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Monday, December 12, 2005

   I have noticed....
that everytime you post you get one more person up on your guestbook....the next day, i just noticed that!!!! anyway schools been how do you say it? hard, difficult?? not really though um, how would you put it??? fun? not really i guess....oh well school be ok yea ok? lol lol XD anyway see ya guyz soon!!!
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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

check them out that's all i have to say 2day.....i guess lol
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Monday, December 5, 2005

   PIKASURF, I posted....
LIKE I PROMISED!!!! Yea, i said i would post every week when i get i cahnce, and i finally got my chance!!! I been doing alot of school work, i wonder if it would be more over the christmas vaction or less????? *confusion* anyway i been thinking i have another account on otaku.com PikaSurf, i wonder if anyone signs my guestbooks???? i might delete Pikasurf, i dunno??? what do you think i should do???? *more confusion* arg!!!!! i can't think anymore!!!!! arg!!! i sound like a pirate or something....lol XD anyway bye now!!! see ya later, oh yes YOUTUBE.COM!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!
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Monday, November 28, 2005

   School....and D.N Angel
Ok, i have so much work for school i don't even think i really can handle it!!!! i been going form one place to the other and i haven't been sleeping that much, am so tired right now!!!!! anyway i think am getting to like D.N Angel more and nore often now!!!! i can't believe it thought i started reading the manga, and now i can't get enough of D.N.A, i think am on book #4 or #5 anyway it really good! i hope that anyone who reads this would start getting in D.N Angel beacause i think it's a good manga to read!!!! yippee! anyway gotta go now!!! see ya, oh i forgot i'll comment on this site as much as i can! Always be Happy ok? bye now!
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Saturday, November 5, 2005

   It's been years....
i haven't been on this site for at least 7 months now!! XD i been up to alot of things! like:
My Yu-gi-oh Website! check it out!

I started caughting up on sites i haven't been on like Fanfiction.net! it's been so cool
and i think beacause of school i haven't been on too!! lol XD

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

i started to draw wings that's the hardest thing to draw! my wings look like pointy hair coming from there backs!!!! it's me so mad!!!! O.o Anyway I've been drawin' alot since summer started and I've gotten better and better! i just wish that i had a scanner to show everyone *cries* Anyway bye!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   You know those dayz.............
you kno the dayz when you so bored you just go signing ppl gb....*sigh* that's what i did 2day i signed about 5 ppl gb and am still going.....*sigh* anyway afer this am going to take some quizzes, i don't even have a scanner yet am gettin' one!!!! i will! i want to post all my pictures here, i have two on my old account, but they from paint.....i dunno kno! i draw gud b/c i got help from my bf who can draw so gud!!!! you have to see it! i told her to sign up for otaku.com but she doesn't want to b/c she signed up for so many other things and everyone askin' her to draw them something, *i wanta kno how that feels* anyway am so bored....time to go sign some more gb! see ya
-DigitalTears O.o

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

   Been a long time......II
i been on!!! it's just i haven't been posting...i don't kno why i don't...maybe b/c am bored....r maybe b/c i don't wanna type!!! yea that it!!! that's it!!!
Check out the link below!!!!

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Hi i been on i just didn't have the time to post......*sigh*
omg! am graduting in about 15 more days!!!!
i can't wait!
over the summer am going to catch up on all the anime i missed!
anyway, am going ot try to post some of my anime wallpapers.....even do they never work!!!!!
i e-mail myotaku.com but they never answer, maybe they fixed the problem without tellin' me.....let me check!!!!
see ya!

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Friday, May 20, 2005

   FanFiction Yu-Gi-Oh

~Part 1~ A New Duel
By: DigitalTears

We take to the scene of a little game shop in the middle of the city. Yugi a duelist sits and waits for his grandfather to come back from his “shopping trip”, As Yugi waits a shadowy figure enters the game shop. Yugi unknowing of this is startled and lets out a cry………”sorry I scared you……”the shadow figure answers. “You didn’t scare me” Yugi says while looking at the shadowy figure closely…..”is there something on my face?”
“No…..I um---“
“you can’t see my face, good”
“now do you have any good cards here?”
“yea a lot” Yugi says in confusion
“you seem bothered by something, is it me?”
“you’re face is it hot?”
“I mean are you blushing’”
As they talk. A person comes in.
“o hey Joey” Yugi says cutting off of what the shadowy figure was saying
“Yugi, I have to tell you something, look in the paper,”*hands yugi a newspaper*
“wow! This girl she won that many duels!”
the shadowy figure moves to the door
“yea! I can’t believe it!”
“hey, um…….”Yugi says to the Shadowy figure
“your name?”
“m-my name-------*gulp*”
“yea, I didn’t get it”Yugi says
Joey just waits
“it Kimityo Hini…..”
“oh” Yugi says then starts to stare at the newspaper
While that is happening Joey then says
“I remember that name from somewhere…..” *looks at newspaper*
“hey, wait!” Yugi says to the shadowy figure
~To be Continued~
~Please comment~

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