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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Yay! Me LOve MuSe!!!!!

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Matt Checking Out TheOtaku:reDefined ^_^

It's Matt Bellamy the computer genius!Any ideas for any gags?
Ideas are very welcome (*sigh...he looks very cute when he acts intelligent...~_^)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Absolute Airhead?!!!
Your element is Air: Carefree, lovable, fun and
childish. Arent you cute! Your just full of
childhood spunk and happiness! Hey who said
being young was a bad thing? You have a keen
understanding of whats good in life and choose
to remain happy rather than get too upset over
things. Life is fun, who wants to be troubled
by grown-up problems? Being as capable of love
as you are you will make a wonderful parent if
and when you choose to grow up. Love is a
mystery because you only want friends not love
interests, games">arch.">.com/">arch.">xt/se">p?qq=">arget are better than relationships
with the opposite t;a">r&g">br&">of&. You have what everyone
is searching for, that so called 'fountain of
youth' deep inside. You can come across as
naive and childish at times. But who cares what
they think, lets go play tag!

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
brought to you by Quizilla

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Today's just so weird.....I woke up this morning and the first thought that came to my head was:


I hope I do not scare all of you or anything. It's just that this thing makes me feel scared for no reason. That's not a nice thing to come across first thing on a Wednesday morning...(*breakdown*)
What do u guys think?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Another Day Another Survey

Your Life: The Soundtrack

Created by aiko and taken 12720 times on bzoink!

Opening Credit">arch.p">.com/t">arch.p">4E7D;p">tr>">xt-alisNew Born - Muse
Waking upFeeling Good -Muse
Average dayPlease Please Please Let Me Get What I Want -The Smiths
First dateFirst Date -Blink 182
Falling in loveFake Plastic Trees -Radiohead
Love sceneUnintended -Muse
Fight sceneAce Of Spades -Motorhead
Breaking upYou Oughta Know -Alanis Morissette
Getting back togetherIf I Ain't Got You -Alicia Keys
Secret loveCreep - Radiohead
Life's okayFeeling So Good -Jennifer Lopez
Mental breakdownHysteria -Muse
DrivingLast Summer - Lostprophets
Learning a lessonLive Forever - Oasis
Deep thoughtWonderwall - Oasis
FlashbackBittersweet Symphony - The Verve
PartyingTake Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
Happy danceRock The Casbah - The Clash
RegretingYou Learn - Alanis Morissette
Long night aloneForget Her- Jeff Buckley
Death sceneBlackout -Muse
Closing xt-ali">erdana">t;tr&g">eft;"&sKarma Police -Radiohead

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Stoooopid Question
Which celebrity that you always wanted to slap? Give me Britney Spears anytime!!!!
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Monday, September 27, 2004

What Day Were You Born On?
Question of the day. If you all want to know I was born on a Saturday....on the weekend!!! Mummy had to bear labour pains on a Saturday...poor mummy ;(
Just a random question......

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All About Chickenburger....she ain't a myth, ya know?

You Know It's All About You (Over 100 Questions)

Created by niney123 and taken 3601 times on bzoink!

