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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey Everyone

Listening to: "Cold Hands" - Lee Byoung-Woo
Mood: ~disappointed

hey everyone, i'm sorry for abandoning for you for so long TT_TT
school has kept me really busy.. among other things. But i swear i am not abandoning you.

I have been watching lots of anime.. and I'm also obsessed with Asian horror films now. :3

um and there might be a really nice guy i like. ^^ he likes anime and drawing like me. ^_^ and i'm wondering if he might like me back cuz he's always really nice and stuff >//> LOL XD

So how are all of you?
I haven't talked to any of you in forever... so a lot has probably happened @_@

I'm not sure of what all to talk about... so i'll do this survey:


Date of Birth:
may 1st


Current Location:

Eye Color:

Hair Color:


norwegian, british, german, irish, american indian



Miyavi, Hikaru Utada, Gazette, Gackt

current favorite is "Filth in the Beauty" - Gazette

The Shining

Disney Movie:
The Aristocats

TV show:



Pizza topping:
pepperoni & sausage

Ice-Cream Flavor:

Drink (alcoholic):

root beer

walden books

Clothing Brand:
moi meme moitie

Shoe Brand:

summer & winter



cluster amaryllis

Make-Up Item:
no idea

Board game:

This or That
Sunny or rainy:

Chocolate or vanilla:

Fruit or veggie:

Night or day:

Sour or sweet:
sweet and sour

Love or money:

Phone or in person:
in person

Looks or personality:

Coffee or tea:

Hot or cold:

Goal for this year:
get better at math and physics

Most missed memory:
going to the convention

Best physical feature:

First thought waking up:
"my legs hurt"

Hypothetical personality disorder:

Preferred type of plastic surgery:

Sesame street alter ego:

Fairytale alter ego:
little mermaid

Most stupid remark:
too many .. XD

Worst crime:
stealing candy from my sister

Greatest ambition:
become a professional artist i guess..?

Greatest fear:

Darkest secret:
like i would say it here? xD

Favorite subject:

Strangest received gift:
i got those those little dolls that go inside of themselves... like they get smaller and smaller ya know? but i like it XD

Worst habit:

Do You:



Shower daily:

Like thunderstorms:

Dance in the rain:


Play an instrument:
used to

Get along with your parents:

Wish on stars:
not really

Believe in fate:
not really

Believe in love at first sight:

Can You:
not yet



Speak another language:



Touch your nose with your tongue:


Curl your tongue:

Have You Ever:
Been Drunk:

Been Stoned/High:

Eaten Sushi:

Been in Love:

Skipped school:

Made prank calls:
yes kind of

Sent someone a love letter:

Stolen something:
not really

Cried yourself to sleep:

Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person?
if they're hypocrites...

Are you right or left handed?

What is your bedtime?
10 or 11 pm

Name three things you can't live without:
God, family, friends

What is the color of your room?

Do you have any siblings?
one sister

Do you have any pets?
one dog, 2 cats, 1 fish

Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars?
well i don't particularly hate anyone that much

What is you middle name?

What are you nicknames?

Are you for or against gay marriage?

What are your thoughts on abortion?
its not good...

Do you have a crush on anyone?
i think so

Are you afraid of the dark?

How do you want to die?

What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day?
2 or 3

Would you take a bullet for the one you love?

What is the last law you’ve broken?

In a Member of the Opposite Sex:
Hair color:
black or blond is my favorite but anything is pretty good

Eye color:

taller than me

not too thin but not too fat either

Most important physical feature:

Biggest turn-off
how some guys make fun of you to get your attention >.>


that's it everyone.. have a wonderful day ^^

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Goomen!! >.

Listening To: "Super Rabit" - An Café
Mood: Drained

I'm so sorry I've been gone so long... T_T But i'm not dead! because i'm writing this!! (obviously)

Anyways... school has started for me... so i'll probably be very busy, yup. but i will do my best to update often.

