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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy almost Birthday BEN!
^-^ Well as you can tell by the title it's almost ben's birthday hehe! Tomorrow he shall be 17 years old! WHOOt! The only thing bad is that he will be 4 years older then me ::sniffles:: I'm always the youngest ::sighs:: oh well's I'm still happy tis almost his birthday ^-^! I'm probably going to call him tomorrow I mean lol this phone will probably be off buuuuut I'll call his mom's house number if he does'nt answer his cell. Neways I'm glad tis almost his birthday lol I'll post some more about Ben's birthday most likly ^-^ thehehe! Welp buh byes!

P.S. I may not let him turn 17 I'll make him wait for ME! Lol yeah right! ^-^

Happy almost birthday ben!


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Monday, November 28, 2005

Yeah sooooo I'm in school right now and everything LOADS OF FUN! I'm sitting next to my friend Kyky-chan she's smexy >.~ neways i was just wonderign what was up with all you people...I havent talked to Ben in a really long time or anything so I'm a little worried...I PMed him like 2 TIMES!!!!!!! ^-^ heh oh well he will PM me back sooner or later...hopefuly well I better get to goin ^-^ bye byes everyone I shall talk to you all laterz ::waves goodbye::
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ok well my brother's came back here thursday from A school because yeah they are going into the Navy and everything but yeah anyways...my brother Tyler left around 9:00 this morning and stuff but he didnt take the time to wake me up and tell me hes leaving _-_ evil bastard..::sighs:: anyways my other brother is going to leave around 1 or so good thing the are coming back in two weeks...
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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Well here's a poem that I made up the other night..and I don't have a title yet or anything but here...

When I hear your sweet gentle voice
and feel your warm breath
against my cheek
every last sense I have
goes crazy with emotion

Oh what I'd do
just to be with you
and feel that emotion
racing in my heart
once more
that's the only thing
I'm asking for

And yeah well there it is. I don't think I did a very good job on it but hey, I never do good on anything ^-^ bye byes!

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not sure...
Well ok I have a friend Mallory and I am going out with a guy she loved but cheated on and now he's fed up with her. But anyways the other day she aimed me and said "you can deny it all you want but you stole him from me I loved him and you stole him" Ok first of all I never stole him from her...and second of all she "loved" him...I mean wouldnt you take that as in she used to love him or something?!?! Dont get me wrong or anything I mean Mallory is so awesome she taught me how to draw really good! She got me into all these really cool bands and thanks to her I have a lot more friends as well! Mallory has helped me though a lot of shit and she has always been there for me...I mean I dont want to lose her as a friend just because of a guy! And Zak if your reading this dont take that the wrong way please dont...Anyways I really dont know what to do I mean I sorrta feel bad for doing this to her but on the other hand she really needs to take a brake from all her BF's and GF's and making out with all these people...she needs to take a brake from them for a week or so and think about who she really loves...it would be for the best...I really dont know what to do I just hope something will happen and whatever it is me and Mallory are still friends and me and Zak are still together forever but I think durring this I'm going to lose one of them... but I guess time changes everything...for better or for worse...you never can tell... I guess I'll have to wait and find out. Well I should go think about somethings for awhile so I'll be back soon...I hope...

Zak...Mallory...I love you both...and I hope nothing..distroys that...

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Hey everyone my dad has let me back on the enternet so if you wanna PM me i will be very happy! see you all around bye byes ^-^!

P.S. I love you Zak!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Love that never ended!
“It’s so beautiful out today Yuki thank you for bringing me to the stream.” “No problem Toharu I love taking you places, well without Kyo that is” as I said so myself looking into the sky hoping Toharu didn’t hear me. “Yuki”, Toharu screamed while flowing down a stream with something clanging tightly around her neck. “Toharu I’m coming” I raced to get to her before she reached the waterfall “waterfall?” I looked in fear of Toharu dying falling off a rapid waterfall and the rage Kyo and everyone would be in. I finally caught up with her “Yuki” she screamed, “Toharu hold on” I yelled I reached out to her but our fingers nicked and I watched in horror as she yelled my name falling to a bottomless pit of water. I stood there just looking as that moment came rushing in my mind like a bomb exploding right in my head. I couldn’t bare it any longer I rushed back home with tears dripping from my eyes like rain falling and hitting the roof like hail.

I threw open the door as Kyo and Hatsuharu started laughing at the tears running down my face. I looked up at them and said in a scared, sad, and tough voice “you wouldn’t be laughing if you witnessed someone close to you die right in front of your eyes and it was your fault they did would you?” I asked. “Yuki” Hatsuharu said in a worried low voice. “I asked you a question and I expect an answer” as I yelled everything went in silence not even the birds were chirping. All of a sudden Shigure came out of no where with his papers in hand, and said in a happy voice “I just wrote a novel about a man who lost his women in a waterfall accident.” I looked up at Shigure and hit Kyo throwing him into the wall and said “if you ever say anything about waterfalls or two lovers again I swear I swear I’ll kill you and leave nothing left not even your ashes.” And took off up the stairs to my room and slammed the door shut behind me.

