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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Pretty Obvious


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Saturday, October 30, 2004

'Twin'....what does this word mean to you?
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Friday, October 29, 2004

The Chicken (and more) photo gallery
By special request....teheh...pics of chickens!!!!!!!!!! (*cluck cluck*)

(*grins wide*) ^^


'Tis crude indeedumz.....^^;

home sweeeet home

Yummmeeehh.....chicken burger!

I better go visit yer sites now,ttyl..or not...^^;.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Damn, everytime I look at that pic I cannot keep a straight face....

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

ScRaMbLed EggS and FunnY RaKes
(*crawls out of the freaking darkness that is depression*)
hey ya guys, sorry for being such a downer during the last few days. I feel that I have let all of you down during that time and i just want to apologise everyone for being such a wet blanket.
(*hugs for every single one of you*)
Every single one of you are important to me. Thank you for being a massive tower of strength for the past few dark days.I love all of you...but it ain't the love-affair kind of love ^^;
As a reward for your patience and kindness....funny piccies!

the portrait of a contented kitty

lmao@the description of the pic

woohoo....the glowiness of a pregnancy test kit (*OMG...loads of sweatdrops*)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ameteurish Piece Of Nothingness
Came up with this just yesterday...see what you all think. (damn, I WANT a love like that)

On the feet of heaven two lovers lie
That is the homely Earth and the airy sky
Binded together by the fine line of the zenith
Two elements together both can live with
On top of the Earth is the brilliant sky
Underneath the sky is the loving earth
If you separate them two they can spell 'die'
Separated out of belonging,separated from mirth
The sky bring rain to feed his starving lover
Fill her with energy,emotions and shelter
To this he forms the lake,the sea and the river
The lake being the water he traded when he kissed the other
The sea being the feelings being deepened without no further matter
The river is his soul that runs fast inside the crevices of no blunder
The feminine earth craves the affection of the loving sky
As every single night as she lie
Her eyes being the moon that shines with delight
The stars that twinkle bright drive the vampires with a fright
For she will wait for the sky to rise and rise and rise
Until judgement day this proves no lies
The trees that grow on top of terra firma
Scrapes the sky with no enigma
Begging the sky for sunlight and rain
Just so to wash away the immense pain
His eyes being the sun that shines with eternal warmth
Forever and ever the trees grow scraping from Earth
Being the light that shines will give an imminent birth
To enlighten the spirit within the Earth
The sky embraces the Earth giving her an obvious completion
The Earth kisses the sky and bringing unbounded affection
For months to come she will give birth
Which will be a blazing fire from the hearth
For the phoenix will rise up from the ebony ashes
Triumph over adversity beneath the rusty,steely frames of car crashes
The phoenix will rise on the beginning of every century
Passionate,noble and very fiery
The phoenix brings the new self to the fore
The happiness within that is hidden in the core
He's there waiting near the door
Just open it, he will sweep you off the floor

oh dear that 's truly over-long and very crap.

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Monday, October 25, 2004

I'm Falling Down....
I did hit an all-time low yesterday. I stayed in bed the whole evening and listened to Muse's 'Showbiz' CD....my current fave.
I did draw the curtains down and began to lie in bed underneath the covers. And I played 'Escape' (refer to saturday's post) over and over and over again.That song..but something made me listen to it repeatedly.Cried like i've never cried before. I was so weak and vulnerable. I've just realised that. Who the hell did I think I was before?
And then I began to think about Matthew in the dream.Dreams can be so believable at times. That dream was way too real to be a dream...especially ,nice(?).I began to respect him even more since saturday.My beloved Muse.Matthew inspires me to play the piano again after my old piano teacher labelled me 'unteachable'. i just did not like the way she taught me...and what a fucking annoying temper.
Matthew restores my passion to tackle the ivory keys again. He made me crazy over pianos and of couse, music itself.Now, that's a piano maestro.Fucking brilliant pianist (listen to 'space dementia and 'piano thing'). I want to play the piano like him...
(*envious*). Not too bad on the guitar, one of the best, underrated guitar prodigy around. Fucking genius guitarist from England.I would love to see them play soon. But for now....I dunno when. We'll see.

