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I'm Zelda, My Life is Simple. I'm 15 years old and I live in a very hot boring city on the edge of Texas. At school, I'm known as the Black Emo Japan Freak Sophmore. And I live up to my name. :D I'm the outcast in my family since I'm the only one who's obessessed with Rock music and the culture of Japan...but that's ok. =] I have a passion for drawing and sometimes writing anime, they are most important to me in my live other than music and love for animals. xD I'm hardly mean and I'm not selfish. I'm make friends easily and I can be very random, haha.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And I don't even remember why I thought of coming back.
This place fills me with so many memories.
So many dumb memories of when I was 13 and all the way to 16.
It's been too long.

Three years later, after most of my friends left.
I'm 19 now, in college, still roleplaying.
Oh Gaia and Tumblr mostly.

But yes. Coming back to this place... It's just great. It fills me with so much joy and embarrassment at the same time. I guess I can't be upset.
I'm happy I found MyOtaku again.
It made my day.

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