (apparently, self injury is a mental disease or at least the beginnings of it) I was being sent to boarding school, a weird boarding school, school happened at night. “Besides, it’s my first day,” I muttered as I put on my uniform, which consisted of a white short sleeve button up blouse with a blood red small tie, a black skirt, and a small blood red blazer. I hefted my duffle bag over one shoulder, a backpack for school on the other, and walked down stairs.

“Honey, you look so nice in your uniform.” My mom said as we walked out to the van. I put my duffle and backpack in the seat next to me and reclined back.

“Whatever…” I mumbled as I fell asleep. I didn’t even know where this boarding school was. After a few hours my mother shook me.

“We’re here.” She said. I opened my eyes wearily. We were at the…airport? “We’re at the airport.”

“I know, this school is in another country.” My mother replied.

“Just because I cut myself your sending me to a school in another country?!” I exclaimed. I grabbed my bags and slammed the van door. I walked into the airport, stomping.

“Excuse me? Morris-san?” asked a voice as a hand landed on my shoulder. I looked, a very angry expression on my face.

“WHAT?!” I yelled angry. I twirled around to see a boy; he looked like he was about seventeen.

“I didn’t know you were upset.” He said. “I’m Ishimaru Takumi, I’m to be your guide around school, and I’ll also be one of your translators.” He replied. He was about three inches taller then me, with semi-long black hair, and was wearing a school uniform that looked vaguely like that of the uniform on Ouran. The coat was blood red, the tie and pants were black, and the shirt was white.

“Sorry, my mom just now told me that this boarding school I’m going to is in another country.” I replied. “Apparently I’m a troubled child.” Takumi chuckled. “I’m Kristina Morris.” I said as we boarded the plane.

“Trust me though, Kristina-san, you will be coming to the right place.” Takumi replied as we sat down, it was first class. “Anyway, I trust your mother informed you of some of the other things.”

“Yes, I know the school is a night school; classes are at night all night.” I replied. I sipped the soda that the stewardess had brought. “Anything else?” It was obvious that my expression amused him slightly in some way, his look softened somewhat.

“Don’t be surprised if your classmates are rather…eccentric.” Takumi told me. I sighed. My classmates were eccentric anyway, leastways, small children trapped in the bodies of highschool students. “They are all very nice, but if they try to bite you, alert me or Nakashima Michiyo-chan, that is the name of your other translator. Also, whatever you do, don’t do anything to cut yourself.” He finished, he was obviously referring to my arms.

“Takumi?” I asked. It was weird, his English was really good. “You speak English so well, how or where did you learn it so well?” Takumi sighed.

“It’s rather complicated…headmaster will explain that to you when we get to the school. And about the school, it’s in a rather secluded sort of area of Japan. Hokkaido region to be exact, we’ll be getting off the plane at the Tokachi Obihiro Airport in Obihiro, which is in the Tokachi region in the Eastern Circuit. The school is just outside of Obihiro.” Takumi explained. I yawned and felt a pillow go under my head. I didn’t understand why we had to take a red eye to this place. “Here” Takumi said.

“What about you?” I asked softly.

“It’s fine. No need to worry about me, I’m not tired.” Takumi replied, looking out the window. I drifted off to sleep and started composing my first letter to my friends at home. I had all of their e-mails so I would just forward it to all of them.

Subject: New School

Hey ya’ll!

How’s life without your favorite little shy emo bitch? xD Anyway, my mom neglected to tell me that this new school I’m going to is in Japan. And I think all of you know that this is a bittersweet dream come true for me.

Yes I’m happy I’m finally happy I get to see Japan and didn’t have to wait until I enlisted. However, I’m upset my mom didn’t tell me. I thought this school would only be a few hours away; I wanted to come back and visit you guys. ;_;

Anyway, one of my translators met me at the airport when my mom took me to the airport. His name is Takumi, there’s another translator as well, and someone named Michiyo who I haven’t met yet. He told me some about the school, like about how some of my classmates might try to bite me and that I shouldn’t cut myself why doing anything. It was really weird.

Y’know what’s even weirder? His English is like that of some rich old guy, and he probably only just barely learned English, I don’t know how the English-as-a-second-language thing works in Japan. Oh well, hopefully everything gets explained to me when I get there. I wonder why Takumi was so secretive.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope you have a good day and Angela say hi to sergeant and colonel for me!



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