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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 11/16/06:
it's true... it's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Kind Of Magical Anime Girl Are You?(Pretty Anime Pics!) by goddessgirl
Fav. Weapon
magical abilityphsychic powers

Result Posted on 11/16/06:
look ish me!!!

What Kind Of Anime Fairy Are You?::anime girl pics:: by angel_drifter
Current Feelings:
Favorite Place:
What You Look Like:
Where Can You Be Found:On The Petals Of A Flower

Result Posted on 11/16/06:
Me! and a hot dude!!

Which anime girl/or guy are you and who is your anime chick/or dude? (anime pics) by Coreys_Soul_Mate
What's your name?
How old are you?
Favorite color?
Your anime girl/or You are:
Your anime guy/or You are:

Result Posted on 11/14/06:

Random Comic Generator v2.0 by Delya
Paper or plastic?
panel 1
panel 2
panel 3

Result Posted on 11/07/06:

What does your anime character look like? Girls Only! (Tons of pics!) by Shira_Hoshi
Fave Color:
Your Character:
What you Desire:Trust

Result Posted on 11/07/06:
OMG!!! O.O WOw I woke up next to my Naru and I kissed Ita~Kun!!!!

Naruto Sleepover!!!!! (girls only please) by the_mysticle_fishes
Fav. Color
Fav. Konaoha Ninja
Who you got when you spun the bottle:
Who was mad:
What you watched:Aurthor
What made Sasuke laugh:Sakura fell on her face.
Sakura got mad because:Lee wouldnt stop talking to her.
Who you woke up next to:
What you said:WTF!!!!!!!!!
How much fun you had:

Result Posted on 11/07/06:
My alliegance is with Konoha too!!! And yup I'm so cool!!

What Kind of (Naruto) Ninja Are You? by Kinesi Iechi
Full Name
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon of ChoiceKunai and Shuriken
Good or EvilNuetral
Bloodline LimitNone
Special TechniqueKagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Manipulation)
Percentage of Successful Missions
Number of Missions Attempted26

Result Posted on 11/07/06:
They all luv me!! except Sasuke he hates everybody. Itachi knows I love him!!

What Do The Bishounen of Naruto Think About YOU? by Kim
What you look like
Your attitudeSweet
Your rankGenin
Sasuke thinks"You hate everyone."
Naruto thinks"You"re cute."
Neji thinks"You"re strong, I want to fight you."
Rock Lee thinks"Where"s the sake?! I know you have it!"
Gaara thinks"You"re...You"re pretty, in a way..." (aww, lol)
Itachi thinks"You"re in love with me."
Your chances of dating one of the bishounen

Result Posted on 11/07/06:
YAY!!! I GET MEN!!!!!!!!

How do the characters from Naruto feel about you? (4 girls...again. Lots of pics) by xlightningmystx
Your name:
Favorite Color:
Which Naruto Char. do you have a crush on?:
Who is insanely jealous of your crush?:
Which guy is determined to have you?:
This guy swears to protect you, no matter what:
Your soul mate:
The guy who wins your heart:
The true personality of the guy who has your heartSchizophrenic - can be kind and sweet one second, and brutal and harsh the next
The guy whose heart YOU unintentionally win:

Result Posted on 11/07/06:
YAY!!!!!!!!! I knew we wre meant for each other!! *grabs itachi and kisses him*

Whos your Naruto boyfriend?!(GIRLS ONLY!I MEAN IT) by demonshadowangel
Favorite Character
Favorite Color
Your guy is...Itachi
How you met...You picked a fight with him and lost
The first time you had sex with him...It was very hot and sexy!
How many kids you have...2 sets of twins.Two girls and two boys.
Will you stay together?Of course.
How long you'll be married...50 years.
He loves you this much
You love him this much

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