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Friday, August 31, 2012

its been years since i was last here. i wonder if anyone is still around
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chapter 4 The truth

“MOM! MOM!” I called as I ran into our house. She was laying on the coach. Everyone was waiting for the peramedics. She was breathing heavy and bleeding.

“Who did this?” I asked Al.

“A drunk driver plowed into us as we left the hospital. We had just turned onto our street,” she said. Her arm was in a make shift sling. I looked at it.

“Give me your arm,” i told her.

“Why?” she asked.

“Do it,” i started to yell. She lent her arm twords me. I held my hand on it. A surge of heat began to pour from my hand. It speed up the healing process so fast that her broken arm mend and heal at a blinding speed.

“What did you do?” she asked in amazement.

“I'll tell you at the hospital. For now lets load mom into the ambulance,” I said as it pulled up. They got my mom to the hospital fast enough to save her life. Al and I waited in the waiting room. She kept looking over at me. I was worried. I paced back and forth wondering where Dad was.

“Jon your burning a hole into the ground,” she said joking. I looked down to see that it was true.

“Jon. What happened to you?” she asked.

“If I tell you will you tell Mom?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

“Alright. A few nights ago I was visited by a giant glowing turtle,” I said. She started gasping. She was laughing too hard to breath.

“It was Monday. It gave me a Staff and the ability to control, create, and manipulate flames. As well as a new set of cloths,” I said. She was still laughing. That is till I shot a fire blast that nearly hit her face. She looked up at me in shock.

“Told ya,” I said.

“Ok. So is it only you?” she asked.

“No theres more of us,” I said sitting down next to her.

“ 'Us'? You mean you know the other ones?” she asked.

“Thats enough out of me. Right now we need to worry about mom,” I said standing to go to the waiting room door. As I reached for the door she grabbed my hand.

“Jon. Your my little brother and you better not do anything stupid,” she said staring at me. I looked back.

“I won't,” I said. As i spoke the doctor came in.

“You must be her children. I have some good news and bad news. First the good. Her body has accepted the treatment and will be back to working condition in a matter of days,” he said.

“You make it sound like my mother is a machine,” I said looking him in his eyes.

“What is the bad news?” Al asked him.

“Unfortunately we had to amputate her left leg and right arm. She had caught a nasty virus during the operation that would have manifested if the infected body parts weren't taken off. I'm sorry,” he said hanging his head slightly. He turned to walk away. I grabbed his shoulder and shoved him into a wall.

“WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR HER?” I asked in a serious voice.

“There is nothing I can do,” he said. I didn't let go.

“If you have the time I can make a suggestion,” i said pulling him close.

“And what would that be?” he asked a little freaked out.

“Let me in there and I can fix my mother,” I said.

“Really? And how do you prepose to do that?” he asked mocking me.

“Thats none of your buissness. Just let me in,” I said getting annoyed.


“Then get out of the way!” I said throwing him to the ground.

“SECURITY!!” he screamed. As he screamed for help I went into the room. I saw my mom's limbs lying on the ground. I picked them up and placed them in the right places.

“Kaji Kame,” i said transforming. I placed my hands over my mother. I began to purify the areas that were infected. After litiraly burning away the infection I reatteched the parts and sealed the wounds. She was healed . I healed my mom. She woke up to see me looming over her.

“...who are you?” she asked. I looked down into her eyes.

“.....a friend,” I answered. I left the room and ran as fast as I could. I knew Al would watch over her. I made it back home in time for bed. My life is so much more complicated now. How will I deal with this?

The next morning I left out for school. I caught the bus this time. I walked in to find Yujie waiting at the normal spot. She caught site of me.

“Jon!” she called. I ignored her and kept walking. She soon started to follow me. After three minutes I stopped and confronted her.

“What?” I asked annoyed.

“Why did you do it?” she asked.

“I have my reasons,” I said. I began to walk away when she grabbed my arm.

“Tell me whats going on,” she demanded. I broke free.

“No,” I said coldly.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because it dosen't concern you,” I said walking away. I walked for a few minutes and ran into Nana-imoto-chan. She had a strange look on her face.