I just got back from watching the Full Metal Alchemist movie in the theater!! It almost had a bad ending... but it turned out great!! >w< I love Al!! he's so cute. X3

Lately i've gotten kinda obsessed with visual kei and jrock bands...XDD they rock! i am mostly in love with an cafe, alice nine, nightmare, abingdon boys school, and the gazette.
And i have decided that Bou from an cafe is the cutest thing alive.. it's so sad he left the band tho.... ; _ ; bou-kun!!! TT_TT

I've started reading this awesome manga.. it's called "Mirai Nikku"... and its really good and interesting! It's about this kid who writes in his cell phone diary every day about things around him... and he's a pretty lonely kid who doesnt have any real friends... Except for this weird creature called "Deus Ex Machina" that calls itself the god of time and space and the kid thinks that its just his imagination... but then the machina thing starts making things happen in real life. one big thing is that he makes his cell phone diary tell events that are going to happen in the future. .. well anyways XD it's really awesome. sorry if my description really confused you.

Oh yea, one more thing before i go.. Angel Zakuro!! i've started watching Air!! it's soo good!! i understand why you like it so much!! >w<

anyways.. talk to you all later!!

~ chibi-mashumaro

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Some Wallpapers, and a Fanart : ) (beware for image laden post)

Listening To: Peony Pink - ALI PROJECT
Mood: ~artistic

I've been productive lately!! >w< I've submitted four wallpapers, and a fanart. Aaand, here they are!:

1. Here's the D.gray-man one I uploaded the other day (and I'm also using as my BG) :)

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

2. A Pita-Ten one, with my favorite character Shia!! This ones a bit old. Also kinda halloweeny cuz I made it around that time :D

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

3. A DearS one! I like Ren's hair, LOL. This is also kinda old, but hey it's good. xD

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

4. Just made Last night! Lelouch (LULU-CHAN!!xD) from Code Geass! :D

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

And here's the fanart. It's cute little Eva chibis!! X3

Eva Babies

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Okay.. now for today updates.

Today was another lazy day P: lol But I still had fun. I drew a lot. :D And I played with my dog some; threw her ball a lot. Then I squirted her with the hose... because It's really hot outside D: She was happy. I also brushed my horses some.

And last night, I ordered the infamous Death Note vol. 13 off the internet!! As well as Death Note vol. 5 and a super cute L plushie... eating cake XDD When I get it, I'll take pictures and show you guys ^_^

Well.. that's pretty much it for today!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

~ chibi-mashumaro

PS.I feel like eating cake.. D:

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A New Theme

Listening To: Moment - Vivian or Kazuma
Mood: ~devious

It's a D.Gray-Man theme!! I made the wallpaper myself... and I uploaded it to MyO too... it should be up tomorrow. :) I just love that picture of allen >w< he's so cute

Has anybody heard the song "Beautiful World" by Hikaru Utada? o.o it's for the Rebuild of Evangelion, and it's absolutely amazing!! I love it. if you want to hear it... it should be in my imeem playlist at the top of the page.

Oh, and for those D.Gray-Man fans who don't know... They're releasing d.gray-man novels in Japan. They're called "D.Gray-Man Reverse" and the tell the back stories of the characters. I hope they license them so we can read!! >w<

Anyways... I have been thinking about buying an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump off the web... >.< For no apparent reason except to read it. lolz Really random...

Today... I didn't actually do much... that's probably why this post is so short ... gomen >.<

I'll just give you a bonus image:

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Friday, July 27, 2007

A convention!!

Listening To: 24 Searchlight - NIRGILIS
Mood: ~restless

I might be going to a convention this September... It's called the Kumoricon. It's gonna be in Vancouver. It'll be a small convention.. the biggest guest will be Kirk Thornton!! I hope I get to go... I don't think I'll cosplay... but I definitely want to wear something gothic lolita!! Except I have noo idea what to choose D:

Today was kind of a boring day... I didn't really do anything... u.u lol. I made some avatars/icons whatever you wanna call them. I love to make them. I've made a whole bunch.

Has anybody tried the program Google Earth? It's really cool! It's like a super detailed satellite map thingy... and It's 3D and really cool. You can zoom into any city or place... and you can zoom in close enough to see individual cars! It's amazing..

