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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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December 5, 2007

I have been sitting here for a whole 5 hours... and I just finished reading Deathnote!! OMG, I thought the ending was midly hillarious :P. I LOVED it what ______ did to show-up ________ and then _________ xD.
And I feel really happy now after reading it. It was soooo bloody awesome what happened though! But for those who haven't finished reading/watching it yet, I am going to stop talking about it so I can refrain from yelling out stuff which will spoil the whole thing and you will hate me forever lol.

Oh yes, my answer to the yesterday's question about Pokemon. The three which I'll choose would have to be:
1. Honchkrow (So strong and awesome! Plus it's a dark type and that's my fave type)
2. Arcanine (Soooo pretty and fast, too! ♥)
3. And lucky last... Flygon ^_^ he is a dragon and since I love dragons of COURSE I have to have a dragon hehe.

Mum bought me a pencil case today. It's one of those ones which are made up by joining all these zips together to make a case out of it. Good thing is that you can open it up wherever you like xD, not just the front!
I have all my school books for next year also. All up they costed around $700! Don't you think that's wayyy too much for a bunch of books? Maybe the heavier they are, the more expensive they are O_o.
Well, that is all I have to say. Oh yeah! Answer to Roseeys' question about me hating Light Yagami so much: He thinks that he as one person, can induvidually change the world to how HE wants it to be. Because he has the power to "change the world" on a large scale, he refers to himself as a god automatically. He wants people to look up to him and worship him. But what makes him so different from other people? Why does HE have to be the "ruler"? Also, I can't stand it how much trouble he goes through by killing innocent people off just to try and save himself from being found out that he is the mass-murderer -__- what an idiot lol.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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December 4, 2007

Hi! I didn't bother posting yesterday, there wouldn't have been anything to talk about anyway. Cause I didn't do anything what so ever that was interesting XP.
Everyone who regulary visits here and comments are going to have their names put under friends *points* I just have to be bothered to put them up one day lol.
Ah, I am a bit tired from focussing on the computer screen too much xD. I must learn how to blink often *blinks* while staring at a screen of some sort. I just read a whole volume of Deathnote in one sitting :O
Yay! Two more volumes to go! I reaallly hope Light dies in the end (Don't tell me if he does!). I am getting sooo sick of him XP
I don't own any manga, but I'm sure it is a lot easier to read it as an actual book lying down, not on the computer where you have to wait for the page to load xD.

I forgot her name, but I am entering into her art competition! lol. You have to draw a combined human-animal, and I don't have any ideas yet D:
Sooooo, can you please give me some if you are feeling creative? lol (please don't suggest wolf-human, that it unoriginal -_-)

And that is all that I am going to say for today! Oh yeah! I have a question. For those who don't like/play/know pokemon don't have to answer:
Q. If pokemon were real, which three would be your top companions and why?
I can't think atm but I'll answer this tomorrow.


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Sunday, December 2, 2007

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December 2, 2007

Wow, aren't I updating late? It's already 9pm! xD
Helloo! Thanks for the lovely comments about the new site and wasting time answering my question about yaoi.
To Raina: O_O do they have Tai x Matt yaoi?? See, people go waaayy too far with these pairings, especially those. *tsk tsk* No one should be gay in kid anime shows like digimon xD

I am sooo obsessed with the Nintendo wi-fi feature on the DS at the moment! I have been putting my Pokemon up for trade and been getting some awesome ones in return ^_^. Nyahaha it's a lot of fun.

We put the Christmas tree up today. The TV room looks a lot less bare now xD. I think I am going to bake some cookies soon *grins*
Oh yeah sorry about not visiting! >_< I got kicked off the comp all day.. hence playing DS all day. Mum said I shouldn't be sitting down all the time.. But it's the holidays damnit lol.

