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Saturday, August 23, 2008

   Get Back In the Habit....

Having troubles getting on theOtaku to update. :P I'm trying!!! I just keep forgetting; I'm so used to Facebook and Myspace. Be proud of me though, I'm updating. Even though the only person who reads this is Elves...but hey, like Fred says, "You start out with one fan, and then next time, two, and then three, unless you suck and go back down to one."

So I went to the DragonForce concert. It was absolutely fantastic, I swear I was dreaming. Fortunatley, I have pieces of evidence I couldn't have fabricated so I know it was true: Pictures, a signed poster, and a sign that Vadim signed for me. I really shouldn't bore you with the details, so I'll give you a brief rundown.

Vadim texted me before the show and said:
"Can u bring me eyeliner for 2nite if u can. the one u dont av 2 sharpen will do. thanks! :)"
So, I stopped by Wal*Mart and got Maybelline Define-a-Line in black, and some Tylenol PM. See, one time he got really sick, and he really needed a pain-killer that would also help him sleep and lower his fever. Advil PM can be pretty harsh on your stomach, and I didn't want to add to his pain, so I "prescribed" Tylenol PM. Unfortunatley, he didn't have any! So, I brought him some, as a joke and as a precaution.

I called him when we were in the parking lot. It was my first time to call him because we usually stick to texting, so I was pretty nervous. Actually, my knees were shaking, even though we were sitting in the car still. He picked up and apparently had me saved in his phone already because he said, "Hey!" and I said, "Hi, um, it's Nika..." and he's like, "Yeah, I know." Anyway. We arranged to all meet right of the main stage. Actually, I was a bit of an idiot at once...because he asked, "Where are you?"
"In the parking lot."
"Okay, can you see any busses?"
"Um, no, we're in the parking lot."
"Okay, where is that from here?"
"The parking lot."

*coughs* Yeah, I was not a brilliant genius when he was talking to me....

Anyway, so we finally met up and here is where I thought I would die. I mean, come on, how many times do you get to meet your IDOL? Or hug him? I thought my legs would give out. They didn't though! :D Kat (Dark Illusion) was with me, as well as my brother. We all hung out for an hour or so, got some pictures, signed the posters, and met Sam Totman.

The concert itself was spectacular. Their intro was all this epic Mozart and Beethoven music, and then you hear a record scratch, and Herman Li says, "All the intros before this....are extremely fucking unoriginal and gay." And then Sam comes in and says, "So instead, here is a pleasant selection of some other stuff that you might enjoy." And then this jungle music kicks in, drums and monkey noises, and then it melts into this jazz/Broadway type, with the circling lights and everything!! It was hysterical and totally THEM.
They played Revolution Deathsquad, Operation Ground and Pound, Heroes of Our Time, Valley of the Damned, and Through the Fire and Flames. During the second, ZP (singer) noticed that there were only two people in my section standing up: Ben Guthrie, and me. And only one had their hands in the air: me. So during a guitar solo, he comes offstage, storms over to our section, and start yelling at us to get our butts off the seats...in between some other obscene suggestions, but still. So everyone stood up, and then when he went back to the stage, they all sat down again. After the song was over, he got all pissed off and was like "WTF?!?!?!?! I used ALL that ENERGY and you're down again?!?!?!?!" It was pretty funny!!!!
They really have improved as a live band- they sounded almost exactly like the recording!

Afterwards, we met up with Vadim again and we also met Herman Li. When he came out, Vadim's like, "Nah, he's not important, ignore him. Look at the bright shiny star in the sky!!" and points to...a lamppost.
This was probably due to the beer can he had in his hand.
I told him that I didn't know how things worked in London, but that here in America, stars were in the SKY, and lampposts were on the GROUND. XD

SO yeah, all in all, the best day of my life!

Here's a clip of DragonForce live, but it's in Sacramento. Vadim's the one in the red shirt. And no, Vadim isn't being serious with the sunglasses! :P I love the part where they all start playing eachother's instruments, and you can hear someone scream, "OH MY GOD!!!!!!" Total newbie. :P And, when Vadim leans over to Herman and says something, he's saying "Not bad!" Grace thought he was kissing Herman. No, he's straight! :P

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