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Sunday, February 10, 2008


heh long time! GOSH
well i know probably no one might read it if not one or two but its alright i will post it any ways :) how is everyone doing? me im fine...so there was this dance yesterday..my date blew me off like hte last minute i still had fun though i didnt go i went to work..but i was laughing so hard it was crazy my stomach hurt! it was fun me and my friend she cheered me up...which was probably a good thing my mind was off of hte guy that blew me off so yeah...i probably wouldh ave gotten fired if my regular managers were there i broke a few things...heh oh well they didnt notice we even had a few food fights..thye were short though..and we didnt clean it up...instead we put it underhte tables..haha no one noticed though and today it all got vacummed anyways! it was fun...although im still mad at my date for blowing me off like that...heh i just wont tlak to him again! :) well ...i will go comment you all! i know its been forever..and i can continue my story later if anyone is interessted


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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hey everyone! I have some bad news...well in my last post i said i might be going to lagoon the trip well that trip is OFF danget well i guess this year is a no go oh well i did some other things this year like...i went horse back riding with my friend omg IT WAS FUN it was my very first time doing it too i thought horses would be a lot softer i dnot know why haha but they are very cute...and that is mostly my highlight for summer haha and btw i have a reason for keeping my posts short and that is becuase i dont want to make people read like 2 hrs long worth of 1 post so yeah thats about it for now ttyl!

xoxo Dark Moonlight

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