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Sunday, April 19, 2009

   Boring Sunday... ranting thoughs be warned

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..:Current mood: Awsome :..
..:Physic condi: Uber good :..
..:Fave song : Money Honey :..
..:Artist : Lady GaGa :..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: Gonna upload drawings in a sec


Be warned fellow otakians.. !!
First off I like to start by how you all are and if you had a good weekend. I did mostley. Till saturday afternoon where I had to leave the safety of my room and my awsome time with Nee-san Magnus lensherr ((sorry if I left abrupbly but you were indeed right I was late)) I had to go to work and .. well there I screwed up everything you can possibly screw up..

I blame the fact my mind was making up awsome twists for the rpg me and My sis have and to make it more interesting for her to read cause I was having the feeling my bits were starting to get dull and boring. Thus yes I was distracted but that didn't make me feel better.. untop of that all *sighs* now yes there is not yet an end to this i had to go the my aunt's birthday and was stuck all evening playing monopoly with my niece and nephew who both cheat and who both deny they cheat.. Irony much?

Today's my mom brithday and I sneaked on here while everyone's outside in the garden.. I'm hating everything at the moment cause the last take 24 hours I've been spending in a way I didn't like. Now it's not that I dislike my familly but I've seen all of them in two days.. no wait ONE DAY that's just to much.. anyway.. I'm heading down in a sec to check up on my mom to see' how she's holding out with all the guest and help her out but I'd rather had spend this day different wise.

I don't know.. I just don't feel super lately but my Nee-san is helping me feel better (thank you for that) I hope she's okay today I haven't got a chance to speak to her yet *smiles* she makes up for a lot of the bad stuff that happend to me by just talking to me through emails and it's really helped me out a lot and I'm not sure if I say it enough to her *laughs*

Fun things that happend though, I saw preview of confessions of a shop-o-holic which looks like a pretty awsome movie and I got to stuff myself with delecious cake yesterday.. which I regret now cause cake is bad.. XD for the body *grins and laughs*

I want to thank those who actually read this even if they don't comment and I want to thank my sis again for getting me back on this site and just to say it one more time I'm dead glad were back having contact. ~hugs~ you rock like no other.. :)

as for now I'm gonna trya nd get me some hands on energy drink.. I'm actually feeling a big big big neeed for it.. *laughs and hugs*

Lots of love to y'all!! XD

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sizzling madness of doom.. Rpg crazy style!!

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..:Current mood: Awsome :..
..:Physic condi: Uber good :..
..:Fave song : Evilove :..
..:Artist : Lordi :..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: Gonna upload drawings in a sec


Good morning my0 or what ever time it may be where your living.. :) how you all doing..
easter is almost over.. well were at the second day but that doesnt'matter.. :)

I've had the best weekend in a long loooooong while, Eventhough I had to like.. work for I don't know how long saturday.. :D the evening totally made it up for my sister.. Magnus Lensherr was on and we had a blasted time with rpg'ing.. she totally makes me feel bubbly inside and I'm happy that I'm back in contact with her.

((I'll start the email as soon as I finish homework.. PROMISE!!))

untop of that my parent's when away yesterday.. :D so I can hear you all think.. so what.. my parent's go away from time to time.. for me it meant rpg'ing with my sis as long as I wanted.. :D or just untill she left.. :P

I also visited my grandparent's yesterday which was good cause they seemed really glad to see me all.. so I'm happy.. I bought them all flowers for easter and they were really gratefull for it so I'm happy. My one grandma gave me lasagna..and as rude as it may sound I give that to my grandpa who lost his wife recently and he was really happy cause he didn't have much food in house so at least he had something to eat..

anyway.. if I'm not mistaking I don't have school tomorrow and I only have to clean my room with my mom which should take me about two hours.

other then that i still have this stupid assignment to finish and it just won't budge. you think proffesors of college level are smart.. think again.. there even more stupid then teachers of middle schools it's ridicoulus seriously..

enough ranting though I'm gonna have more rpg fun with my sis..

Be sure to check her out Magnus Lensherr
Also check out Peleidas rising on my0 worlds
:) he's cool to.

With lots of love

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

   And she rose from the dust, madness and chaos ensued.. XD

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..:Current mood: Okay :..
..:Physic condi: Headace :..
..:Fave song : Evilove :..
..:Artist : Lordi :..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: Gonna upload drawings in a sec


Hello da, Guess who's back from the dead..
Recently I decided to do my best to become a better sister and started replying faster to my Steph-nee san her mails.. :) which I think suits the both of us. When I asked her what she was up to when being behind the pc she answered she still went to my0.. So for her I decided to try another comeback.. Let's see if this time I can hold out and stay longer then I did last time.

