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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/10/07:
Wow... alot went on at the party. o.O

Party at Akatsuki Headquarters! ( Updated!) by _akatsuki_Stalker_
Favorite Akatsuki Member
ItachiDresses up like Gwen Stifani and Dances around the house
KisameSets himself on fire with a Watergun ( don't ask)
DeidaraStole Sasori's arms so he could paint his nails
SasoriTied deidara up and locked him in the closet
Zetsuwashes Marker off his Foliage
Sir Leaderwatched Old Yeller and cried like a baby
KakuzuBitched out Tobi for asking if he was a Muslim
HidanWas late getting to the party because he had to impale himself before hand
Tobi <3Got eaten by Zetsu for asking to many questions
Who got the worst Hangover?

Result Posted on 06/10/07:
Hehe... poor Kisame... :D

What would happen If you met Itachi and Kisame by Serpant-Girl
Hair + Eye color
Favoret frase
ItachiKisame I told you if you bite me agein I'll KILL you.
Kisame...I only have Few fan's Pouts[Serpant-I LOVE YOU KIME-KUN!]

Result Posted on 05/16/07:

Naruto Guys: Thoughts, and Love Life. (Girls only) by HeavenCondescending
Your Name
NarutoLoves your looks and personality. He absolutely loves how you eat ramen like he does. HE could care less about Sakura when he is around you.
SasukeHe dislikes fan girls, but the moment he laid eyes on you he tended to show off more. Especially when you, Naruto, and he were on a mission. He liked competition between Naruto, but wanted to overcome Naruto by impressing you first.
NejiHe tends to smirk at you alot, whether it was your remarks or your looks. He also watches you when you train, and thinks of you when he is laying on his bed at midnight.
Rock LeeIgnores you from the ill comments you make on Gai-sensei, and how you make-fun of him by his looks and Fuzzy Brows. He often sees you and Naruto make nasty commetns about him.
ShikamaruThinks you are far too troublesome for his likings, and admited it to your face. Yea.. he doesn't like you that much.
ChoujiLikes how you are very nice to him, and do not mind how much he weighs. He likes the compliments he gets from you, and often tends to think that you are the girl for him since you are so nice and can make some very good food!
ShinoSmiles at the fact that you are really interested in him. You don't like bugs much, but you were willing to see what they do, and that made him slightly happy. Normally people wouldn't like to see what his bugs can do, but since you like to see he puts on a show just for you. He loves how he can make you smile, and even blushes sometimes. He really likes you.
KibaDislikes the fact that you are a cat lover, and often tries to change your mind. But he knows you are only teasing him, and it works most of the time. He likes to watch you train, and normally trains with you.
GaaraAdmires how you stand up for your teammates and is not affraid to lose your life for someone you love. When he is in Konoha he visits you alot while you sleep, since he can't, and when you are awake he walks with you in the woods outside of Konoha. He had already said that he would give a try in protecting someone, and he did and that was you. And then and there he liked you alot more, but could not understand the feeling within him that makes him blush slightly.
KankuroHe often tells you his feelings, and isn't affraid of what you think. Two ways to make it better. If you accept him than he will be happy! HAPPY! But if you don't he will only try harder the next time, and the next time. And so on.
KabutoLoves you, for some reason, and tends to spy on you alot but when Orochimaru is around he definitly stops the 'non-sence' of him loving you. He puts on his game face~ (*Holds up an ugly mask* Here Kabuto! ((Sorry I just hate his guts..)))
KakashiDislikes how you keep stealing his books without him knowing, but also likes the fact that you are very stealthy. He tends to recommend you to missions from your awesome teamwork and your MaD SkIttleS!!
GaiLoves how you treat Rock Lee, and how he saw you visit him alot when he was in the hospital, but normally tries to impress you alone with his.. 'Nice Guy Pose'.
JiraiyaNormally lectures you that he is not peaking on women but is doing research, but you don't believe him and normally give him a hard time so he doesn't like you very much...

Result Posted on 04/16/07:

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Zelda Weapon Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 04/16/07:
so... i'm an InuYasha Kagome..... sweet

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Inuyasha Couple Are You?
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Result Posted on 04/06/07:
oooh!!! ^.^

Akatsuki sleepover (GIRLS ONLY!!!!! YOU decide what they do for the most part, and see if they have lots of fun or not) by Kuki
Name (real name or OC's name)
favorite Akatsuki
Sir Leader
Mystery Blur-Haired Person
Who did you get for spin-the-bottleOrochimaru
Who slept with youZetsu
How much fun you had
How much fun they had

Result Posted on 01/21/07:
all of the known villages of naruto

ninja villages

Result Posted on 01/21/07:
i join the dnangel club!!

Clubs I'm in: DNAngel club DNAngel club

Result Posted on 01/16/07:
YAY! I got my other idol, Zelda!! She's so badass! One of the most badass princesses who are independant! GO ZELDA!! Your WAY better than Peach is. xD

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Zelda Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 01/16/07:
I am most DEFINATLY orohime. x3

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Bleach Character Are You?
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