Oh yeah, the Shrek the Halls thing was funny! Poor Gingy, he is terrified of Santa xD
Hmm, well that was my day. Hope you had *fun* reading :P


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Saturday, December 1, 2007

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December 1, 2007

Hellooo My chums =D. I finally got the new layout up and running. YAY! I brought a scrollbox back to my site xD Scrolly-scrolly.
It's really hot right now, which reminds me I must have some icecream later hehe. Speaking of cold things, this is what happened earlier today :P
Mum: *watching TV* Are you gonna dress your kids up like that, in a penguin suit?
Me: Nah, I'd rather have an actual penguin.
Mum: In this weather, it's gonna die though.
Me: Not if I keep it in the freezer it won't. I would take it out every half an hour to play with it and back it in the freezer it'll go.
LOL, just had to write that up.

<---- Read the thing under the friends section yet? Just let me know if you want your name there ^^

Yay! In half an hour this thing called "Shrek the Halls" Is going to be on. Apparently, they made this 20 minute shrek ad-on which has got to do with Christmas. It'll be interesting, huh? Who's your fave character from Shrek? I ♥ the gingerbread man soo much xD

Question before the post ends! Do you or don't you like yaoi? I hate it with a passion lol. I can't stand it how people pair two male characters up outside the anime/manga they're in and say "OMG.. they are SO hot together." Wth? Some characters who are paired up don't even meet in the bloody show -__-
So that's why I hate it. If it was ALREADY in the show then I don't mind that at all.


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Friday, November 30, 2007

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November 30, 2007

Omg it's the last day of spring! Yaay!
Hello people, how have you all been? I've been great. Today went really fast. I played Pokemon diamond in bed for a couple of hours then I jumped on theO for ANOTHER hour.. Then ate a sandwich, and went to the optometrist to get my eyes checked. I am going to get new-and-improved contact lenses. Yay ^_^

Today is going to be the last day which you are going to see this layout :O. I am going to change it tomorrow for Christmas =D
Friday Night Download is having it's final show tonight! I must noooot miss it. Friday Night Download is a show hosted by the same three people who host Big Brother here(You know what that is, right?). The show is basically getting a whole clips off youtube and playing them on TV ^^ Some of them are really funny. Like the Japanese toilet training one they showed xD "Pee Pee come out, come out." O_o Yeeaaahhh lol

Thanks for answering the question yesterday. I asked that because my visits aren't going up! :( Are your visits going up? It sucks because I've had over 50 people come to my site yesterday and the visits didn't budge! >__< Baka dana~
Well, see you all soon ^^ PM me if you feel like talking

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Hi hi!
How are we all? I'm good ^^ I've been walking around the shopping center (over here we don't call it a mall) for about 2 hours today, kind of exhausting actually.
First me and Mum went to the bank so I could get a bank account set up for me. EEEeeee, Sam is growing up! And I get 5% interst. Muhahaa xD, not like that's anything.
Then, I went to buy....bras O_o. You probably don't care about that so I'll jsut skip it.
After that we went to pick up a tax form, ANOTHER thing I need to work and all T_T. Soo much paperwork to do, I hate paperwork. That is why you'd never see me working in an office building.

In other news, A deathnote wallpaper that I made yesterday was featuredon TheO! ^_^ W00t, I feel really special.
Oh yeah, and hope you guys are less confused about Australian schools now. We don't even have anything called a 7th period, it doesn't exiiist! Lol

I have a new goal! By the end of the year I am *hoping* to get over 1000 entries, MUHAHA! xD
150 more to go ^^
Oh yeah, before I go, I have to ask you something: because the Otaku friends list is only for tracking artists now and it's annoying how you keep having to go back to the backroom to go visit someone else. Well, do you actually click on backroom on people's sites or just click the back button on the internet toolbar? Just curious. See ya!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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November 28 2007

Omg! I got the job XD
Lol, I bet you have noo idea what I'm on about, but I really did get a job today! ^__^ I am soo happy about that. They didn't have to check my resume, they just accepted me.
Ok, six months back I did work experience at Toys R Us and they offered me a job back then. Now, 6 months later, I came back and they gave me an official job =D But I don't know when I'm starting yet. I'm excited though!

Ome of my wallpapers keeps getting deleted off theOtaku. It was deleted the first time when I accidentally pressed the submit button twice and it submitted twice, and today it was deleted AGAIN, for re-entering a deleted wallpaper T___T
But anyway, you guys are going to see it in a few days when I use it for my next Layout anyway!