.:General Info:.
Gender:definitely female
Height:5 foot 1 (ok....i am a shorty!)
Birthday:10th May 1986
Hair Color:black
Describe yourself in one word:individual
Describe your personality in one word:contradicting
.:School Life:.
What grade are you in:i left my stupid high school!
What school do you go to:i am not telling you!!!!
And where is that:again, no!
Do you get good grades:yeah, pretty much
Favorite Subject:music
.:Love Life:.
Sexual Preference:definitely straight
Do you have a bf/gf:nope, no boyfriend yet
If so,what is their name:eh? i said no boyfriend yet!!!
How long have you been dating:i am going to kick your ass!!!!
Do you consider yourself in love with them:huh...fuck knows
If so,why:AAAAAGH!!! stop bothering me!!!
Have you had your first kiss:yeah......
If so,when:not telling you
Do you have a crush:yep,uhuh....
If so,what is their name:Matthew
Why do you like them:he's a crazy sonuvabitch
Do they know you:nope
Do they know that you like them:not a clue
How long have you known them:for a while
Best Friend(s):i don't have any
How long have you been friends:N/A
Do you consider yourself a good friend:yes, my dear
How many friends do you think you have:dunno (*muses upon the thought*)
Most popular:N/A
Most conceited:N/A
Most recent:Jason
Food:Anything with chicken & Indian cuisine
Person:Matthew Bellamy
Show:The Simpsons
Letter:err....let me check....
Song:Plug In Baby
Place in the world:Japan
Dream Vacation:Australia
Dream House:Sydney, Australia
Dream Room:Bedroom......
Location:In my bed......
.:Last Time You:.what?!!!!
Watched T.V.:yesterday (Sunday)
Went to the bathroom:a few hours ago
Ate:half an hour ago
Slept:2 hours ago
Listened to music:I am listening to Muse's 'Origin Of Symmetry' CD right now
Used the phone:3 days ago
IMed someone/Got an IM:not to my knowledge
Went to school:1 month ago...to get my high school finals result
Played a game:hours ago
Took a shower:hours ago....again....
Hugged someone:4 months ago.....
Went on a date:never!!! happy?!!!
Wrote a letter:holy fuck....i don't remember...
.:Last Person You:.
Hugged:My another French teacher...Miss Mc Sweeney
Kissed:Dominic Howard....in my freaking dreams!
Laughed at:My little sis
Cried over:Myself
IMed/Got an IM from:Jason
Hurt:Myself yet again....
Talked to:My brother
Spoke to on the phone:Dad
Ate with:I don't remember and I don't want to remember!
Spent time with:Jason
Saw:My lil brother
Heard:My brother
Played with:Myself....with my imaginary friend
.:Have You Ever:.
Been out of the country:Yep
Been out of state/province:Yes
Done drugs:Hell no!!!
Done anything illegal:I am not telling you, you freaks!!!!
Slapped someone:Oh, yes, and I will treasure that moment forever!
Cut yourself:..........yeah.
Played an instrument:Yes! Yes! Yes!
Hurt someone for no reason:uhuh....when I was about 9 yrs old
Hurt someone:no, never....i can't
Killed an insect/bug:yes.......
Gotten stung by a bee:never
Lied to your parents:yes.....loads...but white lies!
Stole Something:uhuh..a lipstick from my friend!
Kissed Someone:in my dreams, yes....
.:This Or That:.
Rock or Rap:rock
Singing or Songwriting:singing
Tennis Shoes or Sandals:sandals
Phone or Computer:computer
Biking or Skating:biking
Analog or Digital:digital
Coke or Pepsi:i hate carbonated drinks
Sprite or Sierra Mist:ah, fuck all...hate all of them
MTV or VH1:VH1!!!!
R&B or Country:R&B (*who the fuck listens to country anyway?*)
Cingular or T-Mobile:eh...dunno?
Cats or Dogs:cats...they are smart animals!
AIM or Yahoo:AIM
Bzoink or Quizilla:do I have to choose?!!!!
.:Word Association:.
Good Charlotte:chocolate
President Bush:asshole
Rap:Jay Z
Chef:Jamie Oliver
.:Right Now:
Eating:toasts with butter
Drinking:i don't drink (teetotal)
Watching:monitor screen
What is on your mousepad:err...a computer mouse, you idiot!
What are you doing:doing ths stoopid survey and listening to Muse
What song are you listening to:Plug In Baby!!!! (*doing air guitar movements*)
What's in your CD player:Muse's 'Origin Of Symmetry'...their best album!!!!
Wearing:t-shirt and trousers....oh why do u care?
Time:10:18 am
Month:Bloody September.....
Day of the Month:the 27th
Day of the week:Monday, freaking stupid Monday
What website are you on:www.bzoink.com
.:Random Things:.
What color is your mousepad:blue
What color is your keyboard:white...dirrrty white
What is the phrase you use the most online:WTF?!!!
Did you like this survey:it's ok so far....i can cuss in it! ^_^
Are you sad that it's over:me? nah......
What are you gonna do after this survey is over:surfing the net duhhhhh!!!!!
Do you like pop-up ads:no, they are stupid and annoying!
How long have you been online:dunno... (*calculates*)....1 hour?

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sunday: Chill Out Day!!!
Thanx peeps for all your comforting words regarding to my aching feet (*sniff*).
Well, my feet do feel better now after loads of rest. Maybe I shouldn't walk too much during the weekends!
Anyways, today is Sunday and I think I am going to have all the day to myself.Read loads of books or turn the volume of my stereo up...or maybe draw a few stuff.
Enough about me talking about my Sunday plans. How do u spend your Sunday usually?
Feedbacks are welcome!

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Curse my bloody feet!
Thank God it's Saturday!!! I went to town yesterday for an urgent Business">arch.php">.com/tex">arch.php">ity cent"> go ther"> do a co....a college and university exhibition! I have set my mind up to do a course in science in uni next year and I can't wait to go there!!!!
Anyways, after the exhibition I went to the city centre. Being Friday meant that there were loads of people shopping and hanging out in malls. I went to loads of shops. For example I went to this shop called 'The Body Shop' and they let you try their wide range of cosmetics for free!! The ones I really liked were their vanilla essential oils az well as their 'white musk' oil. Delicious smells.
Bad luck came my way. Firstly I was so hungry so I bought an ice cream. The ice cream itself did not look appetizing but I ate it anyway. Halfway to the bus stop, my ice cream fell on the road as I wanted to open its wrapper. Bloody fuck. I only ate like about 5% of the ice cream and 95% went to a waste. I was hungry but i did not have enough money cuz I needed the remainder of my money for the bus fare.
Then...I got lost trying to find the bus station. Stoopid gal I am. Wasted over half an hour trying to locate it.I was walking and walking ....my feet hurt baaaad.
Thank God I found the bus station. Dad called whether I was all right. Right on time, dad. I was all right as soon I arrived at the bus station.
I was lucky enough to be able to locate a seat cuz it was the bloody rush hour around half past five in the afternoon. I sat down, turned on the CD player and listened to Muse's "Absolution"....a fucking blissful moment....
Along the way home the bus passed a church and I saw a funeral procession. a sea of people dressed in black, slowly following the hearse. I found that image pretty disturbing, especially when you listened to "Interlude". Some Friday that was. Horrible.
I arrived home at half past six in the evening. I rushed upstairs, took a heavenly warm bath and within minutes I crashed down to e a">k y">d m">ted... sleeping until 7 in the morning.
Now my feet still hurt like hell and I wanted a massage. Shiatsu will be good...^_^
All my life my feet and my ankles cause problems. I dunno, maybe it was the loooong walk yesterday.
Thank you for reading this post. I hope you all have a nice Saturday.

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