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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Well today is the second day sence Ben has been gone. Me and Andrea are haveing fun but i still miss Ben. I hope hes having fun and i hope he trys and calls me. I guess whenever he said he was going to try and get on the net, guess it isnt working. Iam going to great him back with german words hopefully ^_^. So well im going to go hang out with Andrea so ill ttyl. Love you all ::hugs and kisses:: bye bye now.
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Friday, July 15, 2005

Yea awhile ago i was at my friend Mals house and we were looking at pics of Tamahome and Miaka. Well we found one of those two kissing XD. This is what happend-
Mal: Awww looks Tamahome is crying!
Me.::looks at Mal:: umm no hes not.
Mal: Oh are my glasses on?
Both of us: ::scilence::
Me: ummm Mal you dont have your glasses on and glasses dont have an on and off switch so the cant be on or off.
Mal: LMAO that was so retarded!
Me:yea just a tidbit ::laughs alot::
Mal: Ok then
Me: ::repeats what just happend::
XD it was so funny i loved it, and hahaha she told me today she got silly string in her eye once. Im like that was retarded how old were you when you did that? Shes like i did it a few months ago. I was laughing so hard and loud XD it was so funny. Well thats all for now so ill ttyl love you all ::hugs and kisses:: bye bye now.

P.S. Miss you Ben

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yea sense Ben is going to be gone i thought i might take up German XD. I looked at it it looks like fun yup yup yup lolz. Me and my Friend are being such idiots Andrea8My friend* is so hyper right now XD its much fun. So i can already tell its going to be a fun night but ill still think of Ben -_-. Well i guess ill ttyl then, oh and ill tell ya what all me and Andrea do on tomarrows post well ttyl love ya all bye bye now ::hugs and kisses:: ~.^ and remember ANIME ROCKS \m/(^_^)\m/.
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Omg one of my best friends that i love so much is leaving today,he has to leave for a week in Florida. I said goodbye to him last night and it hurt so bad, i mean im going to miss him so bad ill go crazy. Last night i cried a little bit, but im having a friend over today so i hope it wont be that bad. O lolz i guess you wanna know whos leaving well Ben is and im really going to miss him. I always talk to Ben on aol cause hes like always on i love him so much im really going to miss him -_-. I really dont like his mom he dosent wanna go and shes making him go ::sighs:: i wanna slap her,XD he dose too ^_^. But i hope he dose have fun on his trip as well though hehe, he said he might call me so im going to have my phone with me the whole time. Well i hope time flys by fast cause im already sad. Well ill ttyl love you all ::hugs and kisses:: XD i have to go clean my room bye bye now!
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Monday, July 11, 2005

Yayness Yesterday i got a Bf that i reall love hes so kind to me and is always there for me when i need him. His name is Dylan and im so happy that hes my BF. I hope we stay together for a really long time. Hehe hic voice is really cute as well i love it ^_^. All i can really say is how happy i am that we are one now i love it. Im sad though ::sniffles:: we cant be together he lives in a different state ::sighs::. I hope that our net relationship will last for a long time ^_^ at lest i can still call him yayness. Lolz well this could go on and on lolz but i have to go now so yea. Love you all ::hugs and kisses:: bye bye
P.S. and ill probibly post about him often ^_^ bye.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ok i had a fever for awhile but then it went down and all that was left was the dizzyness. I thought i might as well be an idiot and mess around while the dizzyness was still here, lolz cause that just me ^_^. So ok i was running around the house in an open space upstairs, all of a sudden i run into a table. I look at it and knew it wasnt suposed to be there, so i pushed it back to were it should have been. Then i went back in the middle of the room and started to run once more, i ran into the table once again. I was like WTF? I went down stairs to run around sence i couldnt up stairs cause of that damn table. I looked around for any near by table and im like yea no tables and started running. All of a sudden i run into a table once again that was suposed to be in my bros room. I was like NOOOOOOOO!!!! i put the table in my bros room and ran upstairs to my room. Muhahahahaha no tables screw tables i have none in my room. I closed my door so that the tables wouldnt invade my room as well. I turnd around and ran around then ran into my bed im like the fisrt place with no tables i run into a bed. *dissapointed* I walk in the living room and sat down to watch TV, my bro came up the stairs and looked at me and laughed. Brycen you bastard you were the one who kept on moving the tables. I looked at him as he said yup and took off after him, then of corse cause of dizzyness and a table that had been set around the corner i fell right on my face. He laughed at me and walked down to his room as i stood up my dad gose Emily you better put all these tables back where they were i sortta looked at him like this -_- then did as he said. So i didnt really have a good morning lolz but it was funny i got Brycen back ill leave that out of it though hehe. Well thats about it ill ttyl love you all ::hugs and kisses:: bye. AIM yis please ^_^.
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Saturday, July 9, 2005

