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Monday, August 18, 2003

   Welcome to America!!
Hi minna!! Guess where I am now? In the US!! Sure its no big deal for Americans since you're already here (doi?!), but I'm from the Philippines so its a biggie!! It's my first plane ride!

Updates for two days:
Nothing much happened. My friend came by our new house and we looked at my collection of anime pics. We had a great time. After that we just went to my grandmother's house.

This was the day we were to leave my home land and go to America. We woke up early so we could go to church. After that, we headed directly to the airport. Our flight was going to Taiwan. So I got to see Taiwan's airport. We weren't allowed to leave there, since its just a stop over, and it was only for three hours. But those 3 hours feltlike forever!!

When our plane arrived, we were in a flight for 18 hours to US. And now we're finally here!! It was so hard to sleep in the plane, I was awake most of the night. But I got to sleep again. I just experienced repeating a day. We left Sunday morning, the flight was until the night. When I woke up it was already morning, but here it was afternoon. So its like repeating the same day since we crossed the international date line... and that's it! (I hope you understood that ~_~;;)

Greetings to all otakus from America!! Now I can finally relate to some anime US is showing.

Can someone state some channels that have anime? I'm totally lost here... ^^ Much appreciated!!

Thanks to all who have recently signed my gbook and to those who have comment. I'll try to go to other otakus' sites. I haven't been in contact with all-day internet for quite a while, so please bear with me. I'll give my spare time to comment/visit/whatever I can do to your site/gbook!! Domo Arigato!!

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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Friday, August 15, 2003

   Darker Descendant Rocks!!
Last night, I just watched this really cool anime!! It's called Darker Descendant! Also called Yami No Matsuei!! Way cool!! The problem is I think its yaoi. There's a guy-to-guy relationship there! But it was really cool. The scene where Tsuzuki wanted to die in Touda's flame, Kurosaki (is this right? forgot his name... ^^;;) went to him and HUGGED HIM!!! I was like, whoa!! What was that?! And there was this scene near the ending, Tsuzuki was in some sort of hospital, there was this guy who said he had hesistated from saving him because he didn't want to disrupt his decision to die, Tsuzuki said, "Don't worry, I know how much you care about me..." It really sent shivers down my spine. I know it's ok for guys to say that, but it was really disturbing for me... ^^ But all-in-all it rocked big time!! Wohoo!!

Anywayz, that's how my day ended yesterday!!

Today, nothing happened... I just got to watch my fave channel again because we changed our cable!! I can watch anime again!!

Well that's all for now... I'll try to update again tomorrow!

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

   - no subject -
I can't think of any subject right now. I just returned home from shopping, again! *sigh* I just got a new bag!! Wai!! Anywayz, I couldn't get hold of any anime stuff today. I went to this mall, there was this anime shop, I just looked around! Stupid me!! I should have looked for Furuba or other anime!! It totally slipped my mind!! Aahh!!!

Anyway, nothing really great happened for an otaku such as myself...

Thanks for those who commented again! Sorry for the marquee thing!! ^^;;

I want to share some tips on some stuff... based on daily experiences... here's one...

Tip of the Day: Always wear comfortable shoes when shopping all day!! Trust me!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I couldn't think of a title so I just placed that there. ^^

Hi minna!! I'm updating pretty late nowadays. There's still no internet connection at our new house, I get to use the internet because we still haven't taken the computers from our old house that has an internet connection.

Anywayz, thanks so much to the two otakus that recently signed my gbook! Much appreciated!! And to those who added comments!! Much, much appreciated!!

No otaku happenings yet. I finished downloading some Ranma 1/2 OAVs and Comic Party Special episodes . I can't wait to finish dowloading the rest!!

Thanks to Kyo for that fic you recommended. I'm going to read it now. Oh! About the comment you posted that it's hard to get anime here in the Philippines, it's not hard at all. In malls here, we have lots of stores that sell anime DVDs and VCDs. There's also this store called Comic Alley, they sell manga, DVDs and VCDs, original soundtracks, anime mags, figurines, collectibles, key chains, cards, etc. They have everything you'll ever want, its a bit expensive though, but they're complete with everything.

