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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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ostrich=evil (02/04/07)

I love your site! Death Note Rocks!! I'm gonna add you :) I hope we could talk about anime and stuff sometime, but i won't be able to get on a lot for a while, but just wait until summer start!! Yay! I can't wait for school to get out. :)


InuTenshi (02/04/07)

Hi, Shanny!
Please go to my site and add me.
You'll know who this is when you go there.
Thank you!

CERM (01/29/07)

Pfft~!!! Your site TOTALLY kicks mine square in the ass. I mean really. And you wanna know something funny? I Just bought a shirt with dear Ms. Hepburn on it! Like freaking two hours ago! :3 I think this is a sign, my friend. A sign indeed.

Anyway, my rooolz. My god. You have no idea how many cheap knock-offs that list has created. It's kind of maddening. But hey, if you're gonna be original, count on being copied. Hoorah for cleaning up drunken people's Hard Mike's Lemonade.

And... Shader... ;3; Will you hate me if I say "Who is that...?" OFMfdfasdfasdf I get so confused! I used to go onto the Otaku and update and comment on EVERYONE everyday, but now, with college and guyfriends to juggle, it's kinda hard. :\ But yeah. I'm glad you like my site though, even if you're like a Goddess of the site-ness. Oh-ho-ho. Not good with words am I.

AND. One of my most asked questions. You see, my full name is Chelsea Eliza Rose Marquette. :3 They're my intials. XDDDD OOMGDGGLmao!11one! Yush. I am tres original. *huggle*

♥ Chiru

Darknessdancer (01/28/07)

I love your Hepburn motif!

Shishou (01/27/07)

Hello Shanny, I may call you that right?

Well first off I'd like to say I am not here to impress you by flattery or anything like that just so you'll sign my guestbook and add me, because personally I hate it when people do that and I am sure you do to. You've been here a long time so you most likely had to put up with it long than I've had! Though I have been on longer than my site might say.^__^

I have seen your name on quite a few sites, I know I did check out your site a few times but I never did sign your guestbook...Not sure why...Maybe because I was too intimidated. ::*laughs*:: But no, I am here because recently I found the link to your er..mentor program-sorry I don't know what else to call it!-. So I am mainly here to thank you for creating that. I just signed up and hopefully I will be able to be an active person in it. You must be a very nice person to take the time to do that for people, really! I know you probably took time just to help these people out..

I know I said I wouldn't flatter you but I did want to mention that your layout with Audrey Hepburn is A+! I have always loved old movies and Audrey Hepburn is such a wonderful actress! Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and My Fair Lady are the three I remember her best in. And you are right, she was very elegant. So beautiful too ^__^

One more thing that I'd like to mention is I like the organization of your site. Many people are very unorganized...Way too many people are and it is hard to get around their sites. T_T But yours is really easy to navigate not to mention pleasing to look at.

You seem like a very interesting person and a lot more fun to hang around than a lot of people on here! I hope I am not sounding like another one of those suck ups who only want to be your friend just so they are most popular. Okay I am done with the flattery! ::*laughs*:: I bet you get it a lot! Though it is always nice to get, ne? Heh heh. And well, I'd like to say that my flattery is directly from the heart, sure and true. ^^

Now I suppose I should end this. Super long guestbook signings can be tedious and very out drawn, though truth be told I don't do them too much unless the person catches my interest. Like now. ::*grins*:: You are welcome to come by my site, but I don't want you to feel obligated to. Maybe one day we can become friends...I think I'd like that. Best of luck to you whatever you do!

Take care,

Inu228822 (01/23/07)

LOVE The layout! its GORGEOUS! You must be pretty talented :] i wish i could make one like that >.< xD

anywho, is it okay if i add you as a friend? bye!

♥ Kyra

pumkin (01/16/07)

hi dark phoenix i like your page it is very classic peace out.

from pumkin

light shadow (01/12/07)

Hey too bad about the chain letters, I don't send those. Well I just happen to drop by your site gonna add ya as a friend hope ya do the same pm sometime oright bye.

Raina (01/08/07)

Hello. I just thought I'll come by and add you as a friend! Your site is so nice. So elegant. You're a very insightful person, and maybe I can learn somethings about life? Thank you for all of your help. See you around! \(^o^)/

Elena The Turk (01/06/07)

Nice site ya got here! ^_^ I like it! Well i just wanted to say hey and whats up. Well gota go ttyl!


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