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Monday, August 6, 2007

Hey everyone its me again sorry i havent been commenting or posting i'll try to keep on top of that but it doesnt always work out that much...so how has everyone been latly? tell me how everyone likes my profile kk?i'll go around to commenting fairly soon hopefully ily all! and i just wanted to let you all know i missed ya!! i might be going to lagoon soon hopefully and i will tell you about the trip okay? so talk to you soon!
xoxo Dark Moonlight

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hey ya'll not much is going on at the moent i might repost later today but i thought i should post since i havent posted for a while...so if you want leavve me comments cause that would be nice of ya and last time i went through eveyones thing n d commented but i felt that ya guys deserved it so yeah...just letting ya know im still alive bye
xxxx Dark Moonlight

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hey everyone!

Hey guys i am back! my new background song and pretty much everything goes all to my friend chibizakuro12 she fixed everything up for me cause i still dont know how uh-oh I hope people havent forgotten about me 0_0 well we all reallly need to cath up ya know? so there is a reason why i stopped posting for such a long time and that would be becuase my thing wouldnt show my posts..it just stopped so i asked my friend to fix it for me and she did YAY! and my internet was also down..i know excuses excuses...well im going to keep this fairly short and i will post next time and i will comment you all bye have a good day!

xoxo Dark moonlight

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Saturday, April 21, 2007


hey guys whats up? well i havent been on for a long time so yeah...you all want to catch me up on things? well i will try to comment ya'llz a little more but im not sure how well that will work out..uh i'll do my best but things have gotten WAY hectic so yeah...n e thing new with the guys that are going to comment meh? n d ive got a question..what are youi all goin to do when summer vacation comes around? n e thing special?

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Friday, April 20, 2007

hey people sorry i havent posted for a long time...well not sure ya'llz noticed though considering you neva comment meh..well i will try to comment more often as much as i can but im not srue if i can do it every day...alot of things goin on and yeah...just so ya'llz know i NEVER forgot about youz heres a question for you all though...what are you going to do during summer vacation? i hope to go to different places haha such as lagoon and possibly organ coast..maybe not sure though...and i'll get bck

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not sure how many are gonna read..but oh well

yeah so who ever reads it awsome and ily and who ever doesnt its fine..but any who sorry i havent been on my computer crashed...then we got a laptop like after a while and then we had to wait to get the internet up...it was sucky..but yeah how are you all? who has spring vacation? im on mine hehe! well for now not much is going on...on the 30th of march is supposed to get real busy cause my firends mom has her b-day and its gonna be awsome...we are plannning on making a cake for her and while it cools down we will go see a movie forgot the name...and yeah it should be awsome then we will put the frosting on the cake when we come back i just hope her brother doesnt eat the cake by the time we come back..that would be bad...

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Monday, February 5, 2007


cursed no doubt about it..cause today and yesterday was pretty bad...yesterday i almost fell off my chair and hit my head against teh wall (would have been bad if i did) and today i was going down the stairs at school and this dude threw a can of food down and missed my head about a hair away..and then i almost ran into the door...but i hit my elbow really hard on the door and then i opend my brothers drawr thing..and hit my head super hard...and it started to bleed some...i dont know how long it will last..cause each year i get a curse..and it lasts for different amounts of time..6th grade...it lasted for like a week or 2 and last year lasted for like 2 days..this time..i dont know ..im just gonna have to see

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Monday, January 22, 2007

   hey guys!

so i havent posted for a while..hi guys! well hows school going for people who are still in school? for me..its bleh...like the day before yesterday me and my brother fell off the chair..it was quit funny...teddy (my puppy papillon) he is doing good..he kinda seems sad though..poor little guy! well any who if you comment me then i'll comment you back! so do me a favor and comment! :p well i dont think theres much to say..other hten..what did ya'lls get for christmas? even though its like way past haha..wanna tell meh...my gawsh im so bored im watching spongebob! so ya'llz comment me and i'll comment you back

♥/dark moonlight

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

okay im thinking bout deleting my myotaku page..not sure yet..but if you want to add me some place so we can chat thats cool with me...if you have msn mine is brown-eyed-angel-@hotmail.com or if you have yahoo my account is xxpixis_dustxx@yahoo.com...so add me if you want..im still thinking bout deleting it so not sure yet but still if ya want add me..or you can add me on myspace..my url is www.myspace.com/oxsanelaxo so yeah..if you want ill add you instead or w/e just gime your thing

ily/dark moonlight

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Friday, December 1, 2006

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