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Hidden Truth


Chapter 1: New Identity

Sesshomaru Tashio was the soon to be heir of Tashio Inc. and the youngest bachelor of Japan. None of this mattered to him; ever since his mother died a piece of him had died as well. That broken piece had left him cold and emotionless to everyone.

It was another average work day for Sesshomaru as he got up off his bed and headed for the bathroom. Once there he looked at his reflection, and smirked. Sesshomaru Tashio was proud of the fact that he did not have to shave; it meant one less problem to deal with in life. Not that he had much of a life. Sure he was the heir of Tashio Inc. but that meant nothing to him unless he was the one running the company. As an heir he had everything going for him. Every woman would submit to him, either for money, sex, or fame. They were all the same. For once he would like to meet someone who didn’t care about his money, sex, and fame; if only he wasn’t so known throughout Japan. If only he could get away from Tokyo, maybe then he could live a normal life, but that was asking for a miracle to happen.

He took a quick shower and got dressed in his usual suit for work. ‘Work…why does it sound so….dull?’ he thought as he grabbed the key to his BMW. Just as he was opening the door to leave for work the phone rang. Groaning in annoyance he went and picked up the phone. “Sesshomaru speaking.” There was a long silence on the other end of the line before his temper began wearing thin. “Father, I have no time for these games. State your business, so I can be off to work.” Still holding the phone he waited till his father began pouting. “Sessho, you’re no fun anymore. I’m your father and you speak to me as a stranger.” Sesshomaru mentally groaned as his father continued pouting. “Father, in that state you are a stranger to me. If that is all that you called for I’m going to work.” He was about to hang up before he heard his father’s voice once again. “No! Wait! Fine, I’ll tell you why I called. You have been working for quite a bit and now the company is at its climax and is stable…so I decided to give you three months off.”

Sesshomaru stood still before it processed in his mind. “THREE MONTHS! What will I do in three months?!” His father laughed evilly, “What every bachelor does, have fun.” Before Sesshomaru could answer, his father had hanged up on him. All he could think of was how his father thought it necessary to put him on leave for three months. In the end he resorted to thinking one word, ‘BASTARD!’ He threw his key to the nearest table and began taking his business tie off. With a hard yank his tie came off and he threw that as well. He walked to his room in which he preceded to take his business shirt off and exchange it for a wife beater. His dress pants were next to go as he gave it up for a dark blue jeans. Once he had his socks on, he put on a black casual dress shoe.

What was he to do now? Sure his father had said, ‘Have fun.’ but fun…that’s one thing Sesshomaru hadn’t done since his teen years. Could he just walk out of his suite and have “fun?” ‘I highly doubt that Sess.’ he thought to himself. But three months of free time…surely he could come up with something to do. Shaking his head he got up off his bed and headed for his living room. After three minutes of searching he finally found his keys. Taking only his wallet he walked out of his suite and headed for the elevator. On his way he out of it he encountered a tall, lean, woman. She had dark brown hair tied up in a bun and her eyes were red. She looked up and saw him. She gave him a seductive smile that Sesshomaru mentally cringed from. ‘God, how I hate that look.’ he muttered before putting on his emotionless façade on and he walked up to the clerk.

The clerk was a young boy that went by the name of Hojo. He just graduated from high school only a year ago. Hojo looked up from the computer as Sesshomaru approached him. “Morning Mr. Tashio, how may I help you today?” he greeted him. Sesshomaru in turn gave him a nod as a greeting as he stated his business. “I will be out for at least three months. If anyone should call requesting my presence tell them that I’m out of reach for the next three months. Now if my father calls do make sure you tell him that I have taken to heart what he has proposed. As for my bill send it to my accountant, she will take care of them. That is all.” Hojo hastily took down what Sesshomaru said on a not pad, then he turned and looked at him. “Yes, Sir!” Sesshomaru turned and walked out of the building wishing he had not noticed how the red eyed woman was looking at him.

