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Thursday, June 2, 2005

dark realm
2 pages today ,, tomarow or this weekend i promise
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ghost Videos
here check out these videos in them there is a strange ghostly mist that shows up sometimes you can see faces in them, its kinda creepy, look very closly to the screen, sound is necassary, each are filmed at different ocations,





these videos are very creepy and not for faint of heart, do not watch until fully loaded and you can watch it strait throuygh

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   Good Naruto US news
News on the Naruto dub from Anime Insider

It says that Shopro will air Naruto in September, and the first DVD will be released in December. Although the Toonami version will be editted, the DVDs will supposedly be purely uncut. Shopro's reason for putting it on Toonami and not on Adult Swim is to boost the show's popularity.

Things that will be cut out or editted are as follows:

Any blood that flows out of a character (except for when Naruto stabs his hand).
Zaku's exploding joints in episode 40.
Sasuke's throat full of needles in episode 16.
Any cussing.

Things that will not be cut out or editted are as follows:

Naruto stabbing his hand.
The Sexy no Jutsu.
Blood that does not flow out.

Also, all of the ninja moves will keep their original Japanese names! (Such as: Kagebunshin no Jutsu, Sexy no Jutsu, etc.)

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ok i was on art commitee for harucon as was renachan and eka, anyways i made a sign for the resricted areas it was of naruto holding his hand out and yelling STOP dattebayo, and it was really good and after harucon was over iwas going to scan it and add it to my otaku fanart, but after harucon dave collected all the artists works and apperntly thought the day during harucon someone ripped it off the wall and stole it which leaves me in a happy/pissed mood, im happy cause someone wanted my art enought to rippit off the wall and steal it, but im fikken pissed about them steallin it cuase i wanted to add it to my fanart also i do have a major update of my Comments (3) | Permalink

Monday, April 25, 2005

yesteday was harucon i will probally have piuctures soon, for the first annual we did good, our turnout (if not more by the end) 30 people less than the first otacon,As for coustumes Itachi and me were from king of fighters we were Iori and Kyo (respectively), My girlfriend (renachan101)had a Sango outfit, Citca was Tamari, Muddy was a Big Black Guy named Ben(the car protection system) and we got a piture of him being arested by Lamar, but i don't know what Eka was supposed to be, i think all uor coustumes were good, by concessins they the anime society made enough for the bus to otacon but that doesnt really affect me much cuase im not allowed to go for 4 years but its still cool, i got to own people at naruto 3, even though ive only played it 3 times, we were going to watch bleach but the encoding was bad, I would of buyed some of ekas art or one of the naruto buttons but i didnt really have spending money,and i didnt go to school today cause i was over tired because i stayed up to late on saturady and got up too early yesteday and didn't get much sleep last night cuase i was worried about rena even she didn't get hurt (her car slid off th road from the ice) , but i will tomarrow,and there might not be a dark realm for a while cause i have a project for language arts and i had harucon this weekend, ok i am going now.

Also. 9 days till Naruto the movie on dvd.

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