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uhh, i dont care about anything in the world. i'm the type of kid that you will see spinning around with a blank look on their face. my friends are first, then me. emo/scene kids can fucking blowwwwww me. i dont like smoking or drinking, i watched my friends curb over and die from them. i can say alot in only a sentence:) i like music that makes your ears rot. i dont care what you think of me.

have fun young slim.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

woo! i have a boyfriend,
for a first boyfriend, i picked a really really good one.
i've heard so many girls tell me how their
boyfriend sucks,
their first one at least.

but he's nothing like their first.
he's fucking nice as hell
and the sweetest thing alive.

i'm pretty positive that there isn't a mean
bone in his body
i'm happy :D

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

school started 3 weeks ago,
and the year is already going by so fucking slowwwww.
it's still august and it feels like it should be october.
i want to drive and get a car.

my friends are hooking me
on to A Day to Remember.
They're actually really good, and they
arn't piss bad like most bands now adays.
aha :)

uhh, the crush life is pretty weak right now.
i did like one of my friends for a while then
i got over it. i'm not in the mood of getting led on.
never, actually.
he's really cute.
it's kinda killing me.

i like the sound of the underground.
peaceful as shit.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

if any of you were wondering,

i am still alive,
but barely on this website.
which is a pity since i made a pack
on myself that i would keep up
to date on every blog i have.

uhh, yeah i lied to myself on that.

well, besides that.
i dont have my angel bite anymore,
i took it out. and now i have two lip rings
on the same side.
that guy that i was ranting about this whole time
i've been on here,

is no longer.
he's a loser, and a faggot. (sorry to those
who are offended by it. but i'm ranting :) )
annnnnnd, i finally realized from everyone that has been telling me this,
that i deserve better :D


but i have to retake algebra..
fucking lame.

but yeah,
summer. yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.
fuck that.

i'm all for the videogames :)


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