“Jon can I talk to you?” she asked.

“Sure. What about?” I asked.

“Should I quit the anime club too?” she asked.

“Do what you think is right,” I told her.

“Then what do we do now? I mean we are the same now,” she said.

“Yeah. Things are getting to thick to fast. But what ever you do. Don't tell anyone about this. If we want to keep them save we have to keep them away from this,” I told her.

“WINFIElD!!” I heared someone yell. It was Dan Westaway. he came running from out of no where.

“What?” I asked.

“Its You-you. She's in truble,” he said pointing. I didn't have to think about it. I ran in the direction he pointed.

“I thought you got over her,” Shadow said.

“Can't be helped. Shes still a friend,” I said. I finaly spotted her. She was surrounded by members of the football team.

“We told you to keep your group of nerds away from us. We found Soto picking a fight with our starting lineback. And we need him for the game. Now hes in the hospital. What do you plan to do about it?” the qb asked.

“Why should this matter to me? I can't control him,” she said.

“Well we can control this,” he said. He reeled back and slapped Yujie.

“Now apologize for his mistake,” he demanded. Yujie just looked down. She wouldn't do it.

“Do it,” he demanded again. Nothing.

“I SAID DO IT!!!” he said preparing for another one. This time it was a punch. He swung. Yujie closed her eyes and braced. Nothing. She opened her eyes. I was standing in the path of his fist. I blocked it with my head.

“Out of the way nerd! This is between me and her!” he yelled.

“No,” I said glaring at him.

“Fine four-eyes,” he said preparing another punch. Way to slow. I had dropped him faster than he could blink. His group then charged. My glasses gleamed. I tossed Yujie into the air. Within a couple of seconds all the football players were on the ground. I caught her and put her on the ground.

“Too easy,” I said walking away.

“YYYYOOOUUUUU!!!!” one of them yelled getting to his feet. He swung. I dodged it and caught him with my elbow. When he was on the ground I squatted next to him. Put my hand over his face and said,

“You can't see me.” I got up looked over at Yujie and kept walking.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

my dog
my dog of 7 years has just died today. a moment of silence for him
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chronicle Wind

Chapter 4

We were at Marco-kun's house. His mother was a very kind and beautiful woman.

“Can I get you girls some snacks while we wait for Marco-chan to come back?” she asked us.

“Thank you. That would be nice,” Kira-chan said.

“Don't give these tramps any food. They won't be here much longer,” Mei-chan said coldly glaring at all of us.

“Those harpies and that mutt should get out of here now and never show their faces in Osaka again!” she began to yell.

“What did you say you little brat?” Kitsu-chan began.

“Chill Kitsu-chan! She's just a child,” Meia attempted.

“The broad with the ponytail is right. Heel mutt and I'll give you a treat,” Mei-chan said peering out of the corner of her eyes at Meia-chan and Kitsu-chan. It takes a lot to set Meia-chan off but that did it. She went Phoenix form and pointed a white fire arrow at Mei-chan.

“SAY THAT AGAIN!!! I DARE YOU!!! I DOUBLE DARE YOU DAMMIT!!!!!! DO IT!!!! I'LL SHOUT YOU IN THE FACE FASTER THAN YOU CAN SAY “SWEET MOTHER OF MARCO-SAMA!!!!”” she said cocked and ready. All three of us had to restrain her.

“LET ME KILL HER!!!! DAMMIT LET ME GO!!!!!” she shouted.

“Calm down Meia-chan! You can't kill a regular human! Its not fair and a abuse of your powers! You have to calm down now!” Kira-chan said.

“Umm if your holding me down then whats stopping Kitsu-chan?” we all looked over to Kitsu-chan. She had a ball of fire in each hand. Eyes narrowed into a death glare aimmed directly at Mei-chan.

“Call me a mutt huh? I'm a fox not a mutt! GET IT RIGHT DAMN YOU!!!!!” she said lunging. Then she was soaked in water. Kira-chan was behind her.

“Cool off,” she said.

“Here are your snakes girls,” Mrs. Kuno said coming into the room. We were seated as if nothing had happened.

