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Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh dear...
Only four days until spring break, only four days...
That's my latest mantra since I'm SO sick of high school. I've really come to hate freshmen like you can't even imagine. Most of my classes are alright but my Spanish teacher is the devil. She's about three feet tall and doesn't speak English or Spanish. She spends her time being extremely mad at us and never answers our questions. It doesn't help that her class is right before lunch either. I also have to sit through biology which is taught by a student teacher who speaks softer than a church mouse so you can't hear him. Also, the class is so boring and we never do anything but listen to him drone on and on...
Anyway, I went to Utah over the weekend to ski but I didn't enjoy it. My dad was there on business and invited me to come up, I don't know why I said yes since I don't like him but I did. The skiing was alright but it was snowy and windy all day (especially on top of the mountain) so it wasn't very good conditions. Also I accidentally got on the wrong ski left and the only way down was on the blue slopes (I'm still a beginner at skiing) and so I basically slipped and slided all the way down. My butt was pretty beat up after that... I did get to go to P.F. Changs for dinner one night and it was good, especially the lettuce wraps, but I got sick the next day and that wasn't fun.
I've been writing a new story as a method to escape from the world but I'm stuck and so I have to live in reality (heaven forbid) until I think of something to continue the story with. But for those who care, the story is about a girl named Vita (I'm not sure how old she is but she's in high school) who lives up to her name. She's kinda like Haruhi Suzumiya but not quite as crazy. Anyway, she attends the extravagant Alyssum Academy which is one of those campuses that takes up an entire city. It's really cool because it has a monorail (wee!) and a state-of-the-art defense system that will come into play later. She's also the princess of this country (no name yet) but she won't inherit the throne because she's the youngest of three children. Her best friends are a genius who has a dry wit named Tara and a robot named Priscilla (there's a story as to how that happened but I don't have room to write it here). Anyway, later her father, the king, is assassinated and she goes on a journey to find the killer. She realizes that the killer is named Soren, one of the Grand Knights. (I haven't quite cemented all the details about the Grand Knights but there are six led by the commander. The other five are named Glacia, Mary, Luna, Lucian and, and Haruka.) Anyway, skipping to the end of the book, she finally tracks Soren down and he escapes but is surprised that that the king is dead and says that he had nothing to do with it. He does admit that he was there shortly before the king was killed but it was to steal something that was kept at the palace. And that is the end of the first book in the series. It'll be awhile before I write it and there may be some changes but that is the basic outline.
I'm leaving for Houston on Saturday and that will be fun so I won't update for awhile but I hope to write something before the end of the month!

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Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm incredibly sleepy. I guess this is what i get for staying up to two a.m. every morning. I need to get back into my schedule before school starts back up. I took two, two-hour naps today because I spent most of the day working with my step-dad and dad on a wheelchair ramp for a friend. It wasn't very fun but it was good service. However we were working in my step-dad's workshop and it was like an ice chest. We had a kerosene heater but it didn't help much. Still we're pretty much done, we're going to take it over and assemble it but otherwise it's done.
I'm really mad at myself because I've pretty much beaten Super Mario Galaxy. I haven't gotten all the power stars but I have beaten the final Bowser (which was THE biggest joke. It was so easy). Though I really like Rosalina, at first I thought she was like Princess Peach's twin because she looks so much like her.
Anyway, I've been writing a lot. I started a new story a few days ago and it's been progressing well. I have a tendency to draw pictures and diagrams that go along with the stories I'm writing. I've drawn a map for the fictional world as well as a diagram that explains magic in this story. I might post them but they're not really fan art so I'm not sure.
I think I'm going to head to bed otherwise I'll have bags the size of potato sacks under my eyes. So I'll post again soon!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I know...it's scaring me too! Anyway, today is December 26 and it is the day after the best holiday in the kid calender (yes I mean Christmas). As for the gifts I received, I got almost everything I wanted and some things I didn't expect.
Well as for the best thing I got -- I got an iHome. I totally didn't expect it and I was ecstatic. My mom said that she only purchased it for the alarm clock because I never wake up to my old one. (I doubt that I'll wake up to this either ^_^) I also got a North Face jacket which I really wanted because it is apparently the "in" jacket right now. (I have to keep up with the trends!!!)
I also got Super Mario Galaxy, Hairspray, Shakugan no Shana Vol. 2 (The Light Novel) and more gift cards than I know what to do with!!!
I don't know if I ever mentioned this but for my birthday I got hair clips from my step-grandmother. I think she thought I could use them as bookmarks but they were a cat and dog hair clips none the less. So for Christmas, she sent me a jewelry box. I'm beginning to wonder if she thinks I'm a girl or something. But I'm just going to use it to put my wallet in and a few other treasures.
Well that's all I'm going to post for now, Oh if you look on this page you can see my newest videos including the Tales of the Abyss - Mystic Arte Exhibition which was my 100th video! (YAY ME!!!) Please view! ^_~

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