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Friday, May 20, 2005

   It's been a long time........
i haven't been on for such a long time!!!!! well i have been on i just haven't added a post *smiles* o yea am going to post a fanfictiton for Yu-Gi-Oh, and do a few changes to my site first let me check out other people sites......
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Sunday, May 8, 2005

it's mother's day, i should have done something for my grandma, i will it's ok be nice 2day! we going to have a big dinner and everything! i can't wait, anyway bye!
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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   was, PikaSurf...Now DigitalTears!
ok, my other account on Pikasurf was messed up so i had to get a new account! ok now um, i have now skool yaa! i can't wait to sleep all day! doing nothin'! Oh yea i also got the 4 volume of Shaman King 2day! so am going to read that! i actually collect alot of Manga, but i watch alot of Anime! it kinda like an half and half thing, But sometimes am not even in the mood to read the manga of a show so i just watch the anime......and them sometimes when i don't want to watch the anime i read the manga!!!!! lol anyway, am bored, so am going to post alot of things 2day!, o am going to really read the um....what it called the boards in the myOtaku.com home page i usally don't b/c am doin'g something else, o boy! am tired anyway g2g look for my Yu-gi-oh wallpapers!
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