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Saturday, December 29, 2007

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December 29, 2007

Eeep! I am so sorry that I haven't been updating. I have just been too obsessed with my chrissy presents that I forget to post ^^;;
Did you guys get any awesome stuff? =D
I ove my presents. They all have to do with electronics :D
- DS games! Big Brain Academy, Drawn to life and diddy kong racing. Drawn to life is the BEST game ever. You get to design your own character and play with it ^^
- a camera!
- Orphen season 2 boxed set, w00t!

*nods* I have been playing my new DS games for the whoollee day. So damn addictive, new games are.
So what did you peeps do for Xmas? Our family does nothing, as usual. Christmas dinner was alright. I don't like roasted things, so I just ate lots of salad and prawns ^_^

I went to see the Golden Compass with some friends the other day! It is a really good movie; I enjoyed it lots.
I like it how they have their souls in the form of daemon animals walking beside them, that's cool ^^

Weel, it's that time of year again, the time in between the new year and christmas. I never do anything for new years. Just stay home and watch poeple on tv doing stuff for new years lol.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

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Christmas eve, 2007

Wooooo! I can't wait to go the bed tonight. Hehehe, I am going to wake up bright and early tomorrow, for Xmas day! Yaay ^_^ The day has finally come! Also, I can rest my feet. I worked from 3-7.30 today, time went so so fast! The whole store was a pig sty O: So we had to stay back another 45 minutes to make sure it was spick and span *nods*
I am soo sorry that I haven't been visiting/posting at all! I just felt really bored of this place for a bit. So so lazy.

On the weekend two buddies of mine came over! We had a sleepover and we all managed to squeeze into my bed again xD. We watched movies such as Team America, Advent Children and Howl's moving Castle. They were like "Omg, Howl's soooo hot" lol
I couldn't get to sleep that night! It was reaally hot. I finally fell asleep at about 5 in the moening XD SO basically I had three hours sleep until they left. Then I slept till 6 and got woken up because I had to eat my dinner! XD
Ah yes, that was a good day.

When I came home half an hour ago, I had a little suprise waiting on this laptop ^^. It appears that my friend dropped it off when I was working! She got me a ginat lollipop, a Christmas cracker and small glitter pens. W00t!

Ahhh, written so much already! I just can't wait till tomorrow! You know what? I have an advantage when it comes to holidays and all :P My time is at least 12 hours ahead of yours XD Christmas comes earlier for me! Lol
Well, see you all soon, have a wonderful christmas and a super special awesome new year!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

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December 20, 2007

How are we all? I am great. Hehe, there are thunderstorms heppening at the moment. People are usualy scared of thunderstoms; strangely enough I like the deep rumbling sound ^^.
Today I was drawing like crazy! Drawing like crazy for me means just a couple of pictures. I promised that I was going to draw piccies of an anime guy in my friend's Xmas cards, so I did/am.
Two are of Axel from KH and one is L from Death Note.

I have finished my Christmas shopping! Now I can relax... Until 11 tonight when I have to drag myself over to work and stack shelves again. Which reminds me, I got paid yesterday :) $55.90, not too bad for a first 6 hours, eh?
Tommorow I am getting my hair trimmed ^^. Yay! Bring back the fringe (bangs)

Weeelll, that is all I have to say. Oh yeah! Later today (20th)hopefully I will get the results for the drawing comp I entered! Wish me luck hehe.
Five days to Xmas now muhaha. I can't sleep properly becuase I am so excited ^__^

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Monday, December 17, 2007

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December 17, 2007

Hellooo =D
I just got out of the shower, to wash myself after being in a very chlorine-ie pool xD. Me and a couple of friends went to the pool today ^^ it was great fun. We played games such as belly button tag (you are "it" when someone manages to stick their finger into your belly button. Random, I know lol)
We made a joke that the small kiddy pool (about 1 metre deep) is infact a piss pool. Haha, you know, how little kids sometimes wee in the pool? Yeah xD. We stayed in that pool the longest though because it was so warm....just not from piss!

