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Monday, January 16, 2012

   Sybille: Ao No Exorcist O.C.

Date of Birth: December 21st, 1805
Birthplace: Blackheath, England
Mother: Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Father: Pucel
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Yellow
Height: 1, 56


Sybille is the illegitimate daughter of Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, later known as Queen Caroline of Britain. No one knew about Sybille until Caroline had taken her position as queen on January 29th, 1820. After her mother’s death in 1821 she moved to Brunswick, Germany to rule there as Princess Sybille of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.

Sybille is also the child of Pucel, big and powerful duke of hell. He appears in the form of a dark angel and answers all questions related to dark arts. He produces great noises and fools people to believe they are hearing water in places where there is none. He commands forty-eight legions. This makes Sybille a half demon.

Caroline wanted her legacy to last forever and when she found out that there was a way to do so, she didn’t think twice. Caroline was said to have many lovers and to be a witch. She summoned Pucel while she was in exile and he made a negotiation with her in order to have a baby. Pucel assured Caroline that the baby would be a half demon and that he would look after it after her death, but in return, Caroline had to give him her soul after the child’s fifteenth birthday. Caroline agreed and nine months later, she had Sybille.

Sybille grew as a normal kid and didn’t know anything until strange things started happening to her when she turned fifteen. When she got mad, small blue flames came out of her fingers; her nails turned black; her teeth and ears were pointier; she felt stronger, faster and healthier; and a black tail grew one night. Her mother had no other choice but to tell her the truth… everything except for the deal she had made with Pucel.

Caroline died on August 7th, 1821. On the day of her funeral, Pucel showed up and, in a very disrespectful way, insulted Caroline and told Sybille what her mother had offered so she could have her, and that now he would be in charge of her.


Sybille moved to Germany and had all the commodities as the princess that she was. Despite her father, who loved to torture and humiliate her, she made various contacts with other half demons, who taught her how to control her new power. At age twenty-one, she reached adult life as a half demon and could manage very well her flames. She was much more aware of what she could and couldn’t do.

It is also at this age that she meets Mephisto Pheles, thanks to her father. Pucel and Mephisto had close relations, but she had never seen him before. They started to see each other very often and Mephisto soon became her mentor and permanent companion. He guided Sybille through all good and bad times and was her faithful advisor whenever she needed help. Some years later, she met Amaimon, becoming her good friend, confident and strong opponent when training. She loved to give him candy whenever he went to see her.

For more than eighty years, everything went out fine for them, until one day Sybille overheard a conversation between Mephisto and Pucel, in which Mephisto completely dishonored her name just to keep up his “friendship” with Pucel and look “good”. Mephisto is second in command after Satan, so in order to protect his reputation he decided to tell Pucel that he didn’t care one bit for Sybille, that he could change her whenever he wanted, and that she was a bitch just like her mother.

Mephisto then realized Sybille was listening, but it was too late to turn back. Sybille ran away, cursing her father and despising Mephisto. She told him never to see her again and left the mansion.


Sybille wondered alone around the world for more than seventy years, until she arrived in Japan. One day she was passing by a monastery and saw a little girl playing alone on a swing. Sybille never liked to hide her tail, and when she passed by the girl, she jumped down and rushed to grab it. Of course, Sybille was pissed off, but she liked how the girl enjoyed playing with her tail and at the looks of it, she had no friends. They started talking and seeing one another regularly, especially to play.

For years they were very close, good friends. Yuri Egin grew to become a second low class exorcist. Sybille and Yuri were open minded and enjoyed the time they spent together. Of course, not many people knew Yuri had a half demon friend nor that she didn’t see demons as potential threats, but as potential friends.

After Yuri had gone on a mission to the mountains and didn’t return, Sybille decided to follow and live with her in a small cabin. No one went to disturb them, until Shiro Fujimoto knocked on the door. That’s when Yuri’s father, Ernst Frederik Egin, knew she was pregnant with Satan’s kids and gave the order to kill her. When Sybille realized, she rushed down to save Yuri, but instead found out that Satan had already done his massacre (The Blue Night).

