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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Days of my work ... Beware the heroes nicked mine *harsh langugue*

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Greetings for those who read my post, be welcome and be warned.

For whetever I'm dancing around in my PJ shorts or awsome alter ego gear a rant is about to follow and about a whole week of information *laughs*

So school sover for a week and I'll only have to worry about work for a week which luckly is only three days or so and only half days so that's a good thing.

This week I had a good conversation with one of my teachers which really helped me feel a tad better about school so that's cool. although I still hate the fact my schedule shifts CONSITANTLY like even on the day it self it can still change sometimes leaving me with 4 tot 5 hours between lessons.

On the other hand I did have another awsome week of RPG'ing with my sis which definatly helps me float along a bit better with everything that's going on so thanks sis .. again.

As for work today god.. how things can piss me of lately. I mean is a little respect to much to ask now a days? I work as a cashier or at the check out post in a super market. The generation that comes behind me most of them just have no sens of polite ness or respect in them.

How much does it take to simply say Good day or hello back to someone that says that to your or not look at them like there shit. That's what they do and it pisses me off. I mean sometimes I'd just pick up my cash register and smack them on the head with it. But if I do that I could end up in jail or with a ticket for harrasing some one.

I mean.. why don't they at least show a little respect to me.. or any of my collegues now trust me I know not all of them are friendly people to look at cause most of them have an expression like they just urinated in ther pants and I can understand people and especially younger people think I'm not saying hi to them but they don't say hi to the people that are friendly as well. It doesn't take that much effort people. We just do our jobs as well and you shouldn't blame us if something goes wrong cause it's not always our fault. We show you respect show that to us as well.

that's out of my system.. XD okay sorry I had to get that out cause today I got scolded at by random people.. not that it bothered me but they blamed me for stuff I didn't do at all. untop of that there these boys of 10 years old that act like they own the supermarket and start threating me.. HELLO I'm like 9 years older then you keep that up and I'll beat you till crap.. *shakes head*

I know lot of violent tlak and I apoligize. XD I mean I can understand if you all skipped it though *chuckles and laughs*

Other then that my day was good as I had a few laughs with people from my work and ofcourse my clumsyness showed up when i had to open a door to ditch garbage and couldn't figure out which way to turn the key or the iother lock that was there *laughs* I stood there pulling the door for 30 minutes untill one of the fillers came to my rescue.. *chuckles*

Anyway other then that I think I'm gonna have a ncie week of vacation I only have to work on tuesday wensday and thursday and only half days so YEEY lots of free tiem to do what I want and probably sketch a bit. *nods*

so i guess that was pretty much it .. *laughs* nothing more to say really it's out..!! I might .. liek chagne this post though because of the languge *goes red and laguhs* so

TO EVERYONE PLEAS DO NOT BE OFFENDED, THIS WAS A PERSONAL RANT AND NOT DIRECTED AT ANYONE .. not that many people read this but I better put it up to be sure right??

and a wonderfull rest of the weekend

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