I am going Christmas shopping tomorrow. It's going to be interesting. I know what to give everyone now! I am glad. Me and a friend are doing a lollipop exchange :P. She is also going to get me hemp lip blam. Hemp originates from majuana xD But I guess it's okay because she bought it from a health shop, haha.
Between me and all my buddies, we ALL know what we are getting eachother. No suprises this Christmas. We are all hard to buy for ^^;;.
:O It's Christmas day on Tuesday. I am so hyped up for that. Oh yeah! Expect a PM from me in the next few days. I am going to send around Christmas cards ^^ Muhahaa

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

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December 15, 2007

Guess what day it is today! It is the day before 9 days before xmas day =D In other words, ten more days till Xmas, yaaay! ^_^
Eek, I haven't bought ANYTHING for my friends yet *sweatdrop* I better not leave it to the last minute.
I feel great. Last night was pretty interesting.
I did the same thing again, putting back refunded items and cleaning up isles. I wasn't even tired at even 1.30 in the mornng when I got home. Since it's near Xmas time the store is open close to midnight, but we have to stay back still to re-stack shelves till they can't be stacked anymore!
You know what sucks? Even though it takes 10 minutes to find my way out of the shopping center (mall) and reach home, my mum STILL doesn't want me to walk home by myself. It's not like there is a rapist WAITING for me to walk by or something, yikes.
Next week I am working nighttime again, and this time from 11pm-2am. It keeps moving more and more into the AM hours T_T

So, enough of me, what about you? Do you have anything interesting you wanna share with me?
Eh? That was kinda weird O_o. What I meant to say was PM me if you are bored ect. The tiredness is still getting to me.
Did you know that when I got home I signed in on msn and there was people still on at that time? I think that's really weird!
Well, see you everyone. I hope you enjoy your days daays before Xmas. Have you done your xmas shopping yet?

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Friday, December 14, 2007

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December 14, 2007

Hello, how are we all? I am good, slightly tired though.
Eek! yesterday was my first day at work. So let me tell you about it.
Those who have been to Toys R Us wouldn't know where half of the stuff is, neither did I when I was walking around the store yesterday. I think about 50 people asked me where things were. All those times I was like "Uhm, sorry it's my first day, ask someone else."
People were really nice to me after my response or they just brushed me off by turning around and walking away grumbling. I mean gee, have a little respect for me T_T I am just a beginner!
I met two really nice girls who worked there and they said if I needed help all I have to do is ask ^^. So that's good. Yay friends xD
My work night was alight actually :) besides those customers glaring at me after I told them I couldn't help them *shakes fist*
I wonder what I am going to do tonight, the same I suppose. And guess what? The timetable changed for me so tonight I am working from 10.30pm to 1.30am. That late! T_T
I feel like I am going to turn nocturnal lol.

Weell, now you know all about my job xD nothing else to say.
See you!


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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December 12, 2007

:O I didn't post yesterday. Hehe, I had lots of fun at my friends house the other day! I stayed there for a whole 7 hours ^^. But we didn't get to play on the Wii because her dad was watching Tv T_T
And Byrony (my friend who just came back from Germany) was there aswell. It was really weird seeing her again!
For most of the day we sat infront of the computer and watched Bleach while eating gummi bears, bread and sour cuccumbers. Ah yes, the laziness xD
It was a nice day so after we walked down to the shops and back again.
When Bryony had to leave, me and Hannah got our DSs out (one being mine and the other being my brothers) to play pictochat. It's something we enjoy doing, roleplaying as anime characters on there, it's awesome. Pictochat is just like any messenger program on the internet, if you don't know already.

