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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   pootannnnnng rotf :DD
yeah soo ummh chyeah
cheeeeezenips. :D

life is fucking boring.
but its better than nothing.
i haven't written in my journal in fucking
351i3u5io34yu5oiuy2345 years.
YES; including the letters.
YES; i dohave a journal, fuck you if you think journals are for 'wimps that go and bitch about your life'.
i dont bitch.
i whine :D

wow that was some majuhh bitch powahh.
i have to go to the eyeball doctor tomorrow.
and i hope i get contacts.
not just any contacts.
greeen eyeball contacts that make
my blues go greeen. :D
im excited.
i hate my eyeballz.
i have the vision of a fucking grandma >:[

fuck grandmas and their weird ass musky smell,
that somehow is pleasing.
fucked up.

wow icrack myself up.
selfish much?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   sweet holy hairs of mose's beard.
nothing exciting is happening right now.
but alot of drama.
and i've never ever ever ever
had to deal with this much. but im just laughing at it all.
Here is a list of everything that has happened this month:

Two friends are in the most bullshit immature fight.
Friends that are dating, broke-up and are dating again. but arn't telling anyone. I'm the only one that knows.
i have some more guy problems..again.
mom and dad are being dicks to me.
i'm having some problems with myself.
one of my best friends refuses to talk to me.
i'm finding myself to be more scared about alot of other things.

all i know is that October and January are going to be the sucky months.
im not really effected by all of this.
that much.
but im laughing it all off, right now.
i'm not bitching about it all.
i'm just typing this down and when i get older.
i'll come here and i KNOW i'll laugh at this
then =D

ee shibbbbbby
dramatic bullshit is funny.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   ightt asshole.
i hate guy problems.
with a passionnnnnnn.
the kid that i've had
a crush on since
august told me a little while
ago that he likes
me and that he wants us to be
friends with benefits again.
but he's lying to me; he's saying that
so he can pass his time, he would be
calling me if he liked me, and he would
be actually showing it.
whatever. i hate it when he tries to lead
me on but he knows that he can't.
im through with his shit.
it makess it even worse that he's a man-whore.
so he knows pretty much how a girl acts
and what they want. plus their breaking point.

the thing that sucks the most is that
he'll always be one of those kids that i'll
always like. and just seeing his picture
makes my heart flipp out. so.
i hate him for making me this way.
and i seriously.. want to forget every memory
i have of him.
completly forget he exist.
i guess things will be better now
that he's dropped out of school.
i pretty much won this battle.
but not emotionally..

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

   hair dyee :]
i love hair dye.
i love who ever came up with hair dye.
i would marry them in a heart beat ♥

so im dying my hair right now.
and im the happiest that i've ever been.
im taking out the blonde in my hair.
i had it in since spring fucking break
and its just been sitting there for god
knows how long :/
so i knew that it was time to take it

my dad started bitching about the smell
and if i stained the sink. little

im just happy that im dying my hair.
i love hair dyeee


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

i fucking had a fruit bowl a little while ago.
and i ate those weirdingg plastic ones.
and they fucking tasted like


now listen here.
i stopped smoking and i havent smoked in
4 weeks?
im not so sure.
but they tasted so fuckingbad so i kinda
i dont know if they were old or what
but that was hellaaaaa disgusting.
fuck fruit bowls.
bitchslapp them hoes across my room
but than i'd get that weird syrup stuff
on my carpet.

and thats not so fun :[

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

   =] harr harr
i loved magnus's comment it made me smiile.
[to magnus; yeaah. everytime i saw him i hated him &at the same time i liked him..it sucked.&i was scared everytime i was around him. and nervouse..and awkwardd. Like i shouldn't have been there.]

november was veryy veryy veryy boring.
and i have a feeling that december is too.
but its going to be exciting..since
christmas is around the cornerr =]
who does that? take away someone's christmas?
thats..harsh. thats. disgusting =[
no one's christmas should be taken away.
thats not fair at all.

especially for me. i love christmas.
and pouring out my christmas stocking and
eating all of the chocolate before christmas dinner =]

mmhm mmhm thats how i rolllllllllll

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

high school has been alright.
its annoying.
and people are very annoying.
with a fucking passion;
october was a bullshit month.
it didnt treat me well.
got in a fight with a dude that
i liked alot.
&we didnt talk for 4 weeks.
but, we're cool now..
i think.
but whatever fuck him.
i dont give a shit about his manwhore ass

but. dad doesnt trust me worth shit anymore.
he found out that i drink and i skipped classes.
aiight this might sound very bad
to some of you. but im not a fucked up kid.
its a phase and i know that some of you know that.
but i did something that every kid needs to
go on in highschool.
their parents trust.
without that. you cant do shit and
you wont get anywhere when you need somehting from
and right now..i cant do shit because
i fucked up my trust with my parents.
its some sick disgusting bullshit.
but. it's going to take along time before
i get to go out and see bands at concerts.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Skooo ♥

i goo to skoo today :]]
you can guess that im Fresh Meat.
but i dont really freekin fuckin
caree as of
right now :]
but. went to my schools orentation.
and i swear to god.
my grandma can entertain me and my dad better
then some fuckin slideshow about absolute nothing.
I didnt get my scheduel or ID card when i was there.
and we didnt even walk around the school.
at all

they're just trying to kill the freshies.
no joke.
i leave here soo.
like.. 7:50 - 40 am.

wish me luck batch.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Drop Dead Batch.

if i was sentenced to jail for an hour for being
such a fuckin spazz attack
then i would be put behind bars
along time ago. =]
I've found my antidote to make
me full of enegry and powerrr
Watch the Used F**k-ups from Fused.
My gawdd.
they are soo funneh. =]]
I dont have any friends for me to geek out
with so that makes me utterly sad. =[
and i get mad about that and ijust
go and beat up some random
empty box or trash can thats in
my room :D

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

   I love people =]]

my friendss from eight grade
told me that
Rise Against
and Comeback Kid
are coming in
August 30 =]

you kids that cant see them
But no worries. I love you anyways =]]
Drop Dead, Gorgeous
is making a c.d !
Its late news and everything
but i havn't been on in awhile soo..
Its coming out the day I go back to school=]
August 14th =[
I want their c.d

music is music eh?

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