My life has been going forward although I feel it's only going downwards.. I'm not feeling happy lately but my sis is changing that quite a bit. our conversations make me happy and feel feeling I havne't felt for long to be honest.

School issn't going well.. it's really hard and unfortnatly for me It turns out I'm not a good group worker. :P three time guess what we have to do
Yeah you got it.. we have to work in groups.. ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
It's simply awfull...

It's safe to say that my artistic side went up and is now down again seeing as I can't draw anything at the moment. I feel totatlly drained and useless at everything.. even at emailing... :P I even take long at that.. None the less I am gonna update some pictures into my portfolio here.. :)

other then that I'm gonna look around and see if I can find some of my old friends on here.. ^^

have an awsome day My0érs
and lots of love and hugs

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

   When Bad girls come Back

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..:Current mood: Alive:..
..:Physic condi: Good I guess :..
..:Fave song : Rave master:..
..:Artist : No idea, honestly:..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: Gonna upload drawings in a sec


Hey people of my0,

It is mii cati, the one who come's back and then dies again.. :) but now I'll def be back for I have PASSED MY EXAMS, (*yeah take that stupid school... ~shakes fist towards school) I shall have more time now and probably comment alot more then I used to, I kinda also came back here to chat more with old friends that I dearly seem to miss ..

It's like a black hole in my heart okay there I said it.. lol.. :hugs all of you:

NExt to that lol.. kinda irratated with myself.. and wish ing i had internet of my own, I also went back to wdx, my old favorite page, which still seems kind of lively except for the times when I seem to be on...

~ maybe the other members are conspiring something so that they don't ahve to be on same time as me * laughs * ~

I want to give my big sis : Magnus or Steph a bit of attention here for she is awsome and opened me back on wdx with open arms, it's mostly for her that I will return.. I cna't wait to pick up our silly talking again and our plotting for taking over the world... ^^

as for now this is what I have to say so.. well.. hugs and love to all..
*waves* ^^ Cia0 sweethearts...

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Friday, March 14, 2008

   I am alive, hi old friends... did you miss me?

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..:Current mood: Alive and kicking:..
..:Physic condi: Good I guess :..
..:Fave song : Rave master:..
..:Artist : No idea, honestly:..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: Gonna upload drawings in a sec


Hello my0,
Seriously I'm wondering how many comments I will get .. probably none, I do deserve that ..
Since I haven't been on her in ages.. but just so you know, I've seen every update you made,
I just wasn't ready to get involved with it all again, time was short and troubles at home and
school nearly made it impossible to keep on living, but I kept going.. I'm to stuborn to just
go and die.. so here I am.. back to haunt you all..

in the mean time tha tI was away.. I really
developed my drawing skills.. :) so that's something I'm proud off.. also to start of I made a new theme.. with lots of freakin green
yes .. I like green.. if you don\t bad for you!

*sticks out tongue*
I'm not gonna end with a depressing poem..
:) that would ruin the party mood right..
so for now I'm gonna look around a bit..
:) pleas my old friends comment.. don't let me down...

lots of huggles and mucho love,
Iris... better known as cati0vz

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bit longer gomenasai!

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..:Current mood: Could do better...:..
..:Physic condi: Good I guess :..
..:Fave song : She devil:..
..:Artist : Initial D:..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: Loads of new drawings
..: current drawing project: None

for progress on both the projects click the following link : ..:Projectstatus :.

Heey otaku,

How are you all doing.. ? I finally did something about my post.. I'm happy with how it turned out.. I think this is easier... ^^ ne?

Anyway.. Wensday eve I went to see spiderman 3 I think the movie was pretty good.. but the end was really really really lousy.. *nods head* it's really not cool. other then that.. I saw.. the trailer of Pirates of the carribean 3 which is really good. :) I'm gonna see that next week with a mate his birthday.. also the trailer of harry potter 5 looks really good and well may more movies.

anyway.. yesterday was a really sucky day... I have several reasons.. which I won't tell there a bit to personal.. I guess life issn't suppose to be easy right..
anyway I really miss the contact with my sister steph and shishou.. luckly I could talk to my sister Lytjuh.. which made me really happy...

