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Friday, August 1, 2003

   A Question...
I'm really confused as to how the jukebox works. I've been trying it over and over again but nothing seems to be working.

Anyway, last night I watched episodes 17-30 of Gundam Wing. It was really exciting. But in episode 25, I practically cried. That was when the Vayeate exploded with Trowa in it. If it's still unnoticeable that I love Trowa, well this shows it. I'm very sensitive. Tears fell from my eyes. And I felt sad. As of now, I haven't watched the remaining 19 episodes since episode 32 is still downloading. I want to see Trowa again. He wasn't there for 5 episodes since the 25th. If you're not a true otaku, you may see my present situation as stupid. But I know that true otakus experience this when watching their favorite anime.

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