After putting Yuri in a safe place, she assisted her to deliver her babies. When Shiro and Mephisto entered the cave, Yuri had her babies in her arms and Sybille was guarding her with the demon wings she had grown over the years. After years of being apart, that was the first moment Mephisto and Sybille saw each other again. Shiro wanted to kill Rin and Yukio, but Sybille told him that over her dead body. That was when Mephisto made his bet and Shiro accepted.

Yuri died and Sybille cried her eyes for her. Sybille really loved Yuri and told Shiro that she would be watching over him to be sure that he wasn’t going to kill the babies any time soon.


Fifteen years went by and Rin and Yukio had grown. Sybille stopped checking on them when she realized that Shiro was a good father and loved them more than his own life.

Sybille disappeared again so that Mephisto couldn’t find her, but when Shiro died and she heard that Yukio and Rin were going to move to the True Cross Academy, she talked with Mephisto so that she could enter as a teacher to be near them. Mephisto agreed and now Sybille teaches demonology in the exorcist classes and some history to the normal students.

Sybille still hates her father and occasionally he interrupts her best moments just to get on her nerves. She also hates Mephisto for what he said, but she has no choice but to speak with him in school meetings and other businesses, but she tries to keep him away and their relation as merely professional, even when he wishes to return the way they were before. Sybille also saw Amaimon again when she started talking to Mephisto, and still loves to play with him and steal candy for him.

There are other half demons teaching at the Academy: Alexander Cannavaro (Italian) and Felix Moldoveanu (Rumanian).


Sybille is completely open. For some things, she is distant; for other, very warm. She is hyperactive and loves to fight with Amaimon or with stronger opponents to increase her powers. She likes rock music and her wiggly tail, which rarely hides.

Sybille doesn’t like people that judge before knowing someone. That is why she despises most of the exorcists. She says that they are empty corpses with no minds. She wonders why humans kill one another instead of helping each other. She thinks that humans seem more demon than half demons or even demons themselves.

Sybille likes to think that she has a mission to change people’s minds and open them to new answers. Whenever she has the opportunity, she teaches a bit of “sensitization” to all the new young exorcists. She says that no one should judge people for what they couldn’t choose, for example her: she didn’t choose to be a half demon, but now she has reasons to be one.


Sybille totally hates her father. He isn’t just rude, a gambler, a womanizer and humiliating, but also a powerful duke of hell and wants Sybille to have his children. He has never had a positive thought about his daughter (nor of her mother), but he admits that she is strong. Therefore, he wishes her to have his kids so that each time the newborn get stronger and stronger. If a powerful demon and half demon have children, the new generation will be better than the one before and will have more chances of achieving the change at a much earlier age, increasing its possibilities to surpass others.

Sybille knows what he wants and tries to back him off by limiting his chances of doing so. That is the first reason why she has to be stronger every time and be aware. Demons tend to be male chauvinistic or sexists. This is also why Pucel doesn’t take Sybille so serious.


Sybille grew her wings after leaving Mephisto and under the watch of Johann Adelgrieff, the oldest half demon of all time. Thanks to him, she learned how to control her flames and wings.

In order to go faster or be stronger, she uses her flames to increase her speed and strength by concentrating them in the body part she wishes to move. She can also throw her flames as small bullets through her fists and feet.

Something that very few people know is that Sybille is a bloodsucker or has a lust for demon blood. The half demons that are born with this faculty can never escape from it, turning into a weakness, that’s why they keep it a secret. Blood lust is when a half demon feels attraction for the blood of a high rank demon, turning into a sexual desire to drink it. They can’t control their lust for that kind of blood. They might try to resist it for a while with training and self-control, but in the end, it’s impossible.

When a demon discovers that a half demon is a bloodsucker, the demon will try to take advantage of that. Half demons also suck other half demon blood, but it’s not the same as a fully developed demon. The higher the rank of the demon, the higher the lust for blood… and that’s a reason why people believe in vampires. Half demons that lust demon blood were the source for all the vampire stories and legends.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

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