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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

I can't belive this!!!!! Skool starts 2-marrow!!!!!!!! Where has da summer gone! I will miss sweet summer. I do but don't want to go back. I do cause i want 2 see all my friends but don't c'ause skool (i personally think is not cool 'n boring) But, later in life likle my dad allways says there will be that time when i have a job and want to go back 2 skool c'ause it is easyer. I wonder if that really will happen? Well 2-day i got my nails and hair done for skool and got my outfit ready. But, I still don't wanna go!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! (well @least it doesn't start on my b-day like it does most of da time) I wish 2-day will never end! I think skool should be put off for five years. But thats just me lolz. They bulit this new middle skool where i live and me and my friends think that they r spoiling the middle skoolers c'ause the new buliding is all aircondictioned and we have a bulding where only 2 rooms have it which r da principal's office and da info center. And also c'ause they get to have a half day da frist day of skool and when we were in middle skool we had a full day! Well thats just what we think.......(srry for anyone in middle skool reading this see we r not saying u r spoiled we r saying that da skool diistricet is unfair k?) And Steph if u r reading dis........ i swear i will call ure house 2-marrow or right now 'n yell @ Alex for getting a better day. Or call him and say that the skool district said for having a half day he and everyone else will have to make for it @ the end of the year by having hem stay in skool for 3 dayz more. jus kidd'in lolz Steph! U should have seen da look on ure face... wait a minute i can't see u and have no clue if u r readin dis or not. Silly me :) Well I g2g get my stuff ready for 2-marrow. I hope everyone had or is having or enjoying the last bit of summer. -TTYL in life
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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   Today is my b-Day!!!!!!!!
Wow I havent been on in a while. Hows everyone doing? Right now i am bleching part of hair to put in blondish yellow highlights. If it works that is....... QAnd todays my b-day!!!!! Yeah! Happy B-day to me! (srry a little selfish there lolz) I am happy! And Hyper! Ohh and happy Memorial dayy! lolz Later today I am going to hang w/ Krissy. And other stuff. Have a Happy day!!!!! Happy Happy B-day!!!!!  Tome!!!  lolz  um.... Have a nice day And ingore the silly man next to u -TTYL in life
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I did nothing much todai. Just stay @ home and watch Tv. And watch some movies that were laying around my house. Auston Powers, the complte set of the Matrixes, Lady and the tramp. Stuff like that.... Went out to pizza with an old friend of mine and then i went out with my dad to get icecream! I got a SUnday! Sunday on a sunday! How funny. lol ^___^ Itr was raining hard todai and i got really soaked when i was walking outside c'ause when i was walking it was sunny one minute then rainny the next! Kinda suxed c'ause i had on umbrella c'ause i had no clue it was gonna rain. I was just watching SpyKids2 and a song from it got stuck in my head and i am singing it right now "though u can't hear or see me c'ause i am typeing on a computer" yeah a line from A foamy fan mail episode. I have been watchin it latly c'ause there anit nothing to do here. ya know. I can't wait for friday and Saturday c'ause on Friday I am going to the city to pick up a car with my dad and to get the car we have to drive in a bluding! Not a parking garage a real buliding. Should be cool! Then we r going to walk down bradway again. Then after that we r going to go to Dylains Candy! Should be fun! Then on Saturday I am going to the city again with my friends to celerbrate my b-day though my real b-day is on the fourth of September we r gonna go to the Hard Rock Cafe and then we r goning to ColdStones, then we r seeing Red Eye! It should be fun! can't wait! Well- TTYL in life
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