He made his way to his BMW and got in. Taking a deep breath he turned the car on. Being careful he backed the car out and was on his way to wherever his thoughts took him. Soon he found himself in the middle of Tokyo. His father’s company was located here, in the middle of the most populated city in Japan. Mentally groaning he drove passed Tashio Inc. and headed towards the less wealthy parts of Tokyo. Once he had found a place to park that was safe for his BMW, he walked out onto the sidewalk. ‘A bit of fresh air might do me well’ he thought as he headed west. Not long after walking did he realize that he was walking towards Tokyo Mall. As a young boy he had long ditched his father’s home school teachers to hang at the mall. He had loved the bookstore there. If he was asked where he got his education from he would say that he learned almost everything he knew from Lessen Bookstore.

Lessen Bookstore was a small bookstore. Like every bookstore it had each and every kind of book one could imagine. Though that made it smaller to walk around in, but it was comfortable. What Sesshomaru loved the most about the bookstore was the person that ran the shop. The old woman that ran the shop was called Kaede. He had met Kaede when he was a teenager. Kaede had long been his friend, she was old, yet her wisdom he had come to value far greater than that of his father’s. He entered through the glass double doors. Just as it had been in his teen years the little bells still hung above the doors announcing his arrival. With quiet steps he approached the counter, where he waited for the one person that knew him better than his father. Not long after he approached the counter did he hear the sounds of feet shuffling about and a muffled, “Be there in a sec.”

Three…two…one…Waiting was not one of Sesshomaru’s best virtues and he had enough of waiting. He decided to turn and leave the store; after all he wasn’t even sure that Kaede still worked there. It certainly had been years since he was in the store and saw her or heard her talking, ‘More of scolding than talking really.’ thought Sesshomaru. The exit was merely an arm’s length away, he could easily walk out and she’d never know he was there, but he felt a presence behind him. “Do grace me with your presence, Sesshomaru. I have not seen thy in years.” Sesshomaru turned to face the counter again and there stood Kaede in her red and white kimono of the old days. “Kaede, it is a pleasure seeing you once again. Yes…it has been quite a few years, has it not?” A smile graced his lips, a smile no one had seen, but his dear friend Kaede.

Kaede walked around the counter and stood before him. “If I didn’t know better I’d be intimidated by our presence.” Instantly she had him by the ears and squeezed it hard. “Ow, what’s that for?!” “That, Sesshomaru, is for not coming to see me for a long time.” Once Sesshomaru’s ear was released he began to rub the pain away. “Sorry, I’ve not had time, with working for father and fighting off whores, it has been tiring.” “I’m sure it’s ‘tiring’ fighting all those ‘women’ from your bed.” Kaede spoke with sarcasm. Not long after Kaede had spoken the bell chimed again signaling a customer. Kaede head back behind the counter and Sesshomaru decided to go. Waving at Kaede he left almost bumping into a female. “I’m sorry.” He looked down at the apologizing young woman who was carrying several books. Before he could speak she moved towards the nearest book selves which consisted of romance novels. Kaede was next to him once again. “It would not do well for me to have you run over my customers, Sesshomaru. Now off with you, I’m sure you have work to do, but keep in mind to visit me more often.” Sesshomaru nodded and left the store. ‘If she only knew I had three months of no work.’

Sesshomaru looked at his silver Rolex watch and saw that it was only noon. Sighing he headed back towards his BMW. ‘What to do next?’ he thought. Considering the fact that he had told the clerk that he would be gone for three months he should at least find a new place to stay to avoid those who knew him. He got into his car and drove off to find a new apartment. Within twenty minutes he was parked in front of New Haven Apartment complex. It was the next best thing to his pent house. Opening the door to get out of his car a thought occurred to him. ‘If I’m going to stay “hidden” then wouldn’t it be best if I didn’t look like The Sesshomaru?’ Slowly he got back in to his car and turned the engine back on. “I need to find a new identity.”

Chapter 2: Keyutske Nimora

Sesshomaru was seating in his BMW when he finally thought of who could forge him a new identity. Sure it may be illegal, but it wasn’t like he was out to kill, it was only to hide for three months…three long months. He shifted his car into drive and was off to fetch his new identity. It was an hour drive before he was in front of Totosai’s house. Totosai was an old man. Ironically he was a friend of Kaede. Totosai was know for making a living off selling weapons, what few knew was that he also could create fake IDs. Very few people ask and even fewer know of it and Sesshomaru was one of them. Having dealt with Totosai once he knew where the old man lived. Now it was a matter of convincing the old man to make him a new ID.

