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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Wow, 300 hits, exactly 300 hits!!! Yah, I've made it this far so my next goal is... 500 how about that? Well tang3rtin3 happy (almost) birthday!! (If you look in fan art there is a surprise for you!!) I went ahead and put it up in case I wasn't able to on your birthday! So I hope you like it... I drew all the characters from memory except Yotsuba... Well how is everyone's weekend, anything big happening? I renewed my Shonen Jump subscription today... That's about all so far... Well... Let's see... Oh I also saw The Killers new video again today! It is so cool!! They are amazing...! What else... I don't know... Oh yeah, did I ever tell you that I'm reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland? I started it last week, I have about 50 pages left... I'll tell you how it is when I get through... Ebony read it a while back and said it was good, and before I got out of school one of my friend's said it was good so that is why I'm reading it... Well wow, that was a long post... Well bye!!
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Friday, July 8, 2005

Today I got loads of manga... 10 including a Shojo Beat Preview manga sampler... I got some Legal Drug, Princess Ai, .//hack: Legend of the Twilight... Gravitation and The Legend of Chun Hyang (? By Clamp, I can't remember if that is right at the moment...) Well did anything thing happen to anyone today? Hey tang3rtin3! Happy almost birthday!! Speaking of birthdays, my Granny's was today! I visited her and we talked! Well have a great night everyone!!
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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   Yah, la la la...
Hi everyone!! ob53zt tang3rtin3's birthday is coming up soon so you should go visit her (she is in my friends) and wish her happy birthday! *hugs tang3tin3* Well how is everyone's summer? I finished my first "Real" doujinshi! Now I have to do more! Oh yeah, I got Relient K's CD, it's cute, I especially like the artwork! It's a really good deal because at Best Buy it's only 8 dollars and it's a great little CD! Well...bye for now!!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

So last night I went and saw the bands PARAMORE, COPELAND and a local band... Wow, it was my first time and it was amazing! My friend took me to the show as a birthday present! It was early, but they were only playing last night only... Copeland ROCKS!!! And so does Paramore!! I got a Copeland CD, T Shirt and button! I was going to get the Paramore CD, but it doesn't come out until the 26 of this month... Wow, it was so cool!! Well page 7 of HP: LADM is up, it's the final page... I have to draw a back cover and some more artwork... My next big project should start after finishing up these last bits and pieces for HP: LADM... Oh yeah, thanks to everyone who voted on my doujinshi, and thanks to those who commented... To those who didn't like it...sorry my work is definitely not for everyone and also to those who voted no and left a comment telling why, thanks, it's nice to know what I was doing wrong... Well thanks again everyone!! Bye!!
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Monday, July 4, 2005

So I didn't get any of page seven finished... But I did finish reading vol. 3 of the Digimon Tamers manga... I also read The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson... It was kinda sad... I want to see The Little Mermaid anime that was made in 1978... So does anyone know where I could obtain a copy... Well... Bye!
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Sunday, July 3, 2005

   Regarding HP:LADM
Well I read the comments on page 6... iamkagome in case you see this, read the whole thing through, that is why Harry and Draco are acting so odd... As for the other comment, thanks for telling me why you voted no... Well bye!
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Well I haven't started page seven yet, but I will probably do it tonight... My big project will most likely be a Pikmin doujinshi that I started last summer... After that I will probably start the sequal to HP:LADM... I have already started thinking about how this one will begin... I have some old art I may put up, it includes Yuna (FF:X2), Yuu(Comic Party) and some original characters... Does anyone want to see any of them...? Leave a comment if you do... Well have a great fourth everyone!! Bye!!
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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Page 6 is up!! One more page to go!Also, I did a little PhotoShopping on the "Protector from the Darkness" pic... I thought it looked interesting... Well Happy Fourth of July!!!
\ /
\ / -- ! -- \ /
--!-- / \ --!--
/ \ | / \
| | |
| |
Fireworks! Woo!! Well... Bye!!

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

   Page five!!
Hi, page five is a little late, but I finished it two days ago... I've once again been busy... I don't know when page six will be up, but page seven will most likely finish this doujinshi up... But no to worry a sequal is already being brewed up in my mind so it should show up sometime... Well sorry I won't be able to get to sites, but I won't... Sorry... Bye...
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Monday, June 27, 2005

   The fourth page...
Hi everyone!! The fourth page of my HP doujinshi is up!! I'm not sure when page five will be up... Hopefully tomorrow if I start soon... I still have to script the rest of the doujinshi, and I have to draw all the boxes... That is the worst thing about drawing doujinshis... All the boxes... Well have a nice day everyone and once again I will be very busy today, sorry if I don't get to sites... Well... Bye!!
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