Mean while back at the waterfall. “Uh that was scary but where did Yuki go?” “Yuki where are you…Yuki?” “Toharu” “huh? Who’s there?” “Its me Ayame.” “Ayame where are you?” “I’m around your neck.” “Oh hello were you with me the whole time?” “Yes I was, and that was a near death experience if you ask me.” “Yea I would have to agree with you there.” “Well let’s go.” “Right…damn” “what’s wrong Toharu?” “I don’t know where we are or how to get home, that’s what’s wrong.” “Well our best bet is to just follow the stream I guess” “alright I will.”

“Yuki damn it get out of your room and explain to us where the hell Toharu is and if she’s hurt I wont go easy on you.” “Oh shut up already don’t you ever run out of breath?” “Did you just tell me to shut up you damn rat? When I bust down this door your ass is mine got that?” I over heard Kyo talking to Hatsuharu and Shigure he said, “I’m going in after him.” In a really mad voice as Hatsuharu told him to leave me alone. “Ok fine” he said “but as soon as you come out of there I expect to hear the whole story and if I don’t like it you’re a dead man.” If I tell them what happened what will they do? What will I do?

It was midnight and I decided to leave for a little while. The sky was black just like Kyo’s socks when he has the same pair on for a week. I herd a crunching sound it sounded like Hatsuharu when he eats grass, oh how I despise grass eaters I thought to myself as I kept walking. I herd that damn noise once again and took off running to see if it was the person I thought it was. I was right I was running my fastest and there’s only one person who can run as fast as me and that’s Kyo of corse. I decided to stop running and just walk. I went straight ahead because the trail seemed familiar to me, even though I had no clue where I was going. I herd rushing water and just stood there for awhile, as Toharu’s scream came into my head and the scared look on her face. ”AH Yuki!” someone screamed. It’s Toharu I said to myself and started running again. I was running faster then I ever have before but some how Kyo managed to keep up, I don’t know how but he sure as hell did. I finally got to the stream hoping to see Toharu and hoping she was ok. “Toharu!” I screamed in a voice I couldn’t describe, I have never herd this voice of emotion come from my mouth. I looked every where trying to find her, but there was no trace.

Suddenly I herd footsteps behind me even though I didn’t know who it was, I embraced that person hoping it was Toharu. There was a voice that said, “get off me you damn rat before I kill you!” and shoved me away. As soon as I herd “damn rat” I knew it was non-other then Kyo. I looked up at him and he blushed “what the hell is up you?” he started “sneaking out, going into a mad rage!” he sighed and whispered “which some how freaked me out.” “And most important why the hell did you fling your arms around my like that? That was weird you pervert.” I didn’t speak then an unexpected blow came to my face, it felt like a brick hit my cheek. I laid there on the ground until I finally go the strength to sit up, I slowly looked up at Kyo. “Yuki stand up.” Kyo said in a very scary voice that sent a chill to my spine. I did as he wished preparing myself for another hit. Kyo decided not to hit me and I slowly turned my head to look at the ground. We stood there in silence as I herd a crunching sound as if something had been squashed. I raised my head to see a horrible sight of, Kyo clutching something in the palm of his hand tightly. I looked into his eyes the shadow’s from the moon where covering his eyes along with, the right side of this nose and mouth. He suddenly clutched his hand tighter then quickly let it go, when he opened his hand I saw something fall. My eyes widened as my mouth slowly dropped a little as tears again ran down my face. I dropped to the ground and looked at the dead motionless bird lying on the ground, so sad I couldn’t help but cry it was my first option. Then Kyo’s voice rang out “this is just an example of what will happen to you if Toharu is dead or hurt in anyway.” I turned my attention to Kyo the look on his face was so terrifying I couldn’t move, my body was paralyzed. A sudden breeze came and struck my hair blowing it a little then, Kyo turned his back to me and disappeared into the darkness without another word. Leaving me there confused, I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t move from this exact spot until sunrise I stood up not knowing where to go, but I thought about what Kyo would do if I never came back. That wasn’t a very happy thought so I guess I’ll go back and tell them all what happened, and take the beating like a man. I opened up the door and as I walked in I herd Kyo say “we have been waiting for you Yuki.” I held my breath like I was under water, not wanting to draw in any water by inhaling. I walked into the living room and looked at Shigure Hatsuharu and Kyo. Kyo had a very serious look on his face, mad look actually. Hatsuharu had a serious look on his face, and Shigure well he just had a blank look on his but I could tell he was trying to look like Kyo, all he did was make himself look like a fool or a drunken old man. Hatsuharu broke the silence with a question “so what happened to Toharu?” I sighed “your not going to like it” they all just looked at me waiting for an answer. “Ok I’ll tell you, but don’t kill me until I finish.”

