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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

new art up on the other site
Hope it gets accepted...
Check Tanuki Bandit for details!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well....my other site is being evil so i'm posting here. its bizare...half of my added stuff isn't showing up. grr. but anywhoo....
my new compy is awesome! i'm on it right now and its so much cooler than my old laptop. the best thing is that the soundcard works and i can actually listen to music now! *happy dance* i have had such a music withdrawl its not even funny! *sigh* but anyway, i've been playing around a lot with my tablet. boy that thing is awesome. i was drawing two characters in a completely random manga inspiration and the picture was incredible (for my standards) and after spending at least 2 hours on it....my compy died. this was on my old laptop...so its to be expected...but....still...... *cries*

so anywho. nothing much else is new. i've been having a lot of problems emotionally, but thats not very new. my crush on one of my best friends is getting worse though. its really hard to concentrate when that person (who shall remain nameless 'cause there are people on here who know that person.... *stares at hotsprings turtle and inuchanfan*) is around and i just can't take it anymore! *rips out heart* damn you emotions!!!! *rants*
i'm going to go cry and try to redraw that awesome pic i had earlier..... *sobs*
see you around! *waves*

~the winged darklore

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

well, this site shall die eventually.
I'm already forgetting to update it, so it'd be great if you'd do to this site if you haven't already and sign and whatnot. anywhoo....i've gotta go to class so i'll probably update tanuki later. *waves*
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