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Monday, April 25, 2005

yesteday was harucon i will probally have piuctures soon, for the first annual we did good, our turnout (if not more by the end) 30 people less than the first otacon,As for coustumes Itachi and me were from king of fighters we were Iori and Kyo (respectively), My girlfriend (renachan101)had a Sango outfit, Citca was Tamari, Muddy was a Big Black Guy named Ben(the car protection system) and we got a piture of him being arested by Lamar, but i don't know what Eka was supposed to be, i think all uor coustumes were good, by concessins they the anime society made enough for the bus to otacon but that doesnt really affect me much cuase im not allowed to go for 4 years but its still cool, i got to own people at naruto 3, even though ive only played it 3 times, we were going to watch bleach but the encoding was bad, I would of buyed some of ekas art or one of the naruto buttons but i didnt really have spending money,and i didnt go to school today cause i was over tired because i stayed up to late on saturady and got up too early yesteday and didn't get much sleep last night cuase i was worried about rena even she didn't get hurt (her car slid off th road from the ice) , but i will tomarrow,and there might not be a dark realm for a while cause i have a project for language arts and i had harucon this weekend, ok i am going now.

Also. 9 days till Naruto the movie on dvd.

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