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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   You know those dayz.............
you kno the dayz when you so bored you just go signing ppl gb....*sigh* that's what i did 2day i signed about 5 ppl gb and am still going.....*sigh* anyway afer this am going to take some quizzes, i don't even have a scanner yet am gettin' one!!!! i will! i want to post all my pictures here, i have two on my old account, but they from paint.....i dunno kno! i draw gud b/c i got help from my bf who can draw so gud!!!! you have to see it! i told her to sign up for otaku.com but she doesn't want to b/c she signed up for so many other things and everyone askin' her to draw them something, *i wanta kno how that feels* anyway am so bored....time to go sign some more gb! see ya
-DigitalTears O.o

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