Well.. I hope you all have a wonderful day! ^_^

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

i feel... fangirlish... (warning for sudden bursts of it in my post)

Listening To: Rainbow (London Elektricity Remix) - Nirgilis
Mood: ~high

I feel really hyper or high or something.. because I'm .. really happy!!! >w< Maybe it's cuz I saw a really *beautiful* picture of Lelouch?? 8D It was very beautiful indeed... *stares*


Anyways... I got the mushishi dvd!! *squee* *dances* It's really awesome... I got the box too... and it's really awesome. The DVD cover is really awesome!!! And it feels cool too!! o.o So cool! I love episode three... It was also my favorite chapter in the manga. And did you know about the Mushishi live action movie? I WANT TO SEE IT! BADLY! I saw a commercial on youtube and it looked really awesome. The special effects rocked.

And speaking of Live action movies... I wanna see the death note movies badly too! D: The commercials looked so cool! And the songs that are in the two movies by Red hot chili peppers are like my favorite songs by them, which i think is really cool.
I hope they play it in the theater... that would rock >w<
And on the topic of theaters .. (XD) I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. It was very good I thought... much closer to the book than the last movie... though there still were a few things they missed on. But I thought they did a fantastic job on Luna Lovegood! Just like I imagined her. :)

Ooh ooh! Did anybody hear? Hikaru Utada is doing one of the songs for Rebuild of Evangelion! It's called "Beautiful world" and when it comes out on single I must buy it!! lawl. XDD

also.. they licensed Ouran. I'm excited >w< But mostly I'm happy cuz viz didn't get it; Funimation did. I now viz would've screwed it up D: Then I can watch Tamaki goodness! Yes. X3

I also finished watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni! Which I am very happy about! It was a good ending I thought... But there were still some things that weren't explained... But I hope that Higarashi no naku koro ni kai will clear up some of those things. And also.. I might try reading the manga... That might explain some things.

Hum... I believe that may be it for today! ^^

Here's a random question before I go!:
Who do you think is your All time favorite anime character?

And a video :)
24 Searchlight by Nirgilis

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hello, Long time no see ^^;;

Listening To: Bouken Desho Desho? - Aya Hirano
Mood: ~gloomy

Well.. I got the new theme and it's Haruhi Suzumiya! Yay!

Recently i've been doing a lot of stuff.. and It's made me tired... Like last weekend i went to watch fireworks at my cousins house... and some of it was fun... but other wise i was really bored.. u.u there was really nothing to do because its such a small town.. and because of this big fireworks event there weren't any hotel rooms left in the town (that's how small it is) so we had to stay at my *cough*weird*cough* aunt's house. And i really don't like being there because it's kind of depressing.. and it's scary at night because it's REALLY dark and REALLY quiet. I mean.. there's absolutely NO light whatsoever..and when I go there i have to stay in the room thats at the end of the hall in the corner where it's especially dark.. ;_;

And then when we had to go home.. I got a really bad acid stomach..
You know how when u don't eat for a little bit and you get a little ache in your stomach? Just imagine it x10 and that's what i felt like.. It was so bad that I felt like gagging whenever i tried to eat food to make it better T_T
But i feel better now so it's all good... Yay!!

I feel a little drained lately.. maybe it's hormones?? XDDD Lol. ... sorry >.>

I'm sure I'll feel better soon enough -^^-

Oh, I wanted to ask your guys' opinion on something:
What do you guys think about fansubs? Do you think they're a good thing or a bad thing?

Thanks.. Oh, and to MerokoYui... I'm thinking about entering your newest contest for full Moon! So I'll be drawing ^_^

Sorry for the whiny post u.u lol
Talk to you later Everybody.

~ chibi-mashumaro

PS: Also, I got an AIM account.. So
if anybody feels like chatting feel free to add me! ^^ My name is: xxenmaxaixx
(lotsa x's XD)

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ooki na yume, yume suki deshou? We all love a big dream & dream right?

Listening To: Hare Hare Yukai - Aya Hirano
Mood: ~quixotic

Hehe mini Haruhi Moment~

Anyways.. about the theme here are what people thought:

Jigoku Shoujo theme?
1 (from Princess of Mer)

Higurashi theme?
1 (from Latias Freak001)

Death Note theme?
Elfen Lied theme?
1 (from Angel Zakuro)

or a "summery" theme? (suggestions for anime are welcome ^_~)
1 (from MerokoYui, who Suggested Full Moon)

Hmm... I thought i'd let in more suggestions.. but i've been kinda thinking about a summery Haruhi Suzumiya theme... what do you guys think?