In my previous post, you were all confused why I got off school so early this time of year. Why? Simple because it's summer here and in EVERYONE's summer vaccation you get at least 2 months off, yeah? The seasons are just reversed down here, therefore the school timetable might be too. I think it's reaaalllyy weird that you complete one year level in the middle of the year in America! It's whacked to us Aussies! Lol

Short msgs to people before I go:
DarkxBlood - I will respond to your pming shortly! (about San Diego)
Fox! - Hope you like the background I made for you
Furry-Chibi - I am soo getting a USB wifi linkup for christmas so we can battle =D. Keep training!

Well, see you!

ps. When I got home I found a cockroach on my bed! It was sooooo gross. It took 4 times to kill it T___T

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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November 27 2007

I dunno why I am still in my school uniform... School's out for the year, WOOHOO! I had my last day today, and boy was it boring.
The teacher for period 1 came half an our late xD I hate him *shakes fist*
And we were all glad that he brought along our maths exams! Gasp! On the day of that exam, I thought I was going to get at least an 85% on my maths...Wrong. For Basic Skills I got 70% and Analysis 68%.. ^^''' I KNEW I shouldn't have been on the computer all day instead of studying >_< oh well. Maths is Maths.
For second period, science, we just filled in this dodgy teacher evaluation sheet. And got assignments back ect.

For periods three and four we had an assembly. So many people are leaving this year! They are all off to TAFE (In between College/Uni and High school) to study one particular subject.
So, at the end of the assembly we all ran out crrrazzy! Because it was the last day :P
Mum picked me up and we went to the school store to buy myself a labcoat for next year's biology ^_^. LOL, Gotta love the labcoat.

And anyways, it is now 4.08pm and I am home alone as usual, on the comp... I think I am going to get chocky now ^^ Byye!


ps. I know I know, I really couldn't be stuffed to reply to comments/comment on your site yesterday :( Sowwy

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Monday, November 26, 2007

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November 26, 2007

Thank you all for 21 comments yesterday ^_^ Much appreciated.
*sigh* I had only had 5 hours sleep last night but I am all jittery at the moment. Jittery, yet tired. The sleepover went well, watched Wolf's Rain and a bit of Bleach like I said we would... And ended up going to sleep at 4.30am :P
Us three managed to squeeze into my double bed xD And no one fell over the edge in the night so that was good lol.
And in the morning we watched a couple of episodes of Summer Height's High. We had a laugh before they had to leave. After that I was looking in the atlas because I was tired (Don't look at me like that, all tired people look at atlases *shifty eyes*) And I discovered that there is a small town called Harrow :P. Thought that was verrryy amusing.

Later today I spent about two hours making a new site layout for christmas! Are you excited for Christmas? I know I am ^_^
This is now the end of the post if your name isn't Furry-Chibi. Byyee! *waves*

:O MUST.....BATTLE....SOMETIME.... *squeal* can't wait! You keep training your pokemon ^^
I can't believe I just squealed O_o
Uhmmm yeah! Thought I'd leave a little reminder at the end of my post cause you did the same.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

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November 25th 2007

Achoo! Ah I just sneezed. Curse these dust allergies *shakes fist. Oh well, my room is spick and span. I cleaned it just before, believe it or not xD
Thanks for lovely coments about my gingerbread house! We wrapped it up in Christmas wrapping for some odd reason O_o
I'm excited! In about 20 minutes a couple of buddies will be over for a seepover ^_^ We are going to watch the really depressing anime Wolf's Rain and do DS things and stuff =D .

Annd Maybe watch Summer Heights High. You guys mightn't heard of it, because it is an Aussie show, created by our Native comedian Chris Lilley. He plays three different characters: A self-absorbed private school girl called Ja'mie, a polynesian class rebel called Jonah (He's hillarious) and the obnoxious drama teacher at the school Mr. G.
You know one of those boring documentaries you watch at school? Well, Summer Heights High is like that but it is NOT boring and it is hillarious to see one guy play three different characters.
Anyway, I shall stop ranting about it, but I highly reccommend you take the time to watch it! And they say the F word a lot aswell xD But in some used cases it's funny.
SO.. yea *shifty eyes* nothing much else to say... It's only taken 3 minutes to write up all this :O

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