Meanwhile. “Ayame where the hell are we? We have been walking for a day.” “No, you have been walking for a day I have been around your neck.” “Yeah I have a question, why haven’t you transformed back yet?” “Well like I said I have been around your neck, and that’s sortta like I’m hugging you that’s why.” “Oh ok now I understand.” “Well we are still lost what should we do?” “ Well I think we should just stop for awhile, because I’m tired and you have been walking for a day non-stop.” “ Ok well I’ll find a hallow tree to sleep in, ok Ayame? Ayame are you awake? Uh he fell asleep on me hehe oh well.”

“Ahhh you idiot you let her die you damn rat I told you I would kill you NOW DIE!” There was a shock of pain, like I had something in my stomach and it just blew up. I had never been hit by Kyo like that, come to think of it I’ve only been hit by Kyo once in my whole lifetime but that hurt like hell. I lied on the ground for the second time in that 24 hours. Kyo…all he could do was hit me and cuss at me. He picked me up and hit my stomach again, he hit me so hard he threw me into the wall and I choked on my own blood that I coughed up when I hit. Shigure and Hatsuharu held Kyo back and said I had enough. “NO! He needs to die, he needs to die and feel the pain Toharu endured when she did.” I looked up and Kyo as he lowered his head and I saw something, something familiar come from his face. I couldn’t believe it I couldn’t…Kyo he was he was crying. I stood up and brushed off the dirt and said to Shigure “I’m going to leave this house for good.” I began to walk away when I was disrupted by Shigure’s low voice “I’m sorry Yuki.” I turned around and looked him straight in the eyes “for what?” Yuki Akito assigned you to this house and under his rule…you nor Kyo are eligible to leave this house without his permission.” Kyo shoved Shigure and Hatsuharu away and ran into Toharu’s room and slammed the door shut behind him. What is he doing in Toharu’s room? I asked myself.

I slowly opened up the door to Toharu’s room so Kyo couldn’t hear, or see me. “Uh” the look on his face was indescribable it was sad, yet I could see a tint of happiness. Kyo leaned over to grab a picture from Toharu’s nightstand. I saw a gentle yet goofy smile in the picture, it was only a smile Toharu could have. Kyo gently kissed the picture and held it close to his heart. Then I herd it, after I herd those words I thought my life was over. He said it he finally said it he said he “loved” her. I could tell he wasn’t joking I mean he thinks no ones watching him and no one lies about their feelings for someone whenever they think n ones there. I knew Kyo liked her but I would have never thought he loved her. I gently shut the door and quietly went up to my room.

It was about 3:00 a.m. and I couldn’t get any sleep I went down to Kyo’s room and he wasn’t there, “he must still be in Toharu’s room”. I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water; I slowly grabbed a cup and turned on the water. As I started to take a sip of my drink, which felt really cool against my lips I herd a bang I spit out my water and ran towards the noise. As I was running I tripped over something big and fell to the floor, I looked over to find Shigure lying on the ground. “Shigure what the hell are you doing?” he just stared at me and began to laugh very loudly ”idiot”, I quickly covered his mouth to stop the laughter from reaching the rest of the house. “This is crazy” I let go of his mouth and stood up “Shigure I’m going back to my room, do us all a favor and stay put.” He looked at me and giggled “aye aye mon-capitan” then quickly dropped his head and fell asleep.

sooooooooo yeah thats my fan fiction again!

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I'm in school right now fun fun im in 8th hour and everything so yeah schools almost done for today YAY! i dont have to go to school tomorrow or anything so yeah im happy and stuff well i must go before i get caught bye byes everyone love you all!
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Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Stupid!!!
Ok well last night I was really thinking about it and well I noticed all my friends that I have lost contact with...theres Dani, Dylan, Dale, and Dakota...and many more and its basically all because of my stupid choices that I have made....I mean none of them were bad but it was a mistake...I'm not really going to say much this post because my moms coming to get me and I'm going to be over there today and tomorrow so if you need to call me now would be the time because I'm not going to be over there again til next week O.O so yeah call me if needed...

this is for Dani, Dakota, Dylan, and Dale...I miss you all....oh so very much...Love you all Bye...

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

HIIIIIIIIIII im grounded off the computer and everything but im in school right now so yeah i can get on but neways im grounded and thats why i havent been posting or anything so im sorry for that ^-^ bye byes talk to you all laterz
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