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Yup! It's great to be back. I'm my usual old self again! We still havn't gone swimming, maybe a little later. I got some energy from eating lunch so I'm probably good to go until this afternoon, then a little snack. ^^ I missed you guys!! I couldn't connect to the internet at my grandmother's house, so I couldn't come here. Our old house is really empty now. We just moved.

There's just this thing that I have. I seem to be adjusted anywhere I go. It's as if I'm used to everything. In our new house I can sleep like how I sleep in my old house. It's really unusual for me. Just thought I'd tell you guys.

Anyway, no otaku happenings except for yesterday. I was browsing through some channels on the tv and I came across this channel. It was really cool! They were showing music videos of anime songs. This was the first time I saw a video of Yuna on TV. There were also videos of Rikku and Kingdom Hearts. Too cool!! And they were showing off some anime picture messages for cellphones. Some of it were really cool! Lots of Shaman King and Final Fantasy!!

I still haven't read that chapter 4! I'm still finding some spare time to read it.

Thanks to all that recently signed my gbook!

Oh yeah! Here's a question for you otakus:
How often do you update your otaku life a.k.a online journal? (just curious) *me: Almost everyday if possible...*

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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Yup! After a long break from myotaku.com, I seem to have lost all means to have fun. I'm so tired and bored. I'm too lazy to even write what happened in those two or three days. Well, I can't write right now. Maybe I'll just update again later, after I go swimming with my sister. I just woke up and still I'm sleepy...

Thanks for reading! Ja ne! I'll post again later!

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Friday, August 8, 2003

Guess what?! I just got glasses. I got them yesterday. I just watched Endless Waltz and boy was it the coolest thing ever!!! It was really sad that it ended. No more Gundam W epis to watch!! Trowa!!! ^^

Anywayz, I just watched CCS and Daa! Daa! Daa! here. Oh yeah! They added a new anime, its called Super Gals. The first epi was a tad bit crappy, and it didn't even have a story in it. The characters were drawn cutely so it was attractive for me.

After that, hmmm... I still haven't read chappie 4 of that CCS fic. I seem to have taken the time to watch Gundam first. I really miss Trowa already!! (as if I can't watch the whole series over and over... and drool at him... ^^)

I want to watch Furuba!! Can't seem to find some cash to buy some cds... *sigh*

Oh yeah... I have to go to my grandmother's house. We'll be staying there for 4 days, they don't have internet, but if I bring my laptop I can probably connect to the wired world. *sigh* Thanks to the convinience of having a laptop!!

Here's what I probably look like right now (except for the green hair! ^^):

Say it out loud, SPAGHETTINI!!
Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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Well... nothing seemed to have bothered me today. I ran through some old fics, I missed reading CCS fics. Ever since I deleted my story in FF.net I haven't been reading. Thanks shiroikarasu for bringing me back to FF.net. I really missed it. I was reading this CCS fic, it was a bit interesting, its title is UNCOMMITED CRIME, I think (correct me, if i'm wrong...). Syaoran was framed about Eriol's death, though it had lots of the F word. I still haven't continued reading chappie 4.

Anywayz, after all that blah blah... I just found a really cool word. Spaghettini... hahaha...

This is a cute pic of Kenshin...

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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   A New Day...

I'm in an unbelievably good mood today... Just woke up... I'm such a heavy sleeper... Anywayz, last night I watched episodes 31 - 46 of Gundam Wing. 3 more epis to go before I watch Endless Waltz. Kakoii!!! No otaku happenings yet... I'm still feeling guilty about yesterday, but I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday. Anywayz, I'll just update later to add something to this...

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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Thursday, August 7, 2003

   A Broken Promise...
Well... it's not like I really broke one. I told my friends I'll TRY to go to their songfest, but I couldn't. I can't help but feel guilty. When I was going to go there, I couldn't find a cab that could take me there, I almost cried just trying to tell the driver how to get there because he doesn't know how either. Waah!!! I sent my friends anime e-cards just to say I'm sorry. (I hope they'll forgive me) They were counting on me to go there. T_T Waah!!

I hope they reply soon, so I can get rid of all this guilt I'm feeling.

I bought the new issue of our local mag! They rock! Wohoo!! Questor rocks!! I got a Hunter X Hunter OAV cd from the mag. It featured Zoids, but their articles were great! About all kinds of anime. Like Rave, Full Metal Panic and others. More power, Questor!!

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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