He got out of the car and made sure that he locked it, not know what the old man would do. Slowly he walked to the door of the house. The house was quite small for a “war lord,” but he knew better. It was just a disguise to hide the fact that inside was a man of power…serious power when it came to weapons. The law had never caught him in the act and probably never would. The old man was really cautious when it came to his work. Sesshomaru knocked on the door three times before Totosai answered. Totosai looked him up sizing him before he asked, “How may I be of service to you, Young Tashio?” Sesshomaru growled at Totosai, he hated being called Young Tashio. It always reminded him of how he was one step behind his father. “You could start by calling me Sesshomaru and letting me in.” Totosai smirked as he let him in and closed the door behind him.

The inside of the house looked bigger than it did from the outside. Sesshomaru followed Totosai to his study and sat down in front of the old man’s desk. Totosai sat down and smiled at him. “Now, Sesshomaru, what brings you here to my house of all places?” Sesshomaru gave him a bored look. “It was certainly not to chat. I’m here to see if you would make me a new identity.” Totosai’s eyes grew wide at his simple request, but it was the fact that he new of them at all was what shocked him the most. “How did you come across that knowledge?” Now it was Sesshomaru’s turn to smirk as he responded, “I have connections that very few or hardly anyone knows of. It was simple finding your secret, but don’t worry your self I’ve told no one else of it. Will you make me what I ask for?” Totosai nodded and smiled once again. “If the price is right.”

Once again Sesshomaru followed Totosai as the old man lead him to what appeared to be a small library. He watched as Totosai straightened a framed picture of what he assumed to be Totosai’s family. Once the picture was straightened the small selves of books moved aside, creating a hidden doorway. The old man motioned for him to follow him and he complied. The other side of the doorway consisted of one long black dinner table with seats around it, which were black as well. The walls were painted white and the frames along it were black. All in all it had an air of elegance yet it was simple. Sesshomaru looked up to find Totosai facing a wall and on it was a painting of Tokyo Tower as it would be seen on a starry night. He watched with curiosity as the old man began touching the wall looking for something. “Ah ha! Here it is.” Totosai moved back as a door appeared almost magically behind the painting. ‘No, the painting is part of the door.’ thought Sesshomaru as he watched the door slide open. Totosai walked in and he followed. Sesshomaru found himself in a room filled with computers. In every corner was the latest laptop in technology and beside them were maps of all seven continents. In the middle of the room was another table only it was smaller than the black dinner table he had seen earlier. “Sit.” Totosai motioned for him to sit down and he did, followed by Totosai.

The old man pulled out a laptop from under his table and began typing. “Now let’s see, you want a new identity?” Sesshomaru nodded. “Ok. I can make you one of course, but the price is what matters. Will you be willing to pay it?” Sesshomaru thought it over in his head before he spoke. “I am…as long as it does not exceed my personal banking account and it must be something legal.” Totosai nodded. “Contrary to most people’s beliefs I do have standards. Not everything I have done and earned comes from money itself. Now the price I ask for is simple. In exchange for your new identity I want a portion of Tashio Inc.” Sesshomaru stared at Totosai with an expression of shock. “Why would do you want a portion of it? No portion of it has been for sell since I have been managing it.” “Precisely, I’m an old man Sesshomaru and the appeal of selling weaponry has begun to fade. I want something that will keep me busy as I retire from this old job of mine. Tashio Incorporation is the one thing that will keep me busy. It may not look like it but I have great skill in business, why else did I go this long with out being caught? I’m tired of hiding what I am. I want a new beginning and I want that beginning to with Tashio Incorporation.”

