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Reason for life: to save the world from evil(Sometimes the other way around)

Message:I am the most deadly. I warn you. If you want to survive...... Be happy! ^.^

I got some rules on this site.
1. No crying
2. No whining
3. No complaining
4. No fights on my site
Follow these rules and you will find peace.(good)

Hello people! This is your good old friend crusherzer. just call me crush. Remember, those who challenge one with full force without thinking it through, will die. By the way, those of you who are akatsuki fans or are in the akatsuki, you must now fear. The evil organization of the sakusuki are headed your way. The sakusuki are smart and will not hesitate to kill you. Thank you.
By the way, if you have any suggestions for me, don't hesitate to tell me. Have fun. Sign the guestbook if you like the site!(I'll sign yours) Now go out and play! Just remember,we are watching you....
>.> ^.^ <.<

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

   Where am I?
If you are reading this then good job. Anyway, MyO basically shut down so... ahh who cares. Anyway, You can adress me as near. I've been studying this and got a new wallpaper, hope you like it. Really, nobody's reading this. I'm basically talking to myself. *Sniff* Get out of my head!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Attention people. I have obtained all of the legendaries in the pokemon games! RAWR!!!!!!!!
Also, my friend Tyler is going to get beaten up because he was messing with my friend Francis shunning him and now Francis will kill him. Tlyer, I know you are reading this now, YOU"RE DEAD! Tee hee hee. Now mew, show them to the door. *...mew...*

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

   Journal entry:
April 2, 2008

Mew 2's power has gone beyond our imagination. He destroys cities with the swipe of a hand. Why have we forgotten what we had to do at 5:00? Why did we forget? We have failed to give him a heart! Ahhhh nobody cares!

Anyway, if you can even acess my site, you must be reading this. ( By the way, the weapons we use here are all not real guns. They shoot out foam darts. And this is real life, not a video game.) I have this no-brainer friend named nick. I call him picnic. So anyway, we were shooting at eachother and as usual, my little brother teams up with anybody exept me, and everybody attacks me. So i get out my twin rifles and shoot them both at the same time. My lil bro pointed a gun at my head, and I flipped it around and pointed mine at his head, but it was like a 4 on 1 so I was desperately outnumbered. But, I got out my rocket launcher and bam!!!!!!!!!!!! I win. Note: these were nerf guns.

Okay this is obviously boring so, I'll read fan mail.

Dear Malcolm,
I love you.

WOW! I have some addicted fans! Okay, see ya next time!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hey people! I've come up with some new ideas for another season of my lil bro's terrible deaths show. Before we begin, I would like to say that my manga skills are better than all of yours, as I have practiced for months. Jealous? Oh well. Get a good laugh with this.

Okay, so there are these two bank workers. One doesen't take anything seriously, and the other laughs too much. These attributes will lead to their deaths today. So they are working at the bank, and a robber comes in! He holds up a loaded gun up to the face of the guy who never takes things seriously. Of course, he didn't take it seriously and said, "Awwww come on. Put the toy gun down." Right after that he got shot in the face and died. The guy who laughs alot was scared for his life, but just thinking about what a foolish death that just was, and laughed out loud really hard. The robber took this as a call for help, and shot him to his death.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

   Spongebob funny mix

Alright listen. I'm really sorry I haven't had many writing ideas cuz my brother made this organization. I can get him to make some more, so just watch this video and smile. I am currently working hard to make my brother give me some ideas. I am not in debt! I am not quitting! TRUST ME ON THIS!

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