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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

   buried rage
i am so angry i dunno why but i have to keep all the angry feelings inside becuz i know if i explode i do really dumb things.
like....smashing head against the glass window.....

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   OK computer
song:all out of 'ok computer'(radiohead)
hello. today has been freezing as.....)*swearword*)
today is thursday...oh when will friday come,eh?
i forgot to save all my recent drawings on disk so i can put it up in otaku.....hard luck. try it nxt week perhaps.....
question:'dirty' question,sorry,lol....
'what are your fave turn-ons?'?

interesting query.mine?argh...i don't mind the violin.....or long slender men's fingers (?!!!!) and........(*blur*)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

thanks for the comments ya. ahem....i definitely cannot stop thinking about him. i definitely like this fella but i dunno if he feels the same about me. i mean....he's always very nice to me in a fraternal way. maybe i crave an older brother....argh....i dunno. i know that everytime he's around my whole self goes off-kilter,twisted,distorted etc.
y'day i nearly fell on the floor after i tripped some of the wires in the physics lab...lol...clumsy....but ....he....caught.....me......
i...will... never ....forget...the.....soft........touch....of.....his.....hands................(*in limbo*)

so what do you think?

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

song: all songs out of radioheads's 'kid a'

hello you all.
in the college library typing this post for all of you to see....or read....
so far the only thing i can think of that is has been raining for 3 days.....shit really cuz i miss the sun....but you can't get GOOD sun in autumn unless you live in the greek islands, cali or wherever .....
so far, college life has been repetitive! lectures,lectures....
i had the chance 2 get to know a few cool ppl in my class, so that's not too bad at all.
has anyone of you done physics before in school?
cuz i never have.
i had to catch up on these physics thingies....too many calculations @-@
the experiments aren't too bad but they can get a bit borin.....
must find temporary work during x'mas....extra spending money on cds,manga, food, gadgets etc.
i have a question for you all (personal opinions)

how do you know tht you are in love?

cuz i am in love...i think. in my opinion when u r with somebody u really like you can get nauseous all of the sudden without reason....and your heart wants to explode....and....you feel tingly happy when he brushes his arm against yours...
enuff of dis...so wht do you think?

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   in college typing to all of you
i am here in the college library updating my site. so far college life has been particularly different. i wake up around 5 am to ride the bus to town (1 hr journey) and my lectures begin around 9 am and usually finishes around 3 pm. the odd few days involve practical scientific experiments so during those days i usually finish around 5 pm (sigh)
i arrive home around half 4 pm.....too tired to study...have a bit of dinner..... then sleep around 9 pm.
argh.....i usually study early in the morning the nxt day as i am tired as fuck to study after i arrive home.
so yeah....but it's better than doing nothing all day......
and it's not helping cuz last week i got admitted to hospital because i fainted during the chemistry experiment practicals........it was all green, blue and yellow. i couldn't stand up.....MASHED. i have to wait 4 hrs for the doc (in A & E).....doc said that i've experienced a 'fainting episode'....i was permitted to go home the same day.
maybe it happened because i had too much stress.....
ah well, thanks for reading. feel free to comment.

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   back in black
heyz.....thanks for all the support. i have received my exam results.....outlook good! i am going to do a science degree in a nearby uni (hoho!) watch out for the up and coming mad scientist!!!! NYAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
lavender oil really works in decreasing the panic......puts me to sleep....and more sleep.......
loads of artwork for the world to see but no reliable internet access in the house, nyarh.
question:what do u think of summer this year?
outlook bad or good?
luv 2 hear anything from you all
loves hugs music and lavender....and fried chicken

peas and chickens

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

   guess who's back! (*CLUCK*)
birthday wuz gr8.....exam results will come a bit later next week.
hey u guys i think i have a big problem....mucho grando....tres grande.....
i have severe panic attacks as confirmed by my medically attuned beloved father. symptoms?

-irrational fear of sensing a tumour on the left side of the neck
-capacity to become violent

i asked dad many times t otake me to the doctor but he said.....
"oh u r just overpanicking!!!! maybe u have too much energy you become restless or whatever! RELAX!!! EAT AS USUAL!!!"
the downside is that i've lost 10 kilos for the past 2 mths....so i'm an impoverished waif.... i can't eat.....too scared

i need help....words of comfort....

the good side is that when i panic...i draw!!!! much obsessed with radiohead,soundgarden,etc....
i am still in love with Muse. honestly I can say that's the closest i can feel to intimacy.....(*gaze fondly at Muse CDs*)

have any of you experienced panic attacks? tell me ur experiences,maybe u all can help me....damn nervous tensions!!!!

so how r u all? anything shocking creeping to ur life? i just move house around 2 mths ago.....i love my room. gosh, i need to eat....


with love and buckets of fried chicken (i cannot finish them),

(*i love you all as friends*)

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   birthdays and stallions
thanks for all the b'day wishes. i had a very good one and the presents were brilliant....jewellery and naughty b'day cards.....hehehe......
being 19 does not feel any different
i dreamt that i rode a black stallion across a field full of poppies( my secret fetish...shhh).
i woke up feeling great and strangely rejuvenated
can somebody tell me any possible interpretation of the dream?

thank you for being loyal,for being by my side

i'm in school so i can't hang around and visit all of your sites

until the next post

i need to tame my wild stallion, i will chase him.....(*runs as fast as the wind*)

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

hiya you guys.i'm in school.time is running out and i must go.......i am in love........i love my babies....and good to see all of u back. until the next time...........i love muse.....you all......summer....birthday is nxt tuesday. 19th year beckons! bye!!!!!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   Hiya you guys! So what’s the story? Mine is a long one actually…..it’s been a long while since I last talked to ya ppl. So how is everybody?

Sorry for the absence cuz I was terribly busy with schoolwork and high school finals this year…… -_-

Happy 2005! Don’t bother making any resolutions……..cuz everybody’s doin’ it…….yeah…..well…..I just don’t see the point of making any actually.

To distill on what I have done for the past 3 months…..

I have visited London for the first time ever last year in December and I did swear that London feels like home…..it was like I was having a strange “deja-vu” feeling about that place -_-;;;

It snowed during Christmas Day.

I have listened to Muse’s concert that took place in London last year on the radio. As usual, top quality stuff from the best band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! (And the sexiest pronunciation of the word ‘toilet’ ever…..provided by the voice of the enigmatic singer, Matt Bellamy)

I realized that I will be 20 next year…….madness 0_0

I got an A+ in chemistry………^^

I’ve drawn a few pictures and dad bought a scanner, wahey!!!!

The January sales are in full swing and I have bought nothing yet

Re: Jeff Buckley. I am addicted to his music!!!! I burned some songs from a CD belonged to a friend of mine a few weeks ago and since then I was mesmerized by Jeff’s voice. ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Mojo Pin’ and ‘Last Goodbye’ were brilliant without a doubt. Oh yeah, my friend and I had been, sort of ‘best pals’ ever since I borrowed her CD…. You are the coolest, you know who you are!!!!!!! ^o^

THE SIMS 2 RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

January’s miserable. I prefer June (cuz it’s always warm) or December (the holiday season). Nyehhh….February……
“What’s your fave month(s) and your most hated month(s)?

Until the next post, k?
And I am sorry…………..

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