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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

   Sappy Late Valentine's Day...
Not much to say, but... Hope your Valentine's Day went well... Not much happened to me... Since Jangalian would like to see a (some) pic(s) of my ring I will try and get one (some) up. I forgot to say the other day, but one side of my ring says my name, John, and the other says otaku, in the anime and manga freak meaning of the word. Thank you angelservant010, your words are very true and I'm glad you shared them with me. Let me see what else... Well, I found this out yesterday and even though no one will really care... My favorite teacher doesn't think being gay is wrong, that's probably why they don't treat me with, I don't know, disdain... Now knowing this makes me feel a lot better... Well I guess that is all... I'll try and get some ring pics up over the weekend, bye!
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Woo, about time I updated!
Well let's see... I got my High School ring, it is really pretty!! And the best part is, is that it has no sign of my High School, w00t! (I hate my school) Well let's see what else... I finished watching ParaKiss... *tear* Awesome anime! I started Kashi Mashi... The first three episodes are cute! Well that's about it... Maybe if I have time (or feel like it) I will put up some art...maybe) Well that's all for now, ta ta!
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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   WARNING: I fixing to get all deep and sad... I'm feeling depressed at the moment...
After visiting Jangalian's site and looking at the pictures of boys kissing, I began to think about it and then I felt like I wanted to throw up... Not because I don't like it (I am gay...), but because I won't ever get to experience it before I leave high school... There are hardly any other gay people at my school (because I live in redneckville), I know of like two others... I wish I just had one person in the same situation as me, not even a boyfriend... Basically a lonely person and indifferent towards most things and a little cold on the inside...
I had a dream last night... It was odd... There was a new guy and he was so...appealing that I just kissed him, and he kissed back really well (I've never been kissed, obviously)... But later we were going to the mall and I decided to kiss him again, but this time he didn't kiss back... I said, "You're not gay are you...?" and he replied "No, I'm so sorry..." and it ended... I guess that is all I have to say... Sorry for being so deep... Bye...
Oh yeah... A pic:

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

   Hi and to one of my friends a Happy Birthday!!!
Well today is Karou189's birthday! She is turning 17! While she can't buy anything thing else yet, she can get into an R-rated movie, w00t! Well... Let's see, I have started the first page of my Kairi doujinshi, it's going to be awesome... (Hee, Hee) I haven't decided wheter or not to color the first page... What do you all think? Speaking of art, I have to put up my other Kairi pics... I just have to color Kairi's hair... It takes four different layers to make her hair color and it still isn't right... But it's close enough! Let's see, anymore info to tell... I guess that is all for right now, bye!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Well let's see... I have a new piece of artwork up... I have a lot more Kairi artwork that I have to color and put up... Well let's see, Monday I saw Harry Potter again... *tear* It was sad... I cried both times... Well... Let's see... I may do a new doujinshi with Kairi... Maybe... I like drawing her tall... I think it makes her look better... Well I can't wait until KH2 comes out!!! I finished KH:COM the other day... I am now about 2/3 the way through Reverse/Rebirth... I can't wait to finish... Well keep checking back for new artwork, bye!!
Sorry Sephiroth's Angel, I mispelled a word... It's like only the second time I have ever mispelled a word on here... I typed this really fast so that is why there was a mistake, but thanks for the comment anyways! Jangalian, wonderful comment and thanks! Ta ta!

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

   Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year or Feliz Ano Nuevo!! Well there is a new pic in my artwork, check it out if you have the chance, please! I have some more I need to put up except I have to color them... Well I hope everyone has a Happy New Year, bye!
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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Memoirs of a Geisha
I saw it last night... Let's see... If you want to see it DO NOT read the book first... I know they can't put a 499 page book into a movie, but many of the the smaller details were left out and they skipped 5-10 chapters at a time... They also made changes that didn't make any sense... For example a Japanese character in the book was changed to an English character in the movie... Those types of things bother me... But it is a really good movie if you try not to think about the book... I just finished the book about a week ago so I noticed probably every difference and every inaccuracy... But like I said if you haven't read the book, or if you don't think about the book it is a wonderful film. Well that's about it... Ta ta!
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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well let's see... It's been a long time since I have posted... The picture I'm putting up I actually drew around Thanksgiving, but I thought it was to plain so I add the cherry tree about a week ago... And there is the final piece... I hope you like it if you have seen it... Well bye for now!
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Monday, December 12, 2005

I think i'll update...finally...
Well I saw the Harry Potter movie a looong time ago... It was good... Despite the cuts... It was sad too... *tear* There are so many movies out that I want to see... Like Aeon Flux (Never saw one episode of the animation, I couldn't stand the character designs...), Memoirs of a Geisha (I'm reading the book, almost finished... It's really good!), Narnia (Though I dislike Disney...) and Brokeback Mountain (Maybe...). So many movies... Well... I guess that's all... Bye!
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I put up some new art last night in the Boys With Flowers line... As of one this morning they weren't doing so good... Well maybe they will do better... Have a nice Sunday, I may post some more if I draw any today... Bye...
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