“I'm home,” Marco-kun said entering the house. He looked at us. We all smiled and looked at him. He looked at funny.

“Why is there so much killing intent in this room?” he asked looking at Meia and Kitsu-chan. They both still had death glares on their faces. Their faces relaxed and smiled.

“What are you talking about Marco-bozu?” they said laughing.

“OH MY GOD!!! MARCO-SAMA IS BLEEDING!!!” Mei-chan said looking at Marco-kun.

“Its nothing. Just some battle wounds. I'll be fine,” he said.

“So what now?” I asked

“How far is the village from here?” Marco-kun asked Kitsu-chan.

“Not far. 200 yards north of here,” she said.

“Ok since i need to heal one of you guys need to escort her to the village entrance. Who's going to do it?” he asked.

“I'll do it,” I said.

“All right, but I don’t want you two to go alone. Meia-san I want you to go with them,” Marco-kun said.

“Understood,” she said. Man with Marco-kun incharge things move fast. Must be that lightning trait of his. He closed his eyes and continued to speak.

“If another Dragon shows up I want you to have back-up. It would be better then to go alone,” he said. He opened his eyes to see Mei-chan in his face. Her eyes were very wide.

“I love it when your so cool like that,” she said smiling. He ricoiled back and continued.

“I’ll join you guys in a little while. So try not to get killed,” he said smiling. Mei-chan’s got even wider. She ran up and hugged him.

“Your smile is the best!!!” she screamed.

“Come with me then,” Kitsu-chan said jesturing us. Meia-chan and I followed her out of the house. We walked for a while till we came to a huge building.

“In here,” she said. She made a weird sign with her hand and the door opened.

“If someone other than a fox tribe member tried to get in it would just be an empty building,” she said smiling. When the door opened a set of stairs were infront of us. We began to decend down a masive shaft.

“So, how old are you Kitsu-chan?” Meia-chan asked.

“Umm about 30 years old in human years,” she said.

“WHAT!?!” we screamed.
“Yeah. The fox tribe ages diffrently then humans do. Your 30 is my 17,” she clarified. We finally got to the end of the stair way to a large entrance. It was like going into the throne of Zeus all over again. Kitsu-chan pushed the doors open.

“Welcome to-!” she began but then a look of horor sweept over her face. We looked forword to see a ruined, decaying village. Bodys lay across the ground. Kitsu-chans face was pale. She looked all over.

“KUROKU-NICHAN!!!!!” she called in desperation. She started running rampent to find her brother. She searched high and low, but to no avail. She was distrote.

“Ni-chan,” she said starting to cry.

“Aww don’t cry little fox,” we heard someone say. Meia-chan and I whipped around to see Mino and Ruki looming over us on one of the decaded buildings.

“Mino!” I yelled.

“What’s going on? Haven’t seen you in so long, Kagome-chan?” Mino said smiling.

“Bite me, you bitch!” I barked.

“Gladly, but Kira comes first,” she said.

“Mino. This isn’t what came for,” Ruki said looking at her.

“We will be your opponents. Until you run out of energy. Minions attack!” she yelled. As soon as she called all the fallen kitsune rose. They had flowers growing out of their necks.

“We can’t beat them all!” Meia-chan said.

“We can’t give up!” I yelled.

“No you can’t,” we heared some one say. Instantly a stream of fire seperated us from the kitsune. We looked up. Five people dropped infront of us.

“SANO-KUN!!!” Meia yelled. He stood up and looked over at us.

“Yo,” he said. He turned

“Kuroku, Cri, Scythe, Kimari! You guys ready?” he called. We looked around. Kitsu-chan’s face lit up.

“Kuroku Ni-chan!” she yelled.

“Hey Kit-imoto. Told you I’d bring help. This is Cri-dono and Scythe-dono,” he said looking at the other two.

“Hello,” Cri-chan said in her low voice.

“Hmph,” grunted Scythe. He had a scar over his left eye. Very cool looking.

“Well then. Lets began. Fenikkusu Kaihen!” Kimari, Meia, Sano, and myself called.

“LET IT BEGIN!!!” Ruki called.

End of chapter 4

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