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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Springsteen on the Speakers

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The double standard over at the sibling site which I mentioned the other day there still has me frustrated to the point I have nothing to say here today. That's not good form for the site to allow that in my book. With that in mind, I'm temporarily locking-out the Sanctuary and my writing Worlds (making them viewable to myself - NOT deleting them), they will remain so until the double standard is eliminated. I have no desire to support a site that promotes favoritism and inequality with my most profound and meaningful content.


Definitely. This new one is better than that temp one that was up, and in some ways, I like it better than even the old one we had.

Because a fight over the Terms of Service, and dealing with the flak such a movement would produce just isn't worth my mental energy. I'd just as soon argue with a brick wall, I'd accomplish more in less time. As for the link, it's not hard to find for the observant. I announced my personal web site last post, that wasn't a coincidence. I've also had the link up in the profile on the left there since last year at least. I have an online hub for all my activity and projects.

Poobah is a semi-local band my friend plays drums with. I don't get to every show they do, but when I get out to the shows I help them set up their stuff and break it down afterwards. There's a video in the post before last one as well as another one further back.

I sure do need it, thanks.

When I wrote the first draft of my novel manuscript, I sat down and made myself write at least two hours every day for seven or eight months, with a day or so worked in here and there for a break. I did my art in similar phases, but that died out cause I have to be inspired to draw, though I'm thinking of picking up the forced drawing thing again. Prioritize your time as best you can in a way that works for you.

I just like to have that formal look from time to time, wish I have more opprortunity for it, I have two really nice ties with dragons on them I hardly ever wear.

Thank you, I'll take all the luck I can get.

Getting the look I wanted while maintaining a standards compliance in terms of table use was a real headache, and actually, what I have is not 100% satisfactory, I have cleverly hidden the one major rendering issue, but eventually I would like to fix it completely. When I started learning it, HTML was a fun thing for me, it still is, but it's a headache to do it right. If you've ever inked a picture you drew, pyprography is a lot like that, only hotter, and more painful when you slip and hit your finger. It takes a careful hand to do it, but it's not hard to learn or practice.

That's all right, it happens sometimes, momentum is tough to keep up with all the time. I'll have to make a concetrated effort to get over that question thing I have though. It seems to be a problem that I need to correct if I'm going to be a good online friend to people. I am working on my nasty habit of going off-tpoic though. I tend to get distracted easily, it's a "stream of consciousness" thing.

I'm not necessarily worried about the TOS per se, I do try my best to abide by them, I always have (I am not saying I've been 100% good at that however). I'm just sticking to the "letter of the law" on the adverts thing on principle. I want to play by the rules, so I've taken other measures to ensure my links are out there.

I didn't dissapear, I just haven't been keeping up with my posting here like I really want to, mostly due to the crazy weather lately. It's great to see another familiar "face" around here more often again, it truly is.

Don't worry, I probably don't fully understand half the stuff I said myself. Yeah, I've been working on a web site off and on since 2005 actually. I put the link up last year and only just got through doing some real code overhauling to make the page more up-to-date in terms of the HTML and CSS that's being used, A lot of the code I use here on MyO is in the stylesheet for my personal site, I liked how I have that set up so much I'm using it there now too.

Between the two, I like the look of this one better than the old one we had, but I would like to eventually see the old customizations like font face and color return, but that's off the radar right now, not at all important to me.

Yeah, when I started doing those, I didn't know there was an actual term for that art medium. Pyrography applies to wood and leather burning, so since it sounds cool, I use it now.

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