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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

   Maybe I Was Wrong...
Yup! Maybe I was wrong about the whole 'I'm going to talk to my sister' thing. She's really annoying me again!! As long as I'm in front of the computer, no one can annoy or disturb me!! I kept on ignoring her again! *sigh* Outlaw Star-san, thank you for the advice. I needed to hear something from the other side. Argh!! I have to let my anger subside. Before I say something I'll regret. Ja! *happy mood* ????? Don't ask...
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Yup! I'm feeling all mushy today. I just read shiroikarasu's fic. It was extremely impressive. Chappie 3 was so sad. Poor Tory, crying her heart out. Joey, you're mean! He didn't even feel a little pain that he just crushed a girl's heart! And he's off with another girl!!

I started to remember the past fics I read on CCS. They're all mushy too! ^^ (Syaoran-kun, I miss you!!)

shiroikarasu-san, you have impressed me. Your fic was great! Though I'm not a YGO fan, I understood everything. You explained everything very well. If your fic made me, someone who hasn't even seen YGO (coz I live in the Philippines, no YGO), love your fic, then it just proves that it's great! Sugoi! Sugoi! Everybody should read it. I submitted 3 reviews, one for every chapter. Hope you can read them by tomorrow.

And I just want to try posting pics, so here's one... hope it'll show up...

A pic of hot bishis!!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2003

I can't sleep. I'm supposed to sleep because here it's 12:30 am already. Oh well...

Thanks to the people that recently signed my gbook! Much appreciated! ^^

I have a little problem. My sister and I had a fight today. She annoyed me so much so I ignored her as much as I could. How come, at certain times, little sisters are just a big pain in the @-$. Too personal? I couldn't help it. I just had to let it out. Can anyone here give some wise advice or maybe an inspirational or meaningful quote? Much appreciated! ^^

I hope tomorrow I can start my G Wing marathon! Trowa, I labs shuu!!

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Well, that's how I'm feeling right now. I was out all day shopping with my mom. First we went to buy glasses (coz i really need them). Then we went to shop for clothes. Then we went to a lot of other places, but I don't really know where because I was asleep on the way there (wherever it is ^^'). Then we went home...

As for any otaku happenings:
Well I finished my anime mp3 compilation. And I was listening to it the whole day! (Card Captor Sakura and Gensomaden Saiyuki OST rocks!!) Anyway, I got to watch Groove Adventure Rave and Ranma 1/2 in AXN again. (stupid cable!! changing my favorite tv channel into a reality show!! O_O).

There's just a little irony to it. An anime channel filled with anime shows changed into a channel filled with reality shows... ^^ Still!!
*changing into some monster wolf-like form*
*coming to senses*
Wha... What the? Oops! Ok, I better go now! Ja!

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, August 4, 2003

   Can't Sleep...
I can't sleep...
G Wing episode 32 was done hours ago.
*but I can't have my marathon yet...*
I can't finish reading my book.
*coz, I'm not focused...*
I'm transfering my mp3s to my NetMD.
*and its taking too much time...*

AAAHHHH!! I can't do anything because its late already. Everybody's asleep.

Here's a Furuba pic for Kyo-san...

Kyo looks so kawaii in this!! *drool*

(Shadow Misaki-san, I couldn't find any Akito pics. I'll try to post one up...)

Oh yeah! To Kyo-san and Shadow Misaki-san:
How did you watch Furuba? Downloads? If so, where did you find them?

Well... even if I can't sleep, I'll just have to. Ja minna! Oyasumi!!

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   Starting the Day...
Actually, I just woke up. Talk about a heavy sleeper. ^^ Anyway, domo arigato Kyo-san for the Furuba info! Appreciate it very much! The site you recommended, I went there already, though I only paid attention on the character section and checked out every single pic of the characters. ^^;; Indeed, it is a great site!

Thanks to all the people that signed my gbook!

I started reading this book entitled "Tuesdays with Morrie". It's a pretty interesting book. It talks about the meaning of life. It focuses on a young man and his dying college professor. It's a great book!

As for anime stuff, well since I just woke up, I haven't done much. Still listening to some CCS mp3s on my NetMD. Searching Furuba stuff. And I might convert a few more .wav files into a suitable format for my NetMD. Oh yeah! Episode 32 of Gundam Wing is going to finish soon! (yay!) I can have another Gundam Wing marathon!!

One more thing I'd like to add is that I only have 6 more days to go before we leave the Philippines. I'm going to America.

I just have a question, are all of the otakus here American? ~~;;

Thanks for reading. Ja ne!

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Sunday, August 3, 2003

   Arigato Minna!!
I was out yesterday. No anime at all... well except for Card Captor Sakura, Daa! Daa! Daa!, Virtua Fighter and MKR. But it was a boring weekend. Anyway, thanks to all that signed in my guestbook. Oh yeah! Kyo-san, can you fill me in on some Furuba info... I'm really going after that anime... Hope to here from you! Arigato!
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Friday, August 1, 2003

   A Question...
I'm really confused as to how the jukebox works. I've been trying it over and over again but nothing seems to be working.

Anyway, last night I watched episodes 17-30 of Gundam Wing. It was really exciting. But in episode 25, I practically cried. That was when the Vayeate exploded with Trowa in it. If it's still unnoticeable that I love Trowa, well this shows it. I'm very sensitive. Tears fell from my eyes. And I felt sad. As of now, I haven't watched the remaining 19 episodes since episode 32 is still downloading. I want to see Trowa again. He wasn't there for 5 episodes since the 25th. If you're not a true otaku, you may see my present situation as stupid. But I know that true otakus experience this when watching their favorite anime.

Thanks for reading...

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   From a Newbie...
Hiya! I'm new here, but I've subscribed in your newsletter for quite a while now. Adam-san, why didn't you release a newsletter about this? If I didn't have to get some background info on some Gundam Wing episodes I wouldn't have found this. Nice layout by the way! Gambatte!! Arigato too!!
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