...the muse within

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

...it sucks being depressed
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Saturday, October 23, 2004

   I Did Not Do Anything Why Did You Beat Me Up???
Gahhh...I hate nightmares. Always have stomach aches after that. Sorry to rain on your parade.Guys and gals,I feel so depressed today because my childhood memory;in some way did come back to haunt me last night.In a form of a dream.
I was beaten to near-death by something. I couldn't even see its face cuz the place was dark. I could hear a voice,a rough voice resembling an old hag. Fucking hurts.It(don't ask why I call it that)beat me up with a cane then with a horse whip.I sweared at that moment I just wanted to fucking die....please let me fucking die....
Then out of nowhere I heard a voice of a man calling my name. Then he started to tell the old wench to stop beating me up.I could barely recognise his voice.Strangely deja-vu.Then he came near me and I quickly found shelter in his arms. I sweared that I heard he was saying fuck this,fuck that.Fuckless.(???)
I was for sure that I know this man because of instinct.At this time of peril,it's better to let the voice in your heart to tell you what to do.You just have to keep your mouth shut.Then the man went to the old bitch and he shot her with a shotgun.Oh God..the noise was unbearable.Shot after shot it died.It began to let out a smell of rotting flesh.I just wanted to fucking die...
Then the man took me outside,it was raining like hell. The raindrops landed on my wounds and the pain was like....AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! I couldn't even move properly so he led me out slowly to a stone path. Well,light was present and to my surprise the man was....
"Matthew Bellamy" he said to me with a smile and I knew that his eyes twinkle with loveliness. Gah...I could have just melt...

(*shit...then I woke up..the house smelled terrible*)

So yeah then you lot will ask me why do I feel down after that? OK, let me tell you why.
- the dream was too short and ghastly
-wtf was the wench did to me??

In reality, when I was a kid I was physically abused a lot.I hated it. Bad school reports back then said 'hello cane to the buttocks!'.Then a few of the babysitters would threaten to hit my head to the wall if I did not keep my mouth shut ( I was such a noisy and annoying kid). One babysitter...how dared she...the bitch...slapped my face hard, the reasons for that were still unknown.
OK.question. What do you think of child abuse?
*share any stories,experiences,rants,profanities and sympathy...I dunno. Say whatever you want, I can't judge you all. Speak your mind about this matter.

Escape (Muse)

You would say anything
And you would try anything
To escape your meaningless
And your insignificance
You're uncontrollable
And we are unlovable
and I don't want you to think that I care
I never would I never could again
Why can't you just love her?
Why be such a monster?
You bully from a distance
Your brain needs some assistance
But I'll still take all the blame
Cuz you and me are both one and the same
And it's driving me mad
And it's driving me mad
I'll take back all the things that I've said
I didn't realise I was talking to the living dead
But I don't want you to think that I care
I never would I never could again
You would say anything
And you would try anything
to escape your meaningless
And you're insignificant

WORDS: Matthew Bellamy,my muse

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Friday, October 22, 2004

   (*unaligned mental condition 360 degrees*)
w00t!!!!w00t!!! wEeKEnds!!!! YaYAYYAyaYAYyayYAyayAYayAyaAYAYaYAyAYYAyayAYyAYAyAyYa!!!!!!!!
...erm...while chickenburger is on a journey to 'find herself' here are some Muse pics to glomp at and comment (lol..captions added) w00t!! w00t!!! w00t!!!

Muse...frozen in time (they all look so adorable here...~_^)

(get off ya stinkin bastards!)

oh you poor starving man.....

CRAPPER ALERT!!! CRAPPER ALERT!!!! (*siren noises*)
"damn, why did I ate the fucking goat's leg????"

...should I do this more often????
lmao...had so much fun ~_^ leeeeaave some comments,k?

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