Sesshomaru carefully thought over this “price.” What would the benefits be for the company if Totosai was to get involved in it? Would the old man be loyal to his father and him? “How do I know that you would help the corporation? For all I know you could be the downfall of it. When I look at this room I see the newest in technology. Surely you wouldn’t have gotten the newest if you had planned on ‘retiring’.” Totosai fidgeted, ‘He’s more astute than I thought.’ “True, but I do not ask for the portion right now. I merely ask that it be there when I do retire. As for being the downfall of Tashio Incorporation, I assure you it will not be caused by me. I will pledge my loyalty to you and under you my pledge would certainly apply to your father as well. I give you my word that I will not betray your trust, keep in mind I seldom give people my word.”

Sesshomaru nodded, “There is always the secret of your dealings that I know, so I presume this is where we reach our agreement.” Sesshomaru held out his hand and Totosai took it, sealing their deal. “Very well, let’s get started on your new identity shall we?” Immediately Totosai had started typing on his laptop like a maniac at his craziest. “I would think that you would like to keep the same gender and age, not that being a female would disagree with you, Sesshomaru.” Sesshomaru sent Totosai a death glare and growled a warning. “I’m merely jesting. On a more serious note, I believe you would want to create a temporary banking account while you have this ID, right?” “Yes, it would certainly be needed. What would you require?” Totosai stopped his frenzied typing to consider the necessities in need. “Well, I would need you to find a name that you would like to go by. Also, I need your banking account password to activate the new one. No worries, friend, once you become Sesshomaru Tashio again the old one will disappear.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about. I expect that none of my funds be missing aside from those that I extract.” Totosai looked somber if not sullen. Sesshomaru smirked, “If you are to be loyal to me in the future, you might as well start now, Totosai.” “Very well, then I suggest that you give me a name to be called by.” Totosai watched as the young man before him dazed off into his thoughts. ‘What could possibly have brought Sesshomaru, son of Inu No Tashio, to me? This young man is quite the puzzling man; perhaps loyalty to him would be wise of me.’ “Nimora, Keyutske.” spoke Sesshomaru with content nod. Totosai entered the new name as he was told the password to Sesshomaru’s account. Totosai looked at Sesshomaru and smiled, “Now dear Keyutske, I need a picture to complete this ID of yours.” Sesshomaru had put a lot of thought into how he would present himself into the world as Keyutske and the only thought that had agreed with him was to cut his long silver locks off. Even if he had gotten his hair cut it would have not mattered for only the Tashio family had silver hair, but to cut it and dye it black was a whole different story. Much to his dismay the only chance he had of avoiding the Tashio name the most was to cut and dye his hair.

“Totosai, would you have any scissors and black hair dye?” Totosai shook his head and spoke, “I fear not, but I can have a servant to fetch me what you need.” Sesshomaru nodded and watched the old man call someone on his cell phone. “He will be here shortly with the supplies needed. Please do wait here as I go to retrieve it.” Sesshomaru stayed where he had been as Totosai left. Sadness had begun to engulf him as his mind began to comprehend the fact that he was going to cut his long hair off. Sure it was just hair, but to him it was a part of him a part that he had had since his birth. Not once had he cut it and now, here he was waiting to be handed a pair of scissors. He looked down at his hands and as he did his vision was blocked by his silver locks falling before him. Attentively he reached up and pushed it back behind his ears. He looked up as he heard Totosai approach him. Totosai watched as Sesshomaru took the scissors and noticed his sorrow as fiddled with the scissor. “Ahem. I shall be in the other room once you are done. Here I’ve also found you a mirror. I thought you might need it.” Totosai turned and left, leaving Sesshomaru alone. It was time to do what he had set out to do.

Reaching inside his pockets he pulled out a black hair bow. He pulled back all of his hair and tied it up loosely just below his neck. Then he sat the mirror up before him on the computer table. Once the mirror was set up he reached for the scissors. Carefully he led the scissors to where he had tied up his hair. Sesshomaru watched in the mirror as his hand subtly shook. ‘Get a grip, Sesshomaru. You can do this. You need to do this!’ Steadying himself he led the scissor to rest above the hair bow, then *snip snip* his ponytail fell to the ground. Immediately he felt the loss of the weight…and the shortness of his hair.

That is all till I come up with more! XD
Till then comment! *points down to her cbox*


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