As I said before.. uploaded loads of new drawings.. so.. if you have time.. pleas check them out.. ^^ now for a final goodbye.. here's a special story and a new poem of mine:

My poem:

My prison

Strangeld with ropes and chains,
Bonded, trembeld and blood stains,
Torned clothes, teary eyes
No one hears my pleading cries.

Locked away in a chamber.
Invisible for people to see
Except for me.
I'm in it, and can't escape.

All I need is a helping hand
Comforting words whispered in my ear.
SOmeone who can help me take away my fear.
Making it able for me to escape.

My prison, unable to get out.
Chains that bond me, and bloodstained walls.
No one that catches me when I fall.
No one that helps me to break free.

My prison, deep in me.
Unable for other people to see.
Unable for people to help me.
I will never be free.

©cati0vz <.> Iris


And here a Princess Tutu Bed time story!
© to the makers of princess TutU

Episode 2 – Brave prince
Once upon a time, a man died.
The story that the man told,
Was about a beautiful brave Prince…
Who defeated a cunning monster Raven.
When the man died,
The raven and the Prince flew out of the story.
In order to seal away the raven…
The prince took out his own heart.
This was a forbidden power, given only to the Prince.
Although he sealed away the raven spectacularly,
The prince’s heart broke into pieces.
And was scattered here and there throughout the town.
After this happened in the village,
Stories and reality were mixed together…
And the village became a place,
Where mysterious things were no longer mysterious.

THat was all for today.. pleas comment on how you liked my poem!!
Ja ne for now!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

   Back from the dead!

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..:Current mood: Refreshed:..
..:Physic condi: Amazing cold :..
..:Fave song : She devil:..
..:Artist : Initial D:..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: Totally new layout
..: current drawing project: None

for progress on both the projects click the following link : ..:Projectstatus :.

As you all can see.. a new layout.. I'm still working out some things... ^^ so .. no worries..
anyway... I've waited a while for another update.. cause I was in well.. I didnt have enough time.. anyway.. I'm doing better then last time I posted.. I'm feeling better .. stronger.. not fully recovered but I guessI will get there eventuelly right.. so anyway...

1. Pleas tell me what do you all think of the layout?
2. How do you like the music.. ? I'm a biiiig initial D fan now ^^

anyway.. tomorrow I got off.. ass for the day after that.. awsome not.. ^^ haha I'm so happy right now.. well anyway.. finally some free time for me... anyway.. unwards with other stuff


I finsihed the Alice 19th the manga series.. I think.. is it true that there are 7 parts or are there more for alice 19th fans out there..

Also I'm still following bleach... naruto shippuden while in the mean time I finished watching..

#..Ghost hunt: This was such an exsiting serie.. gave me goosebumps many many times.. especially at the end of the series it's getting exsited.. the mission before the last one was the most gruesome and scariest.. really.. but still it was awsome.. I give it a 8!

#..Ouran high school host club: This is such a funny and cute serie filled with like heaps of humor.. it's just to awsome.. ^^ and the twins there awsome.. right baby sister.. ^^ (shishou ) anyway.. yeah it's really to awsome for words so this one will get a 9!

Anyway.. lately my music style goes to initial d style.. and stuff like that.. also japanese music is something I just need to listen every now and then.


Well.. even though all of this happend I still don't feel quite content which is strange.. I'm having contact again.. with my big sister steph Magnus
.. ^^ it's really nice and makes me feel great.. and also.. I'm talking with silvereagle sama (Silver) again.. ^^ great as well!!


Anyway... I wanted to conclude this post with a poem I wrote a while ago.. I really like it so pleas be kind.. ^^..

My inner Beast

Drip, drop, pling, splash
Blooded floor, squeaking door.
Drip, drop, ting, pling
Pleas don't enter, don't come in

My window is not for light
Nor does fresh air get through

One who enters my room
My world, my domain, MINE...
If you enter pleas beware
Getting out is very rare

My door is not for letting people in
Nor does it let people out

My corner is mine
My terrain, MINE alone
Here my inner beast, my inner me
The real me, that no one sees

Don't be foolish, little boy
Enter and, I shall destrong

Destroy you, you who had love
You who dared entering my lair
The lair of my despair
The lair for my inner best

Foolish boy, my little toy
You didn't pay heed to my warn
Pling, ting, drip, drop
Drinking all your lovely blood
Drip, drop, pling, Splash
I devour your meat

My inner Beast

I hope you all liked it.. I know.. bit gruesome.. couldn't help myself.. Visiting I shall do tomorrow.. Promise.. but for now I need to get ready.. I'm gonna go see Spiderman 3...

