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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hey long since I updated. I wanted to change my site completely but I don't have time for that. I am doing the garage right now for 85 bucks. Yep I hope to have a lot of money by spring. Hum lets see oh I got a brand new psp in mail its white and from Honk Kong, thanks to my dad and the navy. Thanks for the pms people ( you know who you are). I will try to get your sites. I have a new proxy now but I think it just got blocked but I will see and keep trying. Oh my allowance got bumped from $20 every week to $80 a month so I am happy but about a least 20 of that might lunch but oh well. Thanks again for the pms and I look forward when I can pm for a long time instead of doin quick ones every day. Well gotta go, oh here are some questions.

1. Do you know anybody in the military?

2. Do you like/agree with Bush?

3. Do you want to see the movie 300?

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