I finnaly got to talk to Ben on the phone today once again ^_^. We talked for 1 hour 56 min and 22 sec yayness. I love talking to people on the phone i get really hyper ^_^. We talked about alot of things lolz he wanted me to sing for him thats why he wanted me to call lolz, but i never did sing ^_^. I told him i would next time and i might just do that but idk, cause i really dont sing that much when im on the phone with someone unless i talk to them on the phone alot. I sing alot in person some people say im good at it lolz but i just think they say im good just to make me feel good ~.^.Back on track here *focused* ok well me and Ben talked about running from our shadows and all that kinda stuff. Oh and like when we bleed we lick the blood, and we were saying like how much people just look at us when we do that. I love talking to Ben hes so much fun to talk to hehe, and when he trys to make an impression of someone his voice sounds funny but its cute. Well thats about it so ill ttyl love you all bye ::hugs and kisses:: and im still open if you wanna aim me bye ^_^
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Friday, July 8, 2005

i thought i might tell you about a few of my friends. There's Mal Katie Ben and of corse Dani ^_^. Mal is really smart shes just like wow, we have alot in common but im not going to tell you everything lolz it would take way too long. Mal can be an idiot at times like when it comes to anime, we always make fun of things that go on in them hehe its fun. Katie and i have known each other sence like Kindergarden so we are really tight hehe. We always have fun together like we will run around yelling Japanese words at people in the mall or something like that. We both like remaking fun parts on Inuyasha ^_^ hehe much fun much fun. We read anime books all the time toegether and she TRY'S to draw lolz. Ben is really cool he understands me very well,i have alot in common with him as well i like him alot cause hes just cool like that ~.^. Whenever i need someone to talk to hes always there for me no matter what so i like him for that as well. Ok now its Dani there only really a few words that will teel you exactly how i feel. I love him more then anything in the world if there was any tim in life that i would have to die for him,i would do it without any second thoughts. Well thats about it for now so ill ttyl love you all ::hugs and kisses:: bye and again if you wanna aim me go right ahead ^_^
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Wow im bored -_-
Im at me dads this weekend bbbbboooooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about that but every time i come over here im always really bored and i fall asleep alot as well but all in all i like comming over to see my brothers but im only going to see them for awhile cause they are going to leave for the navy damn them lolz but im really going to be sad even though they pick on my alot i still love them but yea i dont know how their GF's are going to be cause they love them so much ^_^ lolz but i guess ill deal wh it even though they are going to be gone for like 4 years -_- ::sniffle:: well thats about it so ill ttyl love you all bye ::hugs and kisses:: and if you wanna aim me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, July 4, 2005

   Im worried
My friend Ben thinks about all these different thing like about killing himself and haveing bad visions. So im sitting here really worried about him cause i like him alot but i just dont know what to do. I live about 4 hours away from him so i can really help him all i can do is talk to him on aol or the phone. I hardly get to talk to him on the phone though cause of his mom so thats just wrong cause i like talking to him on the phone. So im really worried i wish i lived closer to him that way i could help alot more but i cant do that. So if anyone has and ideas please help me.
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