Love you all and lots of hugs
Cati0vz<.> Iris


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Big whoopy for school pc's

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..:Current mood: Freaking absurd:..
..:Physic condi: Amazing cold :..
..:Fave song : Night falls:..
..:Artist : Ninja Scroll:..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: 3 new drawings
..: current drawing project: naruto chibi's 7 deadly sins :..

for progress on both the projects click the following link : ..:Projectstatus :.

SO yeah.. here I am.. commenting.. sneaky at school.. today my mom is checking the pc.. to see if she can figure things out... If I'm not mistaking my pc should be the way it used to be and I can freely comment on people's post again and post myself... first.. I didn't want to come back.. I'm still thinking that I shouldn't be here no more.. after I've been away for so long.. I guess... having a my0 .. and pc problems don't go togehter... I'm tired.. of everything at the moment... I'm sick and tired of everything... wishing I wasn't here.. wishing that ... well never mind.. just alot of things which I'm not or don't have...

I'm sick and tired of people stabbing me in the back... I'm sick of people treating me like I'm some dumb helpless child... sick of people telling me I should be more like her/him or do this or that... My mom is bugging me school is killing me.. the people I hang with treat me like I'm... useless... I know lots of people must feel this way as well... and I didnt want for my first to come back post to be like this.. but... I needed to say it somewhere..

I can't do it at home.. cause my parent's don't understand and the same goes for school... even if no one reads this... I have still said it somewhere.. and that makes me feel better..

I miss all my friends on here.. I'm happy my onee sama Lytjuh helped me with a school project.. her being there at the time really give me a sparkle of hope that I haven't forgotten yet... don't worry lyt.. I'll visit you for sure.. :)

I also see my onee sama steph is back... would have liked her to tell me.. but it's a nice suprise.. ^^ welcome back onee sama steph..

Luckly I was still able to talk to my little sister shishou.. and some people through pm.. ^^ It's a good thing that didn't go flat..

Well anyway.. to get to maybe a bit of happyer news.. I got new manga.. and I'm watching new anime's..at the moment those are the two things taht I look forward to.. and ofcourse.. the pm's of my sisters.. and emails.. also pm's of other people make me feel happy and awasome as well *hugs you all*

Thank you.. and .. this time I mean it.. if you have thrown me of your slist I can understand.. I don't hope so ofcourse.. *hugs* but.. forgive me all...


visiting time will be today or tomorrow.. depends on if I can get on the pc on the adress where I'm suppose to babysit

JA ne and hugs for now..

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


no big post just saying..
My hinata and kiba drawings got featured.. ^^ teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
I'm so happy!! ^^ *dances* this post will be deleted tomorrow.. then I shall visit you all tomorrow as well... ^^ with new post..
just wanted to share my hapiness... ^^

Ja ne

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Break almost over

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..:Current mood: Awsome :..
..:Physic condi: Amazing cold :..
..:Fave song : Night falls:..
..:Artist : Ninja Scroll:..
..:My deviant art :..
..: other: 3 new drawings
..: current drawing project: naruto chibi's 7 deadly sins :..

for progress on both the projects click the following link : ..:Projectstatus :.

Hiya otaku...

Alright.. I know.. I haven't been around here for some time.. but I can explain.. my break begain friday.. but for some odd reason I got sick.. had to puke.. head ace.. believe me it wasn't nice... also friday .. my mother's cousin came.. he's awsome.. and he stayed till monday.. so no pc... cause it was way to much fun... gomenasai you all .. I hope you all can forgive me...

but I'm back now.. and shall promise to be a better friend.. ^^

anyway.. came back with.. 3 new drawings..
two of naruto and one of my oc.. ^^ i love them ..

this weekend was awsome... other then good food.. me and my mothers cousin played tekken for .. like.. most of the time.. I love tekken it's the best fighting game ever..!!
on saturday me and my a friend and her boyfriend went to mister bean the movie.. it was neat.. ^^totally awsome.. :) so yeah.. this break was just what I needed..

but.. I could be happier.. it's just that on deviant art... I just don't seem to get noticed.. and all I want is people to comment on my art.. I'll even take critism.. cause that will help me to improve.. but.. I guess all people on there want that.. ^^ but.. I'm gonna try and comment on as much drawings as I can... ^^ least I can do for my fellow artist right.. ^^

well that pretty much rounds it all up..
thank you all for not trowhing me of your list yet..
*hugs youall*
Ja ne !!

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