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OK well i'm not going to sit here and tell you how wonderful/perfect i am ... because i'm not {i am pretty damn awesome though lolz} Well basically i am an apparently funny, kinda hyper, loudish, {can get annoying} FUN!!! person {lolz} with trust issues {oh and i can't spell for crap!}. I love my friends to death and they are like my everythings... so don't mess with them... especially my five best friends... bruce, kiki, mari, & maddi ... {& jenna but i neverget to see her TT^TT}. I love my music and i like walking {i know its weird} i also have a weird obsesion with the letter x {freaking sesame street hellz yeah today was brought to you by the letter x lolz} and handcuffs {i know i know kinky kinky lolz}. If i don't like you, you know it, if you don't like me i really don't care! its that simply put. My life kinda sux but i manage to stay happy and ok ... but sometimes {most the time} those words have quotations around them {kiki knows what i mean}. I am a very sarcastic person and my number UNO! {lolz} goal in life is to have as much fun as possible {so far so effin good} lolz. I am a very loving person {don't show it as much as i could but i am} and i like to think i am a lovable person but you can think whatever the hell you want. I can be pretty crazy but thats half the fun of being around me ... especially in a parking lot {i lub parking lots!} lolz. AND!!! {lolz} thats about all you need to know if you want to more just message.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   Today Effin Sucked!!!
well it did
see my bestest friend wasn't there
i felt like shit
i almost gotten my phone taken away
i got sent to iss 5th period for no effin reason
i have a referal to the fucking office
my grandmother won't stop bitching me out
hmmmmm what else was there
oh yeah a major history project is due {most of it} tomarrow {me and my partner havn't started}
and i had a fuckin two hour detention today
uhhhhh yeah i think thats about it
{probably more though}
two really good things happen soooo
one was my best friend {a dif one} gets to come home and spend the night with me tomarrow
and i think me and my friend who got into a majorly HUGE fight are starting to get along again

btw max you look soooooo much better w/out your braces
{congrats!!!! ^^}

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

   Sorry ... If you care at all ... Read
ok well sorry i havn't been on latley
well posted anyways
i got a hair cut and its ok i guess
and oh yeah thats about it
my life is kinda boring latley
well actually its not boring in the least
i'm just to lazy to keep myotaku updated lolz
well anyways you people needs to pm me more
haha actually you can if you want but i would love you lots ^^
anyways well i'll remember to post more

btw max
tell twinkle star i said hi! ^^

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

   I like him so much
well i do
{my new bf}
just though i would let you all know that

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