Sooo that was my day yesterday. Today I drew a pic of a cat and posted it up. it would be great if you could take a few seconds to look at it and comment if you can ^^ (Opens in new window)
Since it's the holidays my goal is to upload a new fanart every week ^^

*sigh* I start work tomorrow! Knowing me, I am going to be really naive in doing things and all T_T And shy too. Are you shy around new people? I am, but if they ask a lot of questions I can answer them fine. You see, if I met you all in real life instead on here at first, I would be like "yeah....so.." most of the time trying to make a conversation xD But theO is good because you have a keyboard and a computer screen to hide behind *shifty eyes*

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Monday, December 10, 2007

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December 10, 2007

*shivers* It's sunny outside but I am cold! lol, some strange person I am, eh?
Thankyou most of you for responding on the 'friends with benefits' question. Hm, I was just wondering what other people thought about it *shrugs*. To tell you the truth, I feel like I am going to have one of those relationships soon O__O. I am soooo confused, hence the face lol. Of course I am not going to tell you the reason why on here, but if you ARE intersted about my love life and un-love life, pm me and I'll ramble on about it allll day long xD.
I agree, it IS weird and Cosmic Angel is right, guys should respect girls more! But I think if there is minimal skin involved, it's alright lol.

Yay! I am finally going to do something with friends tomorrow! I am going to my buddy's place and we might end up playing the Wii ^__^ I haven't done so in ages. And nooo, I am not using her just to play on the Wii *shifty eyes* Haha!
And also, I am going to meet up with my friend Bryony who came back from Germany a few days ago! I am excited to see her again ^^ She was up in Germany for three months ^^;. I could never stay that long away from home.
*grrr* I really wish the visit counter would un-lock itself soon T_T
Well! That's all I have to say.. I'll try and write up something WORTH reading tomorrow hehe.


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

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December 9, 2007

Bbrrrrrrr! It's soo cold right now! *shiver*
Hello ^^ How are we all? :O I can't believe that I forgot to visit you all. I will today though.
I am great. My "one of those days" is over lol, no longer feeling depressed. Some people seemed a bit conserned when I said "depressed", but it's noting major! It's just natural hormones which make you go all funny ^^.

I start work this Thursday. Yay, can't wait. I'm working till midnight, that's going to be interesting!
Nothing happened today again as usual. Sometimes I wish that I was still in school, and the holidays would start later.
When I woke up this morning, I stole my brother's brain training on DS right away. Sheesh, he got it for his birthday and I use it even more than him. All up my friend uses his DS more than he does!
I love brain training. I feel like versing poeple hehe.

Speaking of versing, I played Kingdom Hearts 2 a little today. I am trying to get myself up to level 99. Dunno why, just feel like I have to lol.
I can't believe that I actually managed to beat Sephiroth On level 50 a while ago! I'm so proud of myself =3 hardly anyone can do it ^_^
Hehe ok, it is now the end of the post and I have an out-of-the-blue question to ask you all:
What do you think about "friends with benefits" relationships? Do you think it's usefel, weird or out of the question!? Haha


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

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December 8, 2007

Lol, sorry ^^;;
I haven't been around much have I? I don't know what happened either! I was just having those days where I would be depressed for no reason! Does anybody get that? Yeah. Plus I felt a bit sick. But it's alll good now ^_^
And about what I said first, the rice. Yum the rice. There is this site (www.freerice.com) which tests your vocabulary in a multiple choice word game. For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice gets donated to the United Nations to try and put a stop to world hunger ^^. I've donated 10,000 grains so far. Hehe, if you are ever bored, just play the rice game!

Nothing much has been up at my place at all. I haven't talked to any of my school friends for a while T__T I am lonely lol.
I've been starting to draw a draft for my piccie which I am going to enter in Tiwiliwolf (I know their name now xD)'s contest about the wild animal cross a human. I decided that I am going to do a woman-RACCOON thing, lol! Yes, a raccoon. I chose it because it is an original animal indeed which hardly any one thinks about xD.

Has anyone read the manga Milenium Snow? Is so is it good? I am thinking of checking it out sometime.
Weel, that's all I have to say. Bye now!


ps. 17 days till christmas! WOW already.

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