Humm.. Well nothing much happened today really... T_T I mostly layed around lol.

Tomorrow we're going over to visit my Grandma at the beach... I hope its fun. ^^ it should be.

And yesterday I did get to go over to my friend's house... which was fun. We were very hyper, and had pixie sticks... 0_0 hehe

Anywayz... Ya..that's pretty much it.
I'm sorry for such a boring post...
but here's a video of haruhi's dance!
Watch it and be consumed...

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Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July was cool

Listening To: "Nightmare" - SNoW
Mood: ~dorky

4th of July.. I had fun!! We went to see fireworks, that were really big! And later next weekend... we are going to see some big fireworks that are supposed to be even better!! I can't wait >.<

This afternoon.. I might get to go over to my friend's house... which should be super fun!! I can't wait.. we haven't seen each other since graduation. We are both anime luverz XD

Oh, and this weekend I'll get to go see my grandma who's gonna be staying at the beach, which should be fun.

I've been compulsively watching Jigoku Shoujo lately... it's so cool!! I love the music~ I've made it to episode 10! (I'm a slow watcher ~_~)

Oh! I've been thinking about changing my theme.. (and actually keeping it that way for a while XD)... So what do you guys think i should do?
Jigoku Shoujo theme?
Higurashi theme?
Death Note theme?
Elfen Lied theme?
or a "summery" theme? (suggestions for anime are welcome ^_~)

Humm.. well that's pretty much it for today... sorry for a boring short entry... I shall try for a better one next time!! >.<

Talk to you later!
~ chibi-mashumaro

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm tired... >.< (beware longish entry)

Listening To: All the way - Shimokawa Mikuni
Mood: ~exanimate

Argh... I'm so tired... =_= and tomorrow i'm gonna have to help my mom and (very older) cousins do a lot of work.. like all day which i'm not looking forward too really... >.> But i'll have to help T_T

The day before yesterday... I was at my mom's horse training place... and apparently there gate (which is like one of those metal gates that are hollow in the middle) was infested with bees!! I Got stung... and it sucked. But luckily.. there was a hose nearby... so my mom helped me get cold water on it quickly... which made it feel soo much better...~_~ I'm just glad i'm not allergic to bees or anything >.<

Speaking of that horse place... we are buying one of the horses there! He is a brown and white pinto.. he's 4 years old and he's REALLY big. His name is Chip. I'll try to get pictures up if i have a chance~

Today I went to a baseball game~ and it was pretty fun. I didn't understand squat of what was going on and I wished i had a back to those seats... (my back!!! T_T) But it was really cool. My cousins, my friend Chris and me all went. My sister didn't go because she said (bluntly) that baseball was boring. lolz XD s'okay oneechan. XD I did get a mini bat/pen thingy!!! It's so magical lol.

I've been really into creeped out anime lately!! Seriously. I usually hate real live action horror films... but i can take the anime... 0.o I don't get it... (oh ya, and suspense too!!)
Anyways, I've been watching like Higurashi, Jigoku Shoujo, and Elfen lied!! (And of course mosnter for suspense!! lolz) (AngelZakuro.. I like Johann too!! XD)

Oh, and I got some manga the other day! I got Death note vol. 4 (would've gotten 3 but they didn't have it there XD), Galaxy Angel II vol. 2 (I love kazuya, he's so cute!! >.<), Gintama vol. 1, and monster vol. 1!! hehe
I haven't read them all yet either XD I've been really slow at readig manga lately.

Hey, did anyone know that there's gonna be a second season of Higurashi? It'll be titled "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai". I looked up "Kai" in the dictionary and it means "solution"... hmm... I wonder if it has something to do with the story? *ponders*

I also heard that viz (i think >.>) Licensed the Honey and Clover manga! I can't wait! I really like that show!! Oh, and Angel Zakuro.. I saw that u used that banner on your page! I don't mind! XD lol

Well.. I should probably go now... Getting tired! But I'll post some extra pictures!!:

Jigoku Shoujo